Breast Lattices
Art by Norman E. Masters

wyve weave

every way your breasts choose to lay snatch at my attention shape anew my intentions lure me to reflect that gravity is not so very grave the way it plays these curves this way... & that way... thru every chance of every most fortunate stance each shift, each roll, each sway your breasts, set free, choose to dance upon the edge of your every breath their shy rhythms entrance soft cadences of desire & allure me to reflect -- how like the sea, these contours that grace your undulating space swelling into shapes that i would trace with tippy-tip of fingers; embrace with an ambivalence of hands you lie there, sleepy-eyed and wonder why i'm smiling

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[~~from "Leaves;" p. 10, LOVEJOY, Selected Poems of Norman E. Masters
Dawn Vision Press 1986]

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