Norea of the Light 16

Art by Norman E. Masters

"I am the scribe of every bright word..."

At this moment

all the beauty of the world

rides tumbling in her fiery hair

a world lush with tigers and flowers

green rains and simple ease

Laughing fire cool jade wind the curve

of her back a peninsula of desire

In that hour

she'll taste of apples and wine

on the good soft grass

and I'll fashion a horizon for us both

out of the truth in my blood

From the canyon of the heart this dream returns as an echo

late 83'/ early 85'

I hear trumpets on the islands I see apple orchards at night My ancient shoes kneel down by the swans The summer sky is a shy black girl Singing rhymes over the spinning flowers As Christmas trees of sheer adrenalin Arrive on the noisy blue carts of Eros Jan. 83'

For Laurie I am the prince of every snowflake that falls on this dear head I am the caretaker of every tear that falls from these tender eyes And I am the scribe of every bright word that falls from these lips be it happy, angry, or idle. But O my dearest the light of your wonderous freedom it blinds me. Be kind to these sightless eyes.

john mach

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