Ring Of Wonder

Art by Norman E. Masters


PHANTASMAGORIA will be (predominantly) an anthology of fantasy and science fiction originally published between 1964 & 1974 in a number of No-Eyed Monster Press publications. These publications, generally having no more than 50 copy print-runs, included 19 issues of THE NO-EYED MONSTER, 8 issues of THE PORNOGRAPHIC ONION and a couple dozen one-shot titles (one of which was entitled FRENCH KISSING THE GIRL WITH THE DOUBLE DIP OF STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM IN HER MOUTH).

All the follies of one's youth?!

However, I *do* think it would be a shame if some of the *best* material published amidst those thousands of pages were utterly lost to posterity.

Herewith are the pieces Yours Truly remembers with greatest fondness.

~~norman e. masters


1) "The Golden Pears, The Crystal Wall"by Paul Powlesland
2) "A Bag Of Peanuts"by Paul Powlesland
3) "Just A Song At Twilight"by Paul Powlesland
4) "Or A Still, Still Day"by Charles Pearson
5) "Limit, One To A Customer"by Charles Pearson
6) "Dusts Of Death"by Earl Pearson
7) "The Black Chalice"by E. Schriebt
    (Earl Pearson)
8) "Anything Goes"by Janet Fox
9) "O Time In Thy Flight"by Janet Fox
10)"Lake Of Dream"by Edmond Romann'
    (Norman E. Masters)
11)"Darkness And Silence"by Norman E. Masters
12)"Portal To Dreamer's Worlds"by Norman E. Masters
13)"The House, The Lawn"by Paul Powlesland
14)"September Weather"by Paul Powlesland
15)"The Kids"by Paul Powlesland
16)"Train Of Thought"by Gregg Wolford
17)"Thief's Apprentice"by Charles Pearson
18)"Beyond Infinity"by Norman E. Masters, John Henry Merkel and Charles Pearson
19)"Loss Valley"by Norman E. Masters (from THE PORNOGRAPHIC ONION)
20)"The Black Chalice"by Norman E. Masters
21)Phan*Critiques -- complete Cthulthulhian Eschatology seriesby Fred Phillips
22)Phan*Tastiques (with "Night Hobbies")-- Art Portfolio by Fred Phillips
23)Phan*Foolery-- Fred Phillips on the John Blaisedale translation of the Necronomicon & NEM follow-up
24)"The Gothic Impact"by Norman E. Masters


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