What Do Fairies Dance Upon?

What Do Fairies Dance Upon?
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Magick Maker

they were magic wishing stones
colored all the beautiful
colors four hours of seashore
searching could find

and their shapes
fit the curves of
every whispering finger's

amidst the plastic &
paper that money
can try to smile a young
girl's birthday)

"These are magic wishing stones,"
he said.
"They'll bring you whatever candy
you wish for whenever I
go to the store.  So you see,
they're real wishing stones."

& sometimes dreams can come true
& sugarplum fairies can dance
upon the stones
the pretty stones
if a child believes
& a magick-maker is near.

"Mom -- do you know what
Steve gave Angie
for her birthday?
A bunch of rocks."

& for some there is no magick
so they never make magick
& they never see magick
& they never live magick, & maybe
they never really live

tinkerbell flounders
with wounded wings
& another dream half-dies
out of half-believing
young eyes

& the magick maker
sadly sighs
a gleam again
delightens him
& he begins to weave another...

~~written in the early 70's
   working an incident from his life
   that Steve told me about

~~ norman e. masters

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