Early Morning Sunrise Thru Pines

Early Morning Sunrise Thru Pines
Photo by Gamaliel Masters

Of Silence & Wiggles

All the day critters but me are asleep it seems, curled under a leaf or tucked into odd corners, nestled in the forest of aloe plants, in the cupped center of the great towering leaves, like thick church spires reaching high, or hidden under the azalea bushes, in the jungled mats of green growing there, in the leaf litter which rustles in night breezes, there is no sound at all, the night denizens are silent, no chorus of insects wails the air, no frog calls, no screech owl's soft rolling trills, no sound, silence except for the light tapping of fingers on the keyboard, there is no light yet, only the velvet darkness lit by morning stars, this is the sacred pause in the earth's turning, like the silence between notes when the great cathedral bells toll the morning, or that moment between the inbreath and the outbreath, an infinitesmal second, the fulcrum that balances, the silence at the heart of things, the secret inner dark, that some call god and others spirit, that so fills me with peace I barely breathe and my body seems to float on my bones, now the promise of first light lifts the sky edges, sleeping insects stretch and stir, birds relax their feet, that automatic clutch of the branch while asleep, fluff their feathers and stare sleepy eyed in the emerging light, larvae in the rain swelled pond behind the house begin their day wiggles, small breaths in even smaller creatures, I sit here in soft amazement, blanketed in feelings of peace, grateful for my own creature wiggliness, my small space, reserved for me, in this carousel of life and light, this streaming feast, this kinship with spiders and eagles, and my soul smiles with the bluing sky and the first fluted notes of the cardinal's song.
Zen Oleary August 5, 2003

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