Flame Ascent

Flame Ascent
Art by Norman E. Masters

Mining For Light

Steep yourself at sorrow's gate.
Laugh in the face of derision.
Defend your views and values
against power-eyed monsters'
decisions. Skirt written rules of
ignorance, drink from the
cup of compassion. Pay heed
to the wisdom contained in
your dreams and become
what you love with a passion.

Judge not others....till
the robin sings.
When your heart breaks
apart, or illness creeps in,
be supported by angel wings.
And of course.... slide
down cattails, by the
river side; then cast your prayers,
cast them far and wide.
Cast them in the river,
cast them toward the clouds;
cast them in the hearts of those
that need to be aroused.
Then...laying down
on the river's banks
totally relax...
and go inside.
Smell the fragrant flowers
growing far and wide.
Be aware of shadows
beneath the old Oak tree,
yet fear not to bathe and frolic
in your inner sea.
For adventures like these
improve one's sight
especially when shadows
merge into light.

Peace and Love,
Douglas E. Fireman

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