Upon The Waves of Freedom

Upon The Waves of Freedom
Art by Norman E. Masters

Scattered Musings Upon Freedom

by Norman E. Masters

We live in the midst of freedom, ever -- often unaware of its presence -- taking it so much for granted... It is the breath of our being, the very foundation of our seeing... the breadth to our becoming... the promise, the potential... that which nourishes us most deeply.

Freedom, in its essence, is our own deepest essence -- which is the light*spark of the Living Spirit that grows each individuated soul -- as each soul grows its own expressiveness into flesh.

Freedom works its quiet change, ever, about us. Growth cannot happen without change. Evolution -- physical, mental, spiritual -- is impossible without change. Without change there is no freedom, for freedom cannot exist in changeless stagnancy.

Thus there is a kind of inherent contradiction. We cannot escape change, itself. We cannot be free of change; change sweeps us up in its currents -- affecting us. Life itself -- to be alive -- is change. Life is change; and freedom manifests only thru life making choices.

Death, too, is another life-change...

Freedom manifests thru the changing. Change is the medium thru which freedom does its work. And little by little, in each of us, freedom does its work, begetting the changes.

Freedom is something deeper than the desires of the temporal ego.

Is the fulfillment of fleeting, recurrently changing desires, a manifestation of freedom? Only in the most superficial way. For when we are not free of the desires, the desires, themselves, control us, compel us, enchain us!

Our love of liberty cannot die. For that which seeks to chain us unfree -- intrinsically -- reawakens it. Forces which try to put an end to liberty only intensify the counter-force that evolves us more free.

Love of freedom is intrinsic to life, itself.

If freedom be but an illusion (as some have claimed) -- still, freedom drives the course of human history. (Many an illusion has!) No Fate, no Destiny has ever chained freedom forever unfree...

Do we name spontaneity a face of freedom? an aspect of freedom? a manifestation of freedom? the grace of freedom?

What uncommon sense graces the deepest sensitivity!

Even nonsense -- understood more deeply -- can be seen as being uncommon sense, hitherto unrecognized.

o ambiguity's paradoxical clarity! Synchronic wisdom in the spontaneous utterance of a momentary whim...

Creative playfulness, itself, is a womanifestation of freedom...

Are our intents free? Once our intents shape our direction -- and we are pursuing those intentions -- do the intentions, themselves, make us unfree?

We are still free as long as we can change our intentions... There is the freedom, ever, to maintain those intentions -- or modify or drop them.

Ever, this intertwining of free and unfree -- an energy-flow polarity that makes things happen...

For how can we even be aware of freedom if there is no opposite to define it against?

Thus, for there to be greater freedom and a deepening awareness of all that freedom might mean and can fully be, the opposition is frequently intensified, too. From that tension comes the defining and the consummation.

Thus, on the political scene, fascism, communism, totalitarianism, religious control, the FBI potentially accessing all e-mail, become the opposition that spurs on the next intensified growth in freedom.

And since freedom is of the human spirit -- of the spirit of Life, itself -- of the very Ground of Being, becoming -- intrinsic to anyone even being able to think -- these counter-forces can never destroy it. Their attempts to imprison and control freedom only strengthen the resurgent forcefulness of freedom.

Try to repress, suppress freedom and it surges forth as active as a stirring tempest! How to harness the hurricane?

Freedom is that which resists all limits -- and thereby becomes limitless.

Co-existent tolerance is the most fertile seedbed for growing the creative meanings of freedom to their fullest.

Freedom is infinite change...

Thus freedom is eternity, endlessness, infinitude -- the ultimate divine.

Thus if freedom is real -- and divine at base -- and is infinite change -- the Divine is not "the same forever and ever" -- but is, rather, endless trans*mutation, trans*form*ation, trans*generation!

The human desire for something to be "the same, forever and ever" is a manifestation of egoic insecurity, of a fear of Freedom -- an escape from the consequences of Freedom.

Having a reputation to uphold is a severe restriction upon freedom.

Having no reputation -- that one is the least bit concerned about -- maximizes freedom.

Freedom transmits thru itself a plethora of possibility.

Freedom is not just a passive medium allowing potential. It is an active potentiating -- a womanifestation of Divine Energy transmuting.

Mortality, itself is an umbilical cord; and when the cord of mortality is cut -- we are then free into immortality!

What then -- in a freedom that does not end?

Then responsive-responsibility becomes essential; for our essence is as god/desses; and such power is unwisely misused without responsive-responsibility.

The freedom of forever is innate in the soul.

The real question is how to cut the vital knot that binds us unfree of all we can be.

Pain and human need are the experiencial "teachers" of time. They prepare us, grow us, that we be ready to be wholly (and holily) free.

In individuated/consummated freedom, what, ultimately, is the soul's hope?

The soul's hope is for immortality -- for bliss -- for endless creativity. What then, (mis)leads us to believe that these have been lost and needs must be regained/attained?

The fullest potentialities of freedom are rooted in personal integrity, good will, affection, compassion, love. For when these are absent, freedom, itself, mutates into license, enslaving the perpetrator of such actions to compulsion, passing emotion, the lower motivations that are, indeed, a kind of bondage and blindness...

Ultimately there is something deeply spiritual about the essence of freedom -- for it is rooted in the spiritual and grows from the spiritual.

Knowing freedom -- deeply, intimately, rouses the soul from its slumbers, creatively animated, breathing joy and excitement -- embracing life; for there is much to be up and doing -- exercising the soul's deepest faculties and abilities with vim and zest, buoyant, spirited...

Can freedom, in some sense, be viewed as being the "Tree of Life" growing from the center of our own deepest Reality?

The Portal of the Infinite on Earth is the heart and mind and soul of every conscious life*form.

From consciousnesses' focus upon the Absolute -- for the Absolute -- spiritual transformation ripens the soul unto maturity. In maturity the soul produces its juiciest and richest fruits (of freedom!) from the branches of the Tree of Life, of which indeed, each soul is a part.

~~norman e. masters
~~July 2000

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