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                                    October 31, 1991

Hi Norman, Linda, & Gamaliel,

Happy Halloween :) !

I received your letter (10/26 - 10/30) the
last from Michigan before you made your
way home.

I've let go of Ted -- maybe he never got the
               right breaks in life ?  or was
               able to recognize them.

I still think that life is fun or should/could
be fun , a joy to touch the Earth.  (Yes, I
still want to leave / be born on other planets :) )
Norman, would an interstellar alien abduction
satisfy me ?  I don't know.  They are all fantasy,
            perhaps.  Really friendly aliens, do
            they exist ?  Would they even
            notice me ?  Whew ! ;)  Pete, nothing
            is ever what you expect ....
Oh sigh !   this me  will miss out on the
Norman, if the aliens  landed, then a new
incentive might be created for the Human
Race, and maybe the planet would finally
become unified.

Sorry about all those letters waiting for you
when you got home.

Yes, I've read Engine Summer ; It has been a
    while since.
Little Big ,  the reason I re-read it was
              because I was thinking of Jaynell :).
              I'll always associate it with her
I do hope you, Linda, & Gamaliel find it
likeable.  (There is a minimum amount of
sexual situations in it, but nothing I would
consider to be censored for kids).
Oh Gee, I wonder if Jaynell would enjoy
being magikal like that (?).
She & I stepped into each other's lives.

Norman, I still try to unravel 14 years
to have never worked at Wards; plus another
11 years and to have stayed in art school,
learning to cope with my fears and actually
becoming an arist. <- if so, then would
we Jaynell & I, you & Linda & Gamaliel
have ever met? yes, yes yes!
Maybe I would have been travelling
painting landscapes, or here in Michigan,
painting orchards ...  The Letter Exchange!
yes, yes, yes.  How different would it
                 have been Norman?
Another time, a distant memory.

yes, one of these days I will send you a
   Photo of me ;  It's just that,
                            I don't look cute.
                                Not even pretty :( .

So many things that I find interesting, yet.  I'm
afraid to be known, or to network, or get too close.
Do I have any goals in sight, insight?   Does
anyone, really?

Ebb and flow.

Has Jaynell written to you
                    since she went to Arizona?
Next week.
I wonder if she waited 'til today to open my
Halloween card?

Norman  all I seem to do is wait.
                         Wait and see?  Is that so?
                         The only way?
Man, Woman, Boys, Girls, Aliens, Timeriders.

                    nexttime,  until, nextime,

Peter Kathleen.

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