Blue Flower Jizming

Art by Norman E. Masters

Friends :)



We've been getting a lot of rain yesterday
and today.
Most people don't realize that they can let
their tears join in with the raindrops
to bathe the Earth.
Things always change.
Nothing stays the same.
As soon as something perfect was created it
would immediately begin to change and
aspire to another kind of perfection.
Perfection exists for a moment and continues
along its way.  But it does prove that perfection
can exist.  People are so silly.  Each day of our
lives is a perfection, a moment in time,
reflecting the universe of creativity.

Norman, Linda,
              If anything ever happens to me
(years, decades from now, etc.),  all the things
I have written to you, sent,   you do have my
permission to use it (whatever I mean),
without having to get permission from my
family / relatives  if you think you need
to get their ok.   I have a terrible way
of storing what I write (when I carbonize them).

Now, where was I?
     ah trying to reflect the Universe.
    Where is the Windex?  :)
                     'til next time,
                                 Pete .
oh, I wanted to ask you:  Have you ever
had GINSENG?  (Ginseng tea?)  I had read (a while
ago, ago) that it can be of use for a cold.  By
itself I think it "almost" tastes like soap.  I
put some of it in regular tea which then became
cloudy - the taste wasn't too bad.  I finally
settled on putting some in my coffee (3 spoons
of sugar or so :) ).  Ginseng costs more than
vitamins.  Seemed to help; of course, coffee
         in the mornings does help and calm me
         and wake me up.  I was worried that
         it would upset my stomach.
        People actually drink ginseng like that?
Herb teas etc?

                  Friends :)  :)
                        Love you Jaynell  :)

Pete .

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