SoulHeart, Radiant

Art by Norman E. Masters

...with a heartbeat each was born...

5:45 p.m.                               
February 14, 1986                               
and so,
with a heartbeat,
                 each was born;
               a babe in arms with HIS Kiss in their eyes,
                               a gleam in their souls,
                               His Light caressing their being!
Each path their very own,
                         to share,with
                         to seed, with
                                      Tomorrow's Children
                                            HIS CHILDREN!
And the Universe rained rainbows,
                                 the colors of delight
               like butterflies, tickled His laugh;
               the children.
               their songs like hummingbirds,
He knew,       brought tears to His eyes.
it             His Creation
  would be this way.
                    He knew;
                    but He stillimmersedHIMSELF into the children,and
                    became His own Creation
Because             He was,is
YES                 He knew.                                   /They
He became His own           The memories of what he would do;/became HIM
gleam...for none, were forgotten He nurtures butall as He became a Child of All Creation, Children of All Creation; Their blessings and problems. Their youth HE HAD NEVER LEFT THEM WITHOUT HIS LOVE!
~~Peter K. Ligeski

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