Photo by Gamaliel Masters

i see dawn...

i see dawn coloring the horizon
all the colors of the rainbow,
promising a new day of wonder
under the sky of our covenant;
growing gentle offspring
upon these hills of bounty,
blessed of heaven,
budding & blossoming love's deepest meanings
into ripening hearts;
charitable, hopeful, helpful, sympathetic,
living the whole spectrum of loving
to the uttermost limits;
speaking with the integrity
of the spirit of truth;
speaking with the tongues of the free;
begetting this union of good souls
that ThaT Kin*dom simply *be*
-- in Love's harmony.

this remains my thought & my hope,
the counsel & the comfort of my days.
this remains the vision wherein i linger,
life-long, thruout the promise
of renewed years of freedom,
thru changes great & small,
enrapt in wonder's delight & awe,
until the reality iTself is within reach
-- close enough to touch --
shining out of young-eyes
bright with joy & greeting,
child-like in purity & depth,
& as transparent as the sky to the Sun
that rises within our hearts of light.

                          ~~norman e. masters

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