Oval DreamFold Infinity

DreamFold Infinity
Art by Norman E. Masters

Hey Star!

Hell it doesn't matter
why any body can get to heaven
The last thing I want to do is be
like every body else.

Jahweh Zeus Baal
Jupiter Salla Ball
Lotus Blossom Mohammed
Jesus Christ
  Roll dice advance
  token to 3rd dimension
  84 the
  universes and
planet earth small
piece of peanut
butter sandwich
on corner of board
  edge of Reading
  Railroad infinity

Hey star!
  how about a 30 million light
year old I love you.

 Some way I come
    forward out of blue
      of sound  people
     for one second one
    stand to bow
          before you
  words pulled
    from me
      solar systems of people
you must be amazed
i like comet come
      to you once
     every 83 million years

~~ Steven Krantz

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