Heart of the Flowering

Art By Norman E. Masters

from LOVE*TOUCH i.

~~ LOVE*TOUCH was written for
& is dedicated to my *amari*,
Linda ~~

precious you are

bright like a star held precious

   in the Hands of the Father
 who loves the smallest sparrow
     with each beat of each
    that precious you are
                         to love

    precious you are

precious as flowerpetals
precious as dew
precious as starshine
precious are you

precious as hope
precious as moonglow
precious as angelwings
& this i know...
precious you are...

   (hush... hush...)

as precious as rainbows
as precious as life

& now as i look
into your eyes
i realize --
blessed we are
with the blessing
of our budding love

blossoming sunrise

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[pp. 68 - 69, LOVEJOY, Selected Poems of Norman E. Masters
Dawn Vision Press, Copyright 1986]

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