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Art by Norman E. Masters

For the Love of the universe... rainbow of hope...

                                   August 16, 1989

Hi Norman! :)  :)

My thoughts are here, there above, below, sidewise.

Oh dear wisdom.


Sexy Flowers -- artwork of the emotions. 


there is so much to remember  
                            your experience at
                         the Rainbow Gathering
Popcorn kernels would have kept without
spoiling?  Popcorn in milk, peanut butter popcorn,
           Popcorn sandwiches
Buttered and salted.
           cooked in corn oil?
                     peanut oil?
              campfire . . .
Watch out     A POPCORN fight!

At the gathering,  were there a lot of fireflies?
                 to light the way?
How high were the stars during those nights?
How often did stardust touch everyone's
 dreams there?
For the Love of the universe  did the Gathering
create itself!
And now all the experiences of all that
were there will move out into time to
mingle with the starlight of the future present
  Silly words, I write.
Too bad that any of the Rainbow people didn't
have a hot air balloon to drift into the
memory of dreams.
Tonight in your dreams you can again touch
the experience, even bring them a gentle
cooling rain  with morning rainbows :)

Really, I see you and everyone there in our dreams :)  :)

I don't know Norman (?) ; I am really quiet in
person.  Had I ; I probably, also, would have
               explored the higher mountain there
               and tried some drawings or
I would have needed Pepsi-cola, ginger ale, squirt  and
ice-cream there though....
Giant kites at a Rainbow Gathering?
Norman, do they make any potential altered
states of consciousness plans that actually
use creativity to explore their beliefs
of love for all?
yes  you mentioned poetry, music, touching
there ; but couldn't they use their
"search" to create a different emotional
reach, to create a literal rainbow of hope
that imbues the world with memories of
a future that came about from all the love
you and the Rainbow Gatherers / planters /
expanders / painters / dusters ....

whew  I had better  shut up with this play of
Rambling on trying to say something that I
don't want to put in shorthand or longhand

Oh Norman,  I want to share myself with the world
         and yet I dare not to.
There is something I wanted to touch by;
Somewhere I had written a short comment
to a Linda Shaw ; just a few teasing words.
I put it somewhere, oh well.

Ah, here it is : I just looked there but I didn't

I guess for a moment there I was walking
through fields of clover, wheat, and
corn  touched  with the light of sunflowers
creating rainbows  from dewdrops on
searching butterflies.

Here it is:
Norman, Linda Shaw (her computer is a
Mac Intosh) lives in the city of
Satellite Beach, Florida  and so I
wrote her a short note asking:
   "Linda you live in Satellite Beach?
     are you from another planet? :)
   Falling stars
                 found on the sand
   Beach Bunnies with frisbees, glinting satellites.
How close to the surf do we wonder?
Tomorrow's beach waits for our footprints.
Shall we build castles today ?     "

She hasn't written back, so I don't know.


I want to write a few more words, but I don't
know which words I want to part with.
Share right now...

Oops! each personal experience relates / interacts
with the grand experience of Eternity

                  'til next time


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