Photo by Gamaliel Lane Masters

Nine Haiku

by Sharon Pacione

busy as a bee one blossom to another sweet flower of life July 28, 2004

brain unlocks the cells heart reclaims the sacred tones music of the spheres July 31, 2004

fields of food for thought spirals near the mystic stones silent songs take shape July 28, 2004 revised August 1, 2004

heart and mind unite twin souls sail the breath of god universal one July 31, 2004 revised August 2, 2004

silence stalks the night mystery lives inside the cat keeper of the Tao

cosmic threads of light weave new strands of DNA heaven moves to earth

sand mandalas speak permanent impermanence the now travels on

inhumanity walks another trail of tears addicted to self

across time and space triggered memories emerge then and now converge August 1, 2004

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