What Do You See In Me

What Do You See In Me?
Art by Norman E. Masters


     Try to understand dear ones

                                I've always been in love

                                with my country.

     With her baseballs and her hand grenades,

                                 her streets lined with

                                 false teeth and crocodile tears

     gurgling in the sewers with the cotton swabs

                                  and the turpentine.

                                  Honest to Abraham Lincoln!

     There's nothing I like better

                                  than a crowded department store!

                                  Yessir, I've been arrested

     for shoplifting by unshaven

                                  store detectives who've told

                                  me to get a job, or go on welfare.

     It's great I tell you!

                                  I've gotten lost in

                                  the grand sweep of Mexican murals,

     I've played guitars

                                  with no strings

                                  I've joined the navy of nickles

     and dimes.  I've

                                  impersonated soul brothers, hotel clerks

                                  famous charlatans & poker players.

     Yahoo, what a time I've had!

                                  Hollywood is my birthright!

                                  A Christian in Babylon,

     a thief in paradise

                                  riding the 8:15 subway down

                                  the sperm canals of Jonah's whale.

     Rock 'n roll is here to stay

                                 and so is the Brooklyn Bridge!

                                 The hair on my skin is busy

     writing graffiti in a

                                 thousand different languages.

                                 The junkyard horse mumbles

     out of a corner of his

                                 mouth, " Careful, sport.  That dame

                                 is dressed t'kill.  She's more cruel

               than a nun.

                          She'll melt your soul

                                  like an ice cube

                         gold dig your heart

                                           like a grave robber,

                                  and wither your body

                                           with thistles... "

                        " Taxi! Taxi!  I'm on fire! "


                        " The Piscean Subtropics

                                                 and step on it... "

                              The windows of heaven

                                     are opening wide

                                                an it's raining toothpaste

                                                        and blonde wigs!

                        Yipes, hand me my shotgun

                                   I'm going to the White House!

john mach
Sept-Dec 78'

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