Global Blue 2

Art by Norman E. Masters


The heart of a child is a harbor
Adrift in Creation's pitch
There each an every worthy son
Sails an ocean innocent of ships

O chart your desires, beloved
Weigh the anchor of your love
The waters of time are seeking their level
Sailors are praying to God above

The hills turn grey, the trees grow dark
Twilight is at hand;
Is love merely a human invention
A kingdom that crumbles into sand

The blood is its own climbing tree
Leaving traces of life and death
The shadow of its aura is a walking tide
A mirage to itself and the traces of its breath

The breath of a swallow holds empires
In the hollow of the Emperor's hand
And for each an every human thing
A wound is opened in the land

O how the bones of anger rattle in their graves
With none but worms to chant their grieving
Who will sing of the glories past
When time and death do their deceiving

john mach

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