Ghost Towers Of Dream

Ghost Towers Of Dream
Art by Norman E. Masters


Saturated with olive oil

 this chartreuse heat is glibly

humoring the tipsy nest of white ants

 throwing a party under your armpits.

Hardly a day given over

 to window shopping this

luxuriant stickiness seems partial

 towards Panama hats or

chilly Baroque bathtubs

looking sharp on fuzzy blue rugs.

 Hotter trees along the boulevard

are tuning up to ( O brave! ) yes,

 their insolent swaying laziness

made famous by romantic dismay.

& Lexington Bus Lines

 is wheezy with biddys

& vocal with hearing aids.

 " I wonder what people look like

in Omaha ? "  Excellent day for a mirage, what!

john mach
Summer 80'

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