Photo by Gamaliel Masters

a transmutation of
Gozo Yoshimasu's

The pilgrim upon the path of the sun
welcomes the light of morning
The petals of the pear blossoms fall

Fruit grows green
in the twittering bowers
of Eden's promised return

A wind blows from the East
The Western soul
spread-eagled on its karmic wheel
reaches beyond the clouds
towards other worlds
dreaming a wilderness of stars
traveling the ways that get us there

Day revolves to night returns to day
Sun  stars  wind  moon
we travel far
upon our way

---- look! ---- a falling star!

Maybe we can catch it in the net of our dreams hold it warm in the palms of our hands share its meaning Take it into the inner parts of us deep into the inner heart of us where thru our darkest nights it will burn bright like the holy flame of love Altaring us
              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[pp.57 - 58, DAWN WINGS
Dawn Vision Press 1981]

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