To The Stars!

A Vision Of Man


the spirit of life awakened me
to an early morning serenity

stroll thru wetgrass...
watch a startled deer pass
bounding into the deepdeep woods

i breathe deep this fragrance of pine
bid farewell to sleep
& seek to find
the entrance to morning
to feel, again, a full sense of freedom

i wander with the dawnwind
wending with its frolicking
peeping into shadowed nooks
that tempt me in -- to look...
at one with wavering shadows,
awaiting the rising sun

it is a silent time
& i find that i'm
happy to be so distant
from the dissonant wranglings
of man(un)kind...

i listen... & the silence sings to me
a mystic melody...

the Spirit of the Earth is singing
her welcome song to the sun

& the music of the Light replies
with a hope that brightens the skies
as the world begins
to wake to the day

trees whisper in the morning mist
with a soft shush-shish...

i look to the hills beyond these hills
-- those distant hills that call to me
     (silently... so silently...)
with the alluring voice of the wilderness
offering no more than this:
all that back country, unexplored...


follow the butterfly
(where did it go?)
seek... seek...
the pure white stones
(sparkling like snow
in the noontide sun...)

run, son, run...

& in awe i see
all these trees:
reaching into the sky

roots... reach deep
bedrocked to sup
upon Earth's sweet breast
-- whose wondrous intricacy still begets
the infinitely complex tissue of life

stumble-stones, pine cones
follow the deer trail up up up
dead fallen pine tree
wilder & wilder -- this heart's country
as i branch my way up
the watercourse way
to penetrate deeper the big backyard

over the hills & far... far... far...

the shadows of the morning fade
& the sun brightens towards noon

i walk amidst this bliss of day
with the grace of light shining upon me
with the face of life green around me
with a song of praise singing my heart
into harmony with the greengreen world

all these shades of green...
& the miracle of eyeballs & light
thru which they are seen...

nothing definite is before me
all possibility opens to me
the future is an open door
& we only close it upon ourselves
when we cease to dream as far as we can

i climb a new hill and from its crest
see new country & further sky
sunlight is dashing upon my path
flashing -- sparkling me full of zest
dazzling me into a deeper joy
with all its shifting colors

under the sun i come to feel
my spirit ripening...
wings of fire extend about me
multiforms of energy come alive
to dance before my delighting eyes
son of Earth & Heaven am i
enraptured into sweet communion
with the sun, the earth, the sky...

i enter, again, the cool pines
to settle into stillness
amidst a gift of flowers

fugitive fragrances play my senses
sensuous in the freshening winds
coming & going, gently caressing
my cheek, my hair, my everywhere,
capriciously frisking with a drifting leaf
tickling others into lightly dancing
upon the tips of their stiffened stems
swaying sinuous rhythms of grace
dallying with the breeze's embrace

& this day of grace extends...

until a sense of the largeness of the whole
of this utterly unutterable world
impinges upon my being
-- enormous complexity & minutest delicacy
in a fusion beyond
man's ability to grasp...

pine trees listen in a stilling of wind
as if to the deep pulsations
of the heart of a breathing Nature

& i come to see
that we are all branches
of a single tree
-- whose span is infinity
-- whose roots tap divinity

& the tides of life
are the waves of we
while the goal of life
is discovery...

& our destiny
(thus it comes to me)
is to transmute
(thru a transformed energy)
the hard flinty substance of our world
to the softness of life-learning-love


it is twilight time...
avenues beneath the trees
are wreathed in darkness

looking up, thru tall darkpines
               i see
     a corridor of stars

the shadow of night descends upon me
as i ascend the crest
of the mountain of vision
stumbling in darkness to stare at stars
enwrapped in that darkness
rapt beneath these intricate patterns
of coherent light
blink-beaming messages
that only the imagination of man
can interpret -- in awed delight

fragments of the night
fall upon my sight
like moondust...

& it is a marvellous madness
to be alive & *see*ing
these gleams from far stars
trembling upon the lyre of my being
sounding an unearthly melody
that almost begins to transport me
with peaceful strains of harmony
to spheres beyond our own
-- some distant celestial home
we long to return to...

it is the music of the spheres
playing upon the silences
of an inner-inner ear
deepening my sense of wonder
before the mystery of the universe
calling me... calling me... COME

my spirit reaches forth
into the deepdeepvoid
& timeless in eternity
i stand alone with the universe
& the universal mystery...

silently i commune with it
as one mysterious Presence with another
entering these deeper spaces
to take the greater journey

i see deep into the infinite
& my consciousness is an island of awareness
leaping across its vastness

i steer a shoreless sea
-- wide as vision
-- deep as infinity

yet even here --
upon a boundless frontier --
i see the river of life is streaming
to explore still deeper courses

& the tides of life flow on, flow on,
growing like hope
to reach with hands of celestial light
towards a boundless future

            -- o life! --
life that is love & laughter
      & wonder & hope
& boundless imagination...

in that imagination
is our growth

our potentiality is limitless
our thoughts are our dreams
our dreams are the portal to infinity
& infinity is our ultimate possibility

in the face of this expanding infinity
our questing spirit sings
songs of miracle & mystery
perceiving in the quietude
of the light of distant stars
that the heart of the mystery
is the heart of love


love was the first movement of the universe
love is the energy generating & regenerating life
love makes love to love thru matter's delight
flourishing into all live things
that grow to laugh & deeply feel
into the heart of the living real

love is the seed of its own potent growth
love is the deep stuff of all living
flowing in tune with celestial harmonies
growing with music & light
dancing our consciousness
into unutterable delight

love is life's deepest mystery
blossoming its own eternity

love of life & a life of love
uplift the spirit of man
-- to reach as far as ever he can
to expand his view of the long vista ahead
to ascend from the earth to the beckoning stars
& extend still further beyond... & beyond...
to finally find the crown of his destiny
reaching the fulfillment of his longest strivings:

REALizing the ultimate dignity of the species
expanding life's meaning beyond all finalities:
manifesting a universal love, into reality

& this Love that woo/man he/rself beCOMEs
-- flesh & spirit, fused into one
is the full incarnation of divinity

                                       ~~norman e. masters

Horsehead Nebula