two carnations

two carnations
one pink   one is blue
the pink one is bent at the stem
her brother says throw it away
it is broken

the little girl insists on taping it immediately
she insists on paper masking tape
she does it herself
it is as if the whole world
depends on mending that bent carnation

she promises she will water them everyday
she says the cut flowers will never die
she says they will live forever
it is as if the whole universe
depends on those flowers

she is away with her mother for the several days
the flowers are half dry
her father waters the carnations
the water overflows
the vase will not hold all the water


once we were one
under the arch of Hope's rainbow...

now... there is death-of-Hope,
broken rainbows... shattered dreams...

the stars beam love no more

bleak-lights in the bone-chill night
blink thru voids of cold alone

& the Darkness between each flickering gleam
                                      is a vast Abyss...


freedom is a lonely soaring sometimes i just want to close my wings upon themselves & die the open sky is an empty sky & so am i but in this freedom is the committment to try i do...

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[pp. 14-15, TIMESCAPES ~~ Poetry by Norman E. Masters
Dawn Vision Press 1985
written circa 1977]

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