Magick Night

Magick Night
Art by Norman E. Masters

the enchanter
meets his enchantress

a little wisdom might
        sweeten my lot.

suspend the song
      bong the gong.

The sparkle is remarkable !
the sun's moon light
          takes flight
       and touches each dewdrop.
Firey winged children spotlight the
kiss  and shower  a feather offering of
spun dragonflies.
    Breathless beacons undulate
the night's procession.

  Fever Pitch
      There it is  -->   <-- 
                  outside chance.

The enchanter meets
                his enchantress.

Glowing spires
    lasered choirs, sing their quest,
fluorescent jest
               no time to rest.

Control that mumbling!
A timeless thing is going on here
                          Come peer....
...        belly up.
  Starlight               Fetus.
            attend me         belly up
                              defend me
                              comprehend me
                              mend me
                              suspend me.
      tiptoe now.
Quietly the acorns communicate as
              the enchanter meets
                              his enchantress.


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