Eye Of Web Intricacies

Collage with Steve Krantz by Norman E. Masters.
Background by Blue Wolf;
link at bottom of page.

My kingdom which is me

My kingdom
which is me
is not ruled by anyone
Popular election failed to
bring forth a coming prospect

The people of my Kingdom
which is me care
too much to
have you rule me
or even I
the important thing is
No one is civic-minded
or mows their lawns in
my kingdom which is me
So you may not want to
live here
The trees say hello though
Tomorrow isn't but
forever or never

My kingdom which is me
is not really a kingdom
we call it that looking for
But the signs can change
for you
Space rockets or shells with
holes or rooms endless rooms
Can be there
but the lawns may not be mowed

The people say I

My kingdom which is me
has no wars sometimes
if so we just move
Nobody's killed
a few misses may die

My kingdom which is
me I have discovered
is growing
spreading on into
your kingdom

Are your lawns ever

~~ Steven Krantz

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