Angelic Footprints

...we leave so many footprints...


Well, Hello Linda,

Before we were born, each of us was told -- promised -- that we would have a good time; the only problem with that is that we did not read the fine print saying that we would be born on Earth. :)

The ebb and flow of our lives, how do we decide to change paths toward fuller experiences that might be miniscule for another person but become awesome, inspiring for us?

How can anyone be sure that they have
  kissed the right frog?
How many lily-pads must we test before
we find one which will support our weight?

When one is riding or driving in a car one might
  think that they are moving toward their
  destination, but what really is happening is
  that the car is actually sitting still with
  the landscape moving until 'we get there'.
Did you ever notice how the crystals of
  snowflakes sparkle in the moonlight ? --It
  must be Christmas Magic?  :)

      I guess that sometimes when the depths
      and heights of our lives change (planned
      or unexpectedly) our minds do
      contortions to create a new balance, a
      new ebb and flow for ourselves and
Such an experience you, Norman, and Gamaliel have 
had.  (and even your cats, & dogs and chickens; the
       land and the trees too with the stars watching
above were a witness to the change in your lives).
The three of you were not alone with your
  sad moment.  You were not alone.

Linda, Norman, Gamaliel,
         It's too bad that there wasn't some
       way to have saved all that heat -- then
       you could have really had a great
       hot-air balloon ride.  Quiet drifting.
If we,
   put off too many things driving our lives, we
   might look back in age and wonder why we
   didn't do the possible.

I just don't understand : everytime I start to
write an ordinary sentence, comment, thought
I step into another focus and decide to say
something else that says it better (???).

No, Norman, it is not my fake magic-mirror (that is
off to the side, in front of me...).No way.       unless,
the Christmas Spirit is moving me?
--But I expected
  angels, cute ones at least ;)
We leave so many footprints in the snowfall of
  our lives.
~~Peter K. Ligeski

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