Art by Norman E. Masters

For Bryan

to fly!
burst free from childhood's hedging world,
to lift the arms as wings and soar,
escaping four walled rooms and ogres
by magic windows opening outward
to thin blue bouyant air.
(within the darkened world of sleep
we each knew well the way to fly
and where).
in time, escaping from the chafing wheel of chores
set into motion in some dim beginning
of Man finding voice, concocting words,
shuffling and reshuffling each inventive thought
like tarot cards --
with eyes set on the flight of geese,
clouds traveling jet streams,
silver and red machines,
and even white of angel wings,
we dream to fly,
as if inherent in the flesh encumbered soul
there is a craving for a disconnection with the Earth,
an old desire to find some unrestricted joy
tugs at us even as a fastened leaf
is tugged in wind.

        Irene Dodge
        April 10, 1985

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