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Moral Insanity And The Rise Of "Big-Brother"

Technocratic Fascism as the Final
Phase of Patriarchal Society

by Michael Tobin

A most terrible scourge stalks the Earth of today. Never in history has our world experienced such an utterly malign evil. Some would call it "Anti-Christ". But its real name is "Technocratic Fascism".

Basically, Fascism in general is the emotional plague expressed in social and political terms. It has always been endemic in Patriarchal Society. And it has manifested itself whenever circumstances favoured the spread of this terrible social sickness. The most notable example from the past was the outrageous Spanish Inquisition which caused a host of frightful savageries to be unmercifully inflicted on helpless individuals and even whole peoples in the name of Christ. But it has been only in the 20th century that Fascism has burst forth to literally engulf almost the entire world.

The Patriarchal Wellspring

To comprehend why this has happened, one must first arrive at a proper understanding of the essential nature of Patriarchal Society or "civilization", as ego-centric Patriarchal Man has named his social order. At rock bottom, Patriarchy begins with the life-negative rearing of children. For, within the Patriarchal world, a person is brought up, not according to the biological laws of development inherent in his or her nature, but in line with a set of purely man-made rules and principles.

The whole complex Patriarchal scheme developed many thousands of years ago in the wake of what has become known as the "Agricultural Revolution". It originated with the ownership of wealth-generating property -- in the form of land and animals and later slaves -- falling into the hands of the newly-born patriarchal family. Formerly, in food-gathering and hunting times, the cooperative matriarchal clan was the basic social unit. This was a life-positive society. Inheritance, private property, and the family structure, as we have come to know it, did not exist. And the evils of Patriarchy were entirely unknown. But the development of the new horticultural techniques mostly by women, as well as animal husbandry by the erstwhile male hunters, opened the door to the Agricultural Revolution and the eventual complete breakdown of the traditional tribal structure and way of life. A wholly new kind of consciousness came into being; and it was centred upon a completely different kind of character-structure from the tribal one of old.

Now, character-structure determines how one experiences the world. A person who is brought up, for example, to repress parts of his or her own Being and to over-develop certain other parts will be very different in emotional and psychic make-up from someone whose processes of growth and change are free to develop as nature intended. In a matriarchal setting, a child was reared in a sex-positive way. One felt totally integrated with one's community. One also experienced a One-ness with the Cosmos, which is one reason why matriarchal tribal society did not have any great need to reach intellectually towards the wider universe as does neo-patriarchal Technocratic Man, ever cut off from the feeling nature within him as well as from Nature without. What a marked contrast there is between the matriarchal rearing of children and a traditional patriarchal upbringing! And it is precisely in the course of such an anti-life upbringing that the patriarchal character-structure develops.

A patriarchal rearing consists essentially of the moulding of a given child so that it will develop in a manner tailored to fit into the patriarchal life-negative social environment. First of all, both infantile and adolescent sexuality has to be curbed. The free and open sexuality found among emotionally healthy matriarchal peoples could not exist in a patriarchal situation. But the repression of healthy and natural sexuality is only part of the anti-life patriarchal mode of child-rearing. A patriarchal infant, for instance, can be left to cry its little heart out all night long so as not to "spoil" it and thus "inconvenience" its parents. This would not be possible in a communally-organized matriarchal community in which parents would not be so emotionally, psychologically, or even physically cut off from others. Or, while being strictly controlled sexually, a patriarchal male child might be encouraged to "develop" its intellect through a social premium being put on intellectual attainment. The patriarchal female, on the other hand, was considered to be devoid of intellect, and was often regarded as being more or less sub-human. As a whole, the outward expression of tender feelings on the part of males and aggressive ones by women tended to be discouraged at every level.

Because of all these anti-life factors, the product of a patriarchal upbringing is a neurotic child with a variety of intertwined emotional and psychological problems. And, since the neuroses and complexes are part of the make-up of the mass-individual or the average person, a basically pathological individual is the "normal" in Patriarchal Society. How severely warped emotionally and psychologically is the patripatriarchal human may be judged from the fact that every single neurosis and complex results in a deformation of the functioning of the whole person. The general emotional and psychological structure of the patriarchal mass-individual is, accordingly, pathological to an extreme degree. He or she can only experience the world, can only relate to others, can only feel, can only think in a distorted manner. This is what is meant by character structure -- seen in terms of a general set of emotional and psychological defenses peculiar to the people of the patriarchal social order.

Furthermore, a given person's emotional/psychic structure is deeply embedded in the sub-conscious make-up of the lower self so that the conscious self is usually entirely unaware that there is anything pathological in this whole situation. A sexually repressed person filled with emotional blockages, for instance, will mostly tend to see sexuality as something of only minor importance except in relation to the need for procreation; and even then sexual intercourse will be viewed as a necessary "evil" to be tolerated until a time arrives when human beings can be created by some other means. Since most of his or her capacity for real feeling human relationships has been destroyed, it is totally beyond such a person to experience the fullness of the totally gratifying genital embrace involving an emotionally healthy couple. So in this regard, the emotionally warped person's ideas will only reflect what he or she can experience -- resulting in the building up of a world-view which harmonizes with the patriarchal mass-individual's pathological state. This is why the Patriarchal "cosmos" remained such a "viable" mental construct for some thousands of years. For, once the basic patriarchal emotional/psychic character structure had become stabilized all the rest followed from it. Accordingly, the wellspring of Patriarchy has been the character structure of the mass-individual brought up within the framework of the patriarchal family. From this has come the whole patriarchal social system with its social elite and social classes, its social pyramid of power and privilege for the few and oppression and exploitation for the many, its perverted political and economic institutions, its patriarchal religious practices, and so on and so forth.

The Development of Patriarchy

When it is possible for one to adopt a wide overview of the patriarchal social order it becomes easy to see from the available anthropological and historical evidence how the warped form of patriarchal child rearing came about for economic and psychological reasons in the first place For, it was the invention and adoption of the private ownership of the basic means of social production -- as opposed to community control in the case of the matriarchal Tribe -- that led to the need for the development of compulsory morality, compulsory marriage, and in general the evolution of an essentially anti-life social order in which compulsion appears in every facet of social and personal existence.

Within the embryonic patriarchal scheme, marriages became a matter of economic convenience. They were something to be arranged even when the would-be partners were still children. Social power and social status were coming more and more to depend upon the amount of wealth-generating property one owned. So, for their economic betterment and personal satisfaction, families got together and agreed that a particular male child would later wed for life a given baby girl. Such a frightfully inhuman situation -- in which feelings were completely devalued as being of no account -- at once demanded that the would-be partners should then be brought up in a way that would "groom" them for their planned marital union with its accompanying mutual benefits for the patriarchal families concerned.

One vital ingredient of this kind of rearing was that strict sexual control over the children concerned should be exercised, more especially, in the case of the female child-bearer to be. It did not take many generations for this whole anti-life set-up to become embodied in the form of a strict moral code of conduct which was soon to become deeply embedded in the sub-conscious structure of the patriarchal mass-individual. The concept of "sin" entered the world. So did guilt feelings and a long list of psychological and emotional disturbances which had never existed before. Because of the more repressive nature of female conditions, together with the greater natural emotional sensitivity of women, in general, girls tended to be even more affected than boys by a patriarchal upbringing and tended to assimilate the horrible life-negative emotionally-warping strictures of compulsory morality codes more readily as a result. Not surprizingly, in such an anti-life situation, prostitution simply had to develop with the emergence of the patriarchal man, for whom the genital embrace now had become a matter for the relief of his tensions as well as an outlet for his pathological attitudes towards the opposite sex. And private property -- whose ownership in the first place had come about through theft now became overstrewn with a sacredness on par with matters relating to patriarchal religion which itself came into being because of the sheer inability of the warped mass-individual to experience the fullness of cosmic feelings and a sense of one-ness with the universal All in the course of ordinary everyday living.

And so facet after facet of the new-born patriarchal world continued to develop apace. The whole evolving phenomenon of Patriarchy, in fact, was soon unstoppable, in spite of the very great Evil it was bringing into the world. The whole process had started so simply and seemingly so innocently, in the first place -- for very narrow economic reasons favouring the ego-enhancement of the recently-evolved patriarchal families. And, while the pathological emotional and psychological consequences were certainly not wanted they had to be accepted and allowed for as part of the price for the continuation of the new patriarchal way of life which once set in motion developed a social momentum of its own. Why, one may ask, did the whole sick patriarchal set-up even get started initially? The reasons were very much psychological. Within the old matriarchal Tribe, economic productivity was so low that every able-bodied person had to work. The men went hunting and the women gathered food while looking after the children. A good hunter or a good food-gatherer became a person of status in the community. With the development of horticulture, agriculture, and animal husbandry, however, economic productivity increased and it became possible for some individuals to work less hard than others at their social tasks -- and to quite literally get away with it because the cooperative nature of the tribal clan made for the equal sharing of everything. So, quite naturally, those more industrious tribal members who identified ever more closely with the particular garden they cultivated or the particular animals they tended felt that they should have a greater share of the produce than those who would not or could not contribute fully to the fulfillment of the community's work needs.

This kind of situation eventually led to some individuals taking a greater than average share of social produce and eventually claiming a personal right to the use of a particular strip of tribal land on which corn or vegetables were grown or on which the newly-domesticated animals grazed. Very probably, there were some wise tribal elders who were only too well aware of at least some of the dangers to their traditional clan structure and way of life if these developments were allowed to continue. But it would not take very long before the developing patriarchal process would be quite outside the control of any individual who wanted to turn the clock back, as it were, to what was now being seen in folk memory as the primeval (tribal) "garden of eden" and its human "state of innocence" -- before the "fall from grace" of Adam and Eve, who in Western mythology were the first patriarchal couple out of whose "original sin" the whole "vale of tears" of Patriarchy emerged.

Further to this, as patriarchal time marched relentlessly on, there would be fewer and fewer individuals even capable of standing outside of the all-enveloping holistic cultural forces forming the heart of the patriarchal universe. Because their patriarchal upbringing -- once it had become a deeply-ingraining moulding process -- would make it quite impossible for them to "step out of" their patriarchal consciousness so as to permit them not just to grasp intellectually but to be able to comprehend experientially, in terms of real flesh and blood daily living, how horribly warped patriarchal people actually are. Indeed, far from seeing matters in this light, they would tend to experience perhaps a feeling of profound revulsion at the thought of an emotionally healthy child enjoying a free and natural sex-positive upbringing, which they would consciously categorize as "sinful" and "immoral" while their own disfigured emotional and psychic state would be regarded as "virtuous".

It is very important to understand that the whole phenomenon of character-structure involves much more than a mere mental conditioning process; because the mental "brainwashing" has its roots sunk deeply into actual bodily bio-energetic blockages. So that the overall conditioning process involved in the rearing of the patriarchal child is a real psycho-somatic moulding one. A child, for instance, whose naturally powerful developing sexual feelings are suppressed and whose intellectual growth is encouraged or even forced can only end up with a most distorted form of body/mind functioning. For sexual feelings or any other human emotions are not just mere sentiments. They are the subjective experience of actual bio-energy charges and movements within one's organism. So when such feelings are suppressed by a combination of external home and social pressures and internal sub-conscious and conscious controls, the actual quantities of bio-energy involved become locked down in the muscles and tissues that would normally be used to express such emotions. Further to this, the sub-conscious holding down of such feelings requires still more energy to help keep them in place.

This holding down process forms the psycho-somatic basis of patriarchal character defenses. These character defenses are gradually built up to guard against hurt of all kind as the sensitive child grows up in a social setting which thwarts every attempt on the part of the organism to develop spontaneously and naturally, more particularly, so far as the actualization of its emotional potential is concerned. However, these psycho-somatic defenses are not always rigid ones, which is why "armoured" adults can feel disturbed in the presence of relatively "unarmoured" humans whose free-flowing bio-energy tends to spark off similar movements in the bodies of those who may even have been bio-energetically crippled before birth in the emotionally "cold" wombs of their patriarchal mothers.

As the months and years go painfully by in the course of being reared in an unnatural patriarchal way, this whole psycho-somatic moulding process results in the development of a deep inward sense of chronic frustration on the part of the growing child. Far from revealing the fullness of its Being, it learns from an early age that any attempt to do so results in pain -- physical or emotional or both. Depending on its exact home and social circumstances, it quickly discovers that its process of becoming a person must follow a certain pre-planned route with both the "carrot" or the "stick" ever-ready at hand as "guides".

While the whole patriarchal body/mind moulding process leads to the development of sub-conscious psycho-somatic controls, which lead to a person being able to experience the world in such a warped way that one can look favourably upon or even actively serve the very system or even people responsible for such a pathological condition in the first place, a growing child can, nevertheless, consciously experience at times a feeling of profound dissatisfaction with life, a feeling of not being true to one's real nature, a feeling from his or her psychic depths that one is being held back from "going somewhere" -- from experiencing a freedom of Being and Becoming that should be one's natural right. This sort of feeling can often lead -- throughout childhood and adolescence -- to a display at times of repressed infantile emotions. In much rarer cases, these repressed emotions power a general rebellion of what can be considered as a "positive" kind of Patriarchal Society. And the child in question becomes a rebel all his life -- striving nominally for social justice for the oppressed of the world but really sub-consciously seeking justice and revenge for the terrible wrongs inflicted on him or her as a patriarchal child. This is why it is vital that all would-be world changers first purge themselves of their deeply-rooted infantile traumas. Only then can their rebellion be a genuinely mature one capable of leading to really fundamental changes for the better in society.

But the great majority of patriarchal children are "good" ones. Their spirits are mostly broken very early in infanthood if not in the emotionally cold womb of the life-negative mother. These are children whose character defenses are such that a break-out of the repressed infantile emotions seldom, if ever, occurs. It is they who grow up to become the unquestioning adults who mutely follow the well trodden ways of the patriarchal world. They begin life as victims of a sick and inherently vicious social system and end up perpetuating the traditional forms of child-rearing by creating still more victims. And so it has gone on for generation after generation throughout the thousands of years of patriarchal existence.

The Bio-Energetic Basis of Fascism

The traditional patriarchal upbringing generally results in the mass-individual building up a vast reservoir of repressed emotion in the course of being reared. This near bottomless sea of repressed emotion usually consists of huge volumes of violent anger, murderous rage, savage hates, together with contempt, malice, heartbreak, and so on. Since a very large quantity of these violent infantile feelings can be held down in a very small volume of muscular tissue, most "armoured" people -- including apparently harmless pious old women -- are veritable walking bombs; and were all their repressed bio-energy to be released at once, they would quite literally blow themselves to smithereens.

This reservoir of held-down emotion was given the name of "the secondary-layer of character" by Wilhelm Reich earlier this century. However, it is a layer-of-character which does not normally surface. In fact, one function of the compulsory moral code, which helps to foster its development in the first place, is geared to curbing the socially harmful effects of this vast charge of suppressed feelings. But hardly anyone ever becomes aware of this; and most people subconsciously adopt the psychological device of developing a third layer of character -- an external veneer -- through which a given person projects a favorable self-image towards the wider society. And most social intercourse today consists of the acting out of this superficial layer of character in everyday living while the individuals concerned forever repress the secondary-layer "monster" within them which if let loose would cause untold havoc in society. Indeed, one can say with the greatest certainty that it is because most city dwellers live in their superficial layer of character that the very existence of huge urban human zoos is possible. These terrible psychic cess-pits will only cease to be when people in general regain contact with their healthy feeling bio-energetic cores.

Now, it is the secondary-layer "monster" of repressed hate, rage, anger, etc. which energizes the mass social sickness of Fascism. Normally, in individual behaviour, the secondary-layer of character shows itself in malicious gossip, or in cruelty within the patriarchal family and so on. But the phenomenon of Fascism appears when the essentially psychopathic secondary-layer of the mass-individual in Patriarchal Society is able to express itself socially, as for instance, in the form of mass pogroms against the Jews which have been commonplace in European history, or in the rabid persecution of other minorities of one kind or another in every other part of the patriarchal world.

A situation which breeds Fascism is indeed very much one which provides an "acceptable" social outlet for the repressed secondary layer of character of the mass-individual. The normal social and psychological controls break down and the ever-boiling pot of repressed infantile hate, rage, anger, etc. is able to spill over to form that most insidious social malady of the body, mind, and spirit which Wilhelm Reich so aptly named "the emotional plague" some years before he himself became one of its countless victims.

It needs to be clearly emphasized at this point that a particular social situation, such as a severe economic slump, merely provides the occasion for an eruption of Fascism but is not its source as is so often mistakenly believed. Social controls and psychological controls over the secondary-layer can operate only so long as a "stable" situation exists in a given patriarchal community. But once the apparent bedrock underlying normal social and individual existence begins to crumble then the real terrible face of Patriarchal Society begins to show itself. Hence, the Spanish Inquisition was an eruption of "Vatican Fascism" provoked by the local breakdown in Western Europe of the once stable medieval social scheme during whose existence the totalitarian sway of the Rome-based Papal power structure found a ready acceptance amongst the people making up the feudal patriarchal social pyramid of those days.

However, the "Vatican Fascism" of the post-medieval world was very much a phenomenon occurring in a purely local setting. The Fascism of the 20th century has arisen because of the universal breakdown of traditional Patriarchal Society over the world as a whole. Its coming could readily have been predicted had it been realized some centuries back that the Industrial Revolution was going to undermine the basic cultural foundations of Patriarchy just as its Agricultural counterpart had in earlier times destroyed the apparently solid bedrock upon which the traditional matriarchal Tribe had been based. In fact, the social, economic, political, technical, intellectual, religious, and cosmological changes that continued to gather pace from the end of the medieval period onwards together constituted a necessary preparatory process for the Scientific/Technological/Industrial overleap that was to come. For the latter was a revolution which could not have been materialized by the peoples of the medieval world. Their character-structures were too rigidly adapted to the overall medieval social scheme. It required a much more flexible form of character-structure to usher in the Industrial Revolution. Human individuals just had to be able to think and act more independently than a serf or even a feudal lord of the European Middle Ages to initiate such a major psychosocial break with the traditional past.

It was this gradual loosening of the deeply-rooted social and psychological controls of medieval Patriarchal Society which led to the European Reformation and the Renaissance. The Protestant Reformation was at once a manifestation of the new freedom and at the same time was a powerful reaction against it. At first, the Reformation led to the breaking of the totalitarian stranglehold of the Papacy. But this great liberating process was stopped in its tracks almost at once when a feeling of terror at their newly-found freedom and all its personal and social responsibilities and commitments swept like a fever through the ranks of the rebellious Protestants. And this led to the development of even more intense psychological and social controls than had existed in the period immediately preceding the Reformation -- a counter-revolutionary process which was expressed in the emergence of fiercely puritanical moral codes and anti-life practices.

However, in spite of these freedom-killing developments, there was no turning back of the clock of progressive social change. And, though meeting with an intense resistance on the part of the new Protestant creeds, on the one hand, and the old established Church, on the other, the liberation process, which had begun back in late medieval times -- when ever more numerous European "vagabond" merchants, minstrels, adventurers, and other "refugees" from the feudal manorial demesnes began living in an "alternative" way -- continued unabated right on and into our own twentieth century.

BLACK Fascism and RED Fascism

In global terms, this whole liberating process consisted of the slow but steady decline of traditional Patriarchal Society, which was already entering "old age" during the European medieval period. On the more limited and narrow personal setting, this process involved the gradual breaking down of the psychological controls which had been responsible for keeping the patriarchal mass-individual in check for several thousands of years. This whole liberation process was certainly progressive; but always accompanying it was the possibility that the weakening of the traditional social and psychological controls would lead to the mass break-out of the secondary-layer of repressed emotions.

As intensely bitter historical experience has only too clearly shown, this is precisely what has occurred during our particular epoch.

The actual manifestation of early 20th century Fascism took two distinct forms. One was Black Fascism which showed itself primarily in the social malady of Naziism. While the Red Fascist form of the emotional plague swept across Stalinist Russia -- to envelop other peoples eventually, most of all perhaps those in Kymer-Rouge stricken Cambodia.

These two forms of Fascism are different because they spring from two dissimilar kinds of patriarchal mass-individuals. Black Fascism, for instance, derives primarily from the disoriented mass-individual with a distorted contact with his or her bio-energetic core. He or she can experience feeling, though in a warped manner; and, hence, this form of Fascism has much that is mystical and emotional about it. The tremendous quasi-religious fervour exhibited at the notorious Nazi Nuremburg rallies was in no way peripheral to the German Black Fascist movement and stemmed directly from the kind of psychic and emotional character structure peculiar to the mass individual concerned.

Red Fascism, on the other hand, arose out of the secondary layer of the mass individual who had much less or even little or no contact with his or her central core. Accordingly, in the general make-up of the Red Fascist, feeling is almost absent and the intellect is king. This is why the Red Fascist camp is so much given to producing great numbers of theoretical analyses consisting mostly of Marxist-Leninist abstractions divorced from real feeling life. While within the orbit of Black Fascism, words, especially written ones, tend to be used much more sparingly. Furthermore, such words do usually relate to real things and not mere abstractions such as the well-worn red fascist cliches of "capitalism" and "imperialism". And in the hands of Black Fascist propagandists words tend to be used as verbal cudgels to browbeat opponents with or drumsticks to stir up fervour among the Party faithful. This is why both Lenin's and Trotsky's storehouse of collected works is so very different both in quality and quantity from Hitler's "Mein Kampf" or Mussolini's writings.

So far as these kinds of Fascism are concerned, it is very important to realize that their supporters do actually see themselves as "progressive promoters of human liberation". But this merely masks the basic psychopathic Fascist thirst for total control over the social environment. Individual Fascist movements propagate a single monolithic world view. They embody a deep soci-psychological need to dominate and to force this world view upon all in society. This need is rooted in the emotional and psychological warping caused through a patriarchal upbringing. And it was this same pathological drive which underlaid the totalitarian power structure of the medieval Church or the rise of Islam, for that matter.

At heart, both forms of Fascism are really secular religious movements following very much in the footsteps of the European millenarium movements of the late Middle Ages right up to the Renaissance period. And whether they proclaim the aim of establishing a "Thousand-Year-Reich" or a "Communist Millennium" makes no difference to their essentially evil nature. Never could they bring about the genuine liberation of humanity; because they are primarily mass social manifestations of infantile traumas surging up from the psychopathic depths of disoriented individuals whose normal neurotic character defenses have been shattered or displaced through intensive and too rapid social change which has been a constantly developing pattern of European history since the medieval period and of the world as a whole since the beginning of this century. The highly flexible emotional/psychic make-up of the healthy self-regulating person makes it very easy for him or her to grow with the times, as it were. But the rigid and warped character-structure of the patriarchal mass-individual stays stable only to the extent that the general social environment remains steady and relatively unchanged over long periods of time.

Because Red Fascism can relate so much to the intellect, it has tended to find much support among liberal and intellectual circles in many countries. And it still finds such sympathizers to this day even though the long-standing Marxist-Leninist dream of a Communist "Paradise" has now been well and truly buried in the vast Gulag Archipelago which has stretched from north-western Russia through the wide open Siberian steppes to the South China Sea. The psychological reason for this is because the Liberal socio-political type is ever in a state of sub-conscious revolt against a father-figure; and so, accordingly, will tend to gravitate towards radical social movements which work towards a rebellion against Authority, be it in the form of the State, per se, or the social order, seen as "capitalist society", representing the dominion of the hated father-figure.

It needs to be clearly seen that such a movement is essentially the embodiment of a huge boiling ocean of repressed infantile hate, rage, anger, etc. -- a most terrible juggernaut, in fact -- directed against what really is the social projection of one's parents and other authority figures responsible for such fierce emotional suppression, in the first place. Minority groups readily become anvils on which fascist psychopathic urges can be readily hammered out while being imbued with qualities which actually are part of the "shadows" of the fascist hammerer. So, while such a so-called "liberation movement" may have laudable aims, may have a social programme of an apparently libertarian nature, may propagate a manifesto which reflects the deepest yearning of patriarchal humankind for better times, it simply cannot ever usher in real freedom in its wake. The whole history of Patriarchal Society, particularly of its 20th century final phase state, demonstrates the truth of this. For in every case where such "liberation" movements have got into power it has led to the establishment of an even greater tyranny than had existed under the old regime.

There are still socialists who try and heap on Stalin all the blame for the upsurge of Red Fascism in the Soviet Union. But the truth must be faced, and squarely faced, that the seeds of Stalin's Red Fascism were embodied in Lenin's and Trotsky's communist revolutionary movement from its very beginnings. Yet another Truth which must be faced head on is that no true liberation of humankind in whole or in part can come about unless those actually involved in such a liberation movement begin by freeing themselves of their deepseated patriarchal emotional/psychic structure -- a long drawn out painful process which must involve a full-blooded psycho-somatic purging of all their repressed infantile feelings and the psychological hang-ups that go with such. And, once this personal liberating process has been set in motion then such freedom-tending women and men can begin creating micro-free-social-environments -- in the form of new social units through which children can be brought up in a truly free, sex-positive, life-affirmative way. Through the introduction of such an upbringing the secondary-layer source of Fascism will eventually cease to be and true freedom will at last be possible for the peoples of the Earth.

Such a new (Solar-Age) social unit can be expected to appear in many different forms. But all of these forms will be centred upon a life-enhancing cooperative foundation, which itself will provide the bedrock for the truly civilized society of the future. The development of such a basic social unit must now become a matter of central concern to every life-affirmative person on the Earth. The process of conceiving children in emotionally warm and loving wombs, of having them born in the most welcoming of homely situations, and of rearing them in such a way that their natural emotional/psychic structures will allow them to reveal the fullness of their beings throughout the whole of their lives, is the only road to real freedom and real civilization on this at present so unfree and troubled Earth of ours.

However, again and again it must be emphasized that none of this can come about for purely idealistic reasons -- for people trying to force themselves to live according to abstract principles and ideals. The Solar-Age social order of the future will only evolve out of the formative energies of humans who have rooted out their patriarchal character structures with all their infantilisms, and jealousies, and guilt feelings, and other neurotic behaviourisms. For only really mature persons can cross the threshold of the Solar-Age.

The Technocratic Form of Fascism

As bad as the Black Fascist and Red Fascist forms of the emotional plague are, however, they are not so inherently evil as the more recently evolved Technocratic Fascism. For this is the most insidious of all social cancers; and it marks the final phase in the long life of Patriarchal Man.

Technocratic Fascism is a sickness of the soul which springs from the schizoid mass individual of today. Such a horribly deformed person is the most alienated of all patriarchal humans. He is the inevitable product of a gangrenous social situation full of rottenness and suppuration in which people have become cut off from their indispensable psychic and spiritual roots.

Formerly, before the coming of the Industrial Revolution, patriarchal people lived mostly in closely integrated communities built up from extended patriarchal families -- the social units of traditional Patriarchal Society. In spite of all the perversions, contradictions, oppressions, and sufferings common to patriarchal living, the mass-individual tended to feel very much at home in such a setting. Whether he or she was "good" or "bad" every single person was an integral part of a given community. The background situation was usually a stable one -- in that the age-old patriarchal way of life and view of the world seemed to be founded on a most solid basis. Social and psychological controls worked very much in harmony with each other. And most humans both knew and accepted their "God-appointed" place in the patriarchal social pyramid and acknowledged the "divine right" of the social elite to rule them.

Then came the Industrial Revolution; and their lives were turned upside down. Industrial and commercial practices grew apace. Old towns and cities burgeoned while new ones appeared and transformed a whole familiar landscape within a few years. The traditional patriarchal extended family of the countryside was displaced by the neo-patriarchal nuclear family of the new urban areas. New kinds of communities tended to form and coalesce. But these never possessed the sort of "timeless" stability of former centuries. For nothing stayed the same for long; while economic crises brought immense hardship and uncertainty in their wake.

Old ways and beliefs, born in other times, were imported wholesale into the new urban communities of the developing industrial world. But there they soon were greatly modified or even discarded altogether. For nothing was sacred any more. Nothing was stable or even appeared to possess a solid foundation. But, above all, it was the sheer "hugeness" of the new social environment which overawed the individual of these ever new and ever strange times. Back in the old extended family milieu, needs were satisfied almost entirely by local produce. Indeed, most people never went far outside the immediate area of their local communities during the whole of their lives. Then quite suddenly, in historical terms, the individual, torn from the womb-like situation of the traditional patriarchal setting, found himself or herself in a big social machine whose economic links extended to the very furthest corners of the world. For many workers, home became merely the place where one slept. Their very long days were spent in the newborn "satanic mills". Both men and women were forced to become mere cogs in a giant production system which mercilessly butchered the human spirit.

In terms of the human, the cost of all of this was simply frightening. First of all, a growing sense of alienation began to eat like an acid into industrial man and woman's deeper psychic roots. Less and less could he and she believe in the ideas and ways of their forefathers and foremothers. And there was really nothing to replace these old time-worn ideas and ways. True, the growing mass society of the industrially developing nation-state could provide some sense of belongingness -- but only of a mass-scale abstract kind; and it could never replace the closeness and intimacy of the traditional small patriarchal community rooted in the very soil on which it was based. Little wonder, then, that a most awful existential vacuum began to develop in the life of the new industrial mass-man and mass-woman. Life became more and more machine-like -- as dull and as monotonous as the fiercely repetitious working existence of the armies of new-style serfs and slaves working their very guts out in factory "sweatshops" where they turned out commodity after commodity, endlessly day-in and day-out, while imparting nothing more to their products than the minimum necessary labour power.

But the greatest cost of all was the toll it made on the psychic, emotional, and spiritual capacities of the industrial individual. For the relative stability of the totally inhuman industrial situation was made possible only through the universal suppression of a whole huge sector of the already warped emotional and psychic capacity of the new urban-living nuclear family person.

Quite simply, the latter became adapted to the industrial environment through coming more and more to live in his or her superficial layer of character -- through cutting off much of his and her essential human-ness. Life had indeed become shallower; and so had the humans concerned. They could no longer live in their depths; nor could they ever put down roots like the patriarchal peasants of old. Slowly but surely they were losing all contact with their feeling bio-energetic cores. And as they were gradually transformed into mere organic machines geared to serving fully the new god of Industrial Production it became less and less possible for them to develop deep meaningful emotional relationships with other humans. The way was now open for the schizoid human of today, who mostly prefers to make "friends" with a TV set or a computer or some other gadget making up the increasingly dehumanized social environment of Technocratic Man.

Technocratic Fascism arises in such an utterly anti-life social setting. It grows like a poisonous fungus in every mass collective of schizoid individuals cut off from their feeling depths. They have no psychic or spiritual roots even though some of them may continue to go through the weekly ritual of attending a church service. Neither have they a conscience in the real sense of the word. They may well have a "superego" as depicted by Freudian psychiatrists. But this is not a real conscience. Because conscience is a truly divine attribute rooted in one's depths. It is the "small still voice" of the Divine -- rooted in one's depths. It is the "small still voice" of the Divine-Within which can speak so loudly to the truly fully developed human. And it is only when this "small still voice" is stifled and smothered in the mechanized heart of Technocratic Man that the most horrible of all forms of Fascism can develop its sick and ugly presence.

The technocratic-fascism-producing schizoid individuals of today are the ones who live completely in their intellects among words and symbols. Their "reality" is an utterly shallow and perverted one filled with abstractions, formulae, and theoretical models. Is it any wonder that some of these emotionally, psychically, and spiritually maimed humans can extrapolate a future from their anti-life technocratic present in which they visualize humanoid forms in the shape of "big-brains" so intellectually developed in the most warped sense of the term that they no longer require any other bodily organs.

"Mind" for these humans is everything. But even this abstraction is totally false; because it is identified solely with the left-hemisphere intellect. And, for all practical purposes, this so-called "organ of rational thought" assumes an almost almighty omniscience all of its own -- determining what is to be considered "real" and what is to be dismissed as "fantasy", "imagination", or "superstition". Like an enthroned pharaoh it alone is the "supreme arbiter" in deciding what such and such are "facts". While, as a "super" propagandist it has instilled in many people that the "age of belief" is past and that we now live in a time when we must all be "scientific" and concern ourselves with purely "factual evidence", and so on and so forth. It leans very heavily upon the mechanistic philosophy of scientific materialism which it itself has been responsible for producing in the first place. So that the whole framework of modern technocratic thinking is one great merry-go-round in which unfortunate humans get caught up in en masse -- to get so befuddled by all the rushing and the noise and the confusion that in time they become oblivious to all but their immediate surroundings and imagine that this is the one and only "reality".

It is in and through this "rationalizing" process of the alienated mechanistic-thinking intellect that the current Technocratic model of Reality is built up from a variety of symbols which are evaluated as being "real". While, overseeing this whole process is the controlling Ego whose self-image has itself been formed by the enthroned intellect.

Quite understandably, this Technocratic model of "reality" is a most de-humanizing one. It, in fact, reduces the actual flesh and blood world to a set of mere shadows in which the Symbol is imbued with more substantiality than the entity which it represents. Yet, while dealing only with such shadows, the utterly warped and maimed Technocratic intellect claims to be in possession of the "Supreme Truth" and to be infallible regarding matters pertaining to such. Since it recognizes only what it considers as "tangible" to be "real", it contemptuously brushes aside anything to do with the spiritual and is ever more prepared to tab anyone with spiritual leanings as being "mentally-ill". Setting itself up as the new secular God, the Technocratic Intellect very much adopts the standpoint of the jealous deity whose first commandment is "Thou shalt have no other gods but me!" Yet, while it treats matters spiritual with anathema, its never tiring explorations into the ultimate nature of material Being reveal only an intangible foundation to the whole great Universe of Matter-Energy and Space-Time.

However, this glaring contradiction is really just a projection of the whole bizarre make-up of Technocratic Man. The traditional patriarchal person possessed a fragmented psyche which caused him and her to experience the world in a fragmented way; so that mind/body, spirit/matter, etc. appeared as separate entities, rather than being aspects of the same things. But for Technocratic neo-patriarchal Man this cleavage in his emotional/psychic structure is far more severe, which is why he can completely ignore and even deny the very existence of potentially limitless realms of human experience which await exploration by people of the future Solar-Age.

So cut off from his feelings is Technocratic Man that he may well be regarded as the manifestation of a psychic plague rather than an emotional one. That such an essentially sick creature should have such power in our modern world is indeed frightening. But really one should not be surprized at this intellect-dominated psycho-path being the controlling influence; because in the contemporary social situation where the schizoid emotional/psychic structure is shared by the mass-individual forming the professional technocratic ruling elite, it is really only to be expected that the Technocratic world view is being widely propagated as the only valid one. And like every psycho-path, Technocratic Man wants power and control over others; and totalitarian control if at all possible. So, true to his own pathological nature, he sets himself up as an all-powerful Being who replaces the deities of older patriarchal times -- a Being seen as a developing Force -- one without limits -- a technocratic force which is an ever-growing counterpoise to Nature which he so arrogantly and, at the same time, so mistakenly imagines is coming more and more under his "heady" control.

Not alone is the Technocratic world view being propagated as being the only valid one possible, but wherever Technocracy assumes more or less absolute control any person whose understanding of the world is markedly different or who finds it difficult if not impossible to live in the anti-life milieu of Technocratic Man risks more and more being labeled "schizophrenic" or such like. And there is a growing elite of technocratic psychiatrists -- the commissars of Technocracy -- whose job is increasingly that of determining the "correct" view of "reality" and what is "normal" and "abnormal" behaviour. In many ways, these life-negative psychiatrists have become the custodians of "Technocratic Truth". And they are quickly being transformed into a real priesthood serving the interests of the modern Technocratic Establishment as the Pharaoh's priests once served the State in Ancient Egypt. They could just as easily be equated with the clergy of medieval Christendom.

When looked at from this wider Solar-Age perspective, the whole Technocratic world set-up of our late 20th century times appears to be a really lunatic world run by an elite of the truly mad. But from the point of view of Technocratic Man everything to do with him and his cold-blooded kind appears to be "rational". And it is this factor which makes him so very dangerous. Because he can readily provide a clearly "rational" reason for attitudes and practices which are truly irrational in the real morally insane sense of the term. That he is morally insane needs to be emphasized over and over again and again. Being a humanoid without feelings or a conscience he is quite unable to tell right from wrong. For him the end justifies the means and that is all that matters. Such has always been the way with dictators. But the tyrants of the patriarchal past were prepared to bow ultimately to a higher power. Not so Technocratic Man; for he sees himself as that higher power, the highest power, in fact. And as "God" he alone determines what is "right" and what is "wrong". With such a morally insane Being in the "saddle of power" today no socially-responsible person in his right mind can rest easy until this technocratic Monstrosity lies dead and is buried in an Earth that is at least free of this terrible menace to all Life and living forms.

There are numerous examples at hand from modern life to demonstrate the truth of the foregoing points. Take the case of present-day technocratic birthing, for instance. The technocratic doctor is, first of all trained to be "objective". He is trained to be completely cold-blooded; for this makes for "efficiency". As a young trainee, he might still tend to feel for his patients. But such "sentimentality" is soon knocked out of him with long hours on the job -- 90-hour weeks in some cases, and even the odd 36-hour "day". Slowly but surely he is turned into a technocratic doctor without feelings and in whose eyes human beings appear to be no more than assemblages of organs which he approaches with the attitude of a mechanic repairing a broken down car. Such a doctor's training is very much akin to that of a would be priest in a seminary of old or the trainee nun in a convent, where it was not uncommon for the Master or Mistress of novices to contemptuously toss a pail of dirty water over a freshly scrubbed floor and force his or her "charges" to do the back-breaking work all over again. This was designed to instill an attitude of total obedience in their victims. A very similar aim lies behind the training of the modern technocratic doctor. His "training" is actually a conditioning process akin to the crudest forms of brainwashing. This is how he is turned into a "highly-skilled" mechanic of the human body. And, totally blind to emotional and spiritual factors, he is concerned in the area of birthing, for instance, only with the "safe" physical delivery of a human baby.

Any suggestion that each such baby is the incarnation of a spirit, or that the moment of birth may be determined by a cosmic calendar, or that even as an embryo the baby is aware on a higher level of all that goes on in its surroundings, are brushed aside as "nonsense" -- maybe even with the advice that one should see a psychiatrist for "treatment". So the technocratic doctor sees nothing wrong in drugging the mother-to-be, in timing the moment of birth for his own convenience, and in using whatever surgical implements and techniques are considered necessary to literally drag the baby "safely" out of the womb. Being "cold", if not completely dead emotionally, he will opt for bottle-feeding rather than suckling at the mother's breast for the newly-born -- a "primitive" practice which he regards as "unhygienic". And, far from finding fault with the regular post-natal practice of separating the infant from the mother and putting the new baby on a strict time-table so far as feeding is concerned, he actually commends such life-negative practices. Further to this, should the baby show any signs of distress or other ill-effects caused by his technocratic approach, then yet another drug can be used to counter such. As in the case of all the other professions where Technocratic Man is dominant, the whole approach is highly technical in nature. There is a complete divorce between the intellect of the doctor and his feelings. In fact, because his intellect determines everything, it prefers never to have "soppy" emotions "in its way". Razor-sharp in its efficiency this heartless technocratic intellect can only function in a mechanistic way.

On the wider level, Technocratic Man is incapable of experiencing the Earth as a living organism. In his cold unfeeling mechanistic eyes, our planet is seen merely as a machine-like system of components which can be dealt with separately while ignoring all the rest. Accordingly, nuclear power stations and their deadly waste, for instance, are seen apart from their life-negative effects on the terrestrial bio-sphere. The large scale destruction of trees, either by direct felling or through being killed off by acid rain, appears in technocratic eyes only as a problem involving a lowering of the available world supply of wood. While the rapid dying-off of whole species of plants and animals, because of the technocratic abuse of the Earth's environment, does not cause him to even bat an eye-lid. Why should it, in his eyes, when he so arrogantly assumes that within the foreseeable future his biological expertise will permit him to create new species at will? Are not his "genetic engineers" preparing the way for a new "Creation" far superior to that performed by "blind and brute" nature?

This is the real crux of the Problem of Technocratic Man so far as the longer term interests of humankind are concerned. For this modern monster has his single cyclopean eye so close to the ground that he is readily able to ignore all else in his surroundings; and so is wont to believe that only things within his immediate purview are all that matter. Of course this absolutely crazy situation cannot go on for ever. For a terrible nemesis is already on the near horizon. But until he actually falls over the cliff's edge or is confronted with an insuperable obstacle, Technocratic Man will not even believe that such a final pitfall can even exist. The danger to humankind lies in the terrible harm that could result from the agonizing death of Technocracy. For the wounded beast of prey is the most dangerous of all. And in a desperate all-out struggle for survival Technocratic Man could yet set up the most sinister system for global totalitarian control which his evil genius can devise.

As things are, much of what goes on in our world of today is being determined by this inhuman mechanistic-thinking creature without a conscience who is more and more showing all the signs of complete moral insanity. And the supremely confident "fools-gold" atmosphere enveloping this truly lost soul is currently being generated by a large social elite of technocratic scientists, technocratic engineers, technocratic administrators and politicians of all kinds, technocratic doctors, technocratic academic dons and a whole range of other technocratic boffins. These are the real Fascists of our times. And they are by far the most potentially horrific anti-life element that has ever existed on our planet.

This new social elite is no different in kind from the Nazi elite or a Communist Party elite. It differs from these only in form -- in that its members regard themselves as constituting something of a superior race of highly sophisticated intellects with IQs that place them in an "ethereal realm" far above the "gross matter" arena of the "common" man or woman. Stupefied by its own immeasurable arrogance this technocratic elite takes completely for granted that only it knows all the answers. The utter scorn it feels for those forming the lower levels of the social pyramid was never equaled by any former elite in history, not even by feudal lords whose subject serfs had to bow continuously in their presence. Within its technocratic conceptual framework, all those outside of itself are regarded as some kind of "untermenschen". And from this supremely elitist basis, it sets the pace of modern life, determines its tone, lays down the rules, and maps out the future.

Anyone not able to fit into the particular "cubicle" determined for him or her is quickly and efficiently put out of the way -- often by the simple expedient of forcing him or her outside of the pale of Technocracy through blacklisting so far as one's career or job prospects are concerned. But if this does not work then other "better" means will be found. A most blatant example of this is seen in the case of dissidents in the Soviet Union where Technocracy has found a staunch ally in the high priests of Red Fascism. There technocratic doctors will readily classify a vociferous critic as "schizophrenic"; and have the unfortunate victim incarcerated in a "mental institution" (more and more the prison of Technocracy) -- where he or she becomes a guinea-pig for testing a variety of psyche-destroying drugs.

Let no one doubt for a moment that the plight of such victims is far worse than those who suffered so indescribably under the brutal heel of the concentration/labour camp regimes in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia! The white-coated technocratic doctor, priding himself on being without feelings, who cold-bloodedly organizes the psychic destruction of a dissident is far worse than any physically brutal concentration camp overseer who kicks a prisoner to death.

Because we have all been conditioned to picture Fascism as an evil in the form of a jack-booted thug wielding a big club, many of us are given to overlooking the even more satanic figure of Technocratic Fascism wearing a white coat. George Orwell, in his truly prophetic 1984 novel was fantastically accurate in describing the grisly horror of a crude "stone-age" form of Technocratic Fascism. But the intrinsically malign nature of the latter in the real world of the 1980's far exceeds anything forseen by Orwell. For example, Orwell's fictional surveillance arm of the "Oceania" superstate is not a patch on the thought police of Technocracy -- the elite corps of technocratic psychiatrists whose real job is to put everyone in the position of Winston Smith as described in the closing lines of 1984: "But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother." And the rapidly developing "Big Brother" technocratic elite of our times is increasingly making the tyranny described in 1984 appear almost human.

The modern technocratic fascist does not at all involve himself in Nuremburg rallies or Red Square marches. Indeed, he would have nothing but contempt for the banner-waving, yelling crowds taking part in such circus-like events -- though at the same time he could marvel at the amount of planning involved and could find great intellectual delight in being given the responsibility for arranging their purely technical "frills". On the contrary, the technocratic fascist can go calmly to his office or laboratory every morning and spend the working day "objectively" devising new kinds of horrible weapons, or planning a big global sales drive for chemical fertilizers, or organizing the building of a new prison in which human guards are largely replaced by electronic devices. Or he might give his time to working on monetarist economic policies. Or he might give his time to working on monetarist economic policies while treating as a mere statistic the millions of people who will suffer as a result of their implementation. Then again, he might sit down with his fellow generals to ponder upon the "acceptable" number of mega-deaths in the event of a "push-button" nuclear war. There may even be some truth in the recent rumour that more than a few technocrats would welcome a "limited" nuclear war that would wipe out large numbers of unwanted humans whose very existence now forms a barrier to the fuller actualization of the technocratic dream of the new social elite "enjoying" the fruits of the Earth while being served by armies of programmed robots guaranteed never to show the "failings" of the all too fallible "common" human person.

The difference between the fascism of old and the new Technocratic Fascism can be vividly demonstrated in the case of Hitler's War Production Minister, Albert Speer. The latter turned out to be a technocratic genius so far as the making of weapons of death were concerned. Yet Speer was no Nazi of the usual Black Fascist type, for he was very much one of the first of a new breed -- the modern "professional" elite who were the harbingers of Technocratic Fascism.

Technocratic Fascism, then, can wear a white coat or the finest suit of clothes. He can live in a posh house filled with the latest electronic wizardry and surrounded by a garden run according to the most modern technological methods. He can even appear to be an affable father to his children and a "model" citizen to his neighbours, who, infected as so many are these days with moral insanity, may even admire the monstrous wretch. And, while playing about with his video-recorder or having "a battle of the brains" with his pet computer, he can at the back of his mind be working on new experiments with living animals for the sake of acquiring still more "data" with which to ease the technocratic intellect's insatiable hunger for new "facts".

The Technocratic Fascist may have a heart keeping his blood flowing, but he is devoid of heart in the real human sense of the term. He tends to regard a display of emotion as a sign of weakness -- which at once causes the person in question to be tagged "unbalanced" and "immature". "Objectivity" is an aim he forever strives for, while efficiency to the point of ruthlessness is his hallmark. These are the qualities which are lauded in the psycho-social "heights" where dwells the technocratic elite.

And woe betide anyone who dares to stand in the way of this new Fascist elite. Unless the dissidents are in the highly unusual circumstances of being difficult to dislodge, the technocratic soul-murdering machine will eventually find a way to "neutralize" them. The increasingly totalitarian social power and control of Technocratic Fascism can cause the more faint-hearted of humans to despair of ever being able to change things in our modern world. But history and the forces of social evolution are on the side of the life-affirmative persons of the world. Indeed, it is only a matter of time before Technocratic Man himself brings his evil kingship to an end through following his present headlong destructive course.

Let us remember the prophecy of old about "The Meek shall inherit the Earth!" It is a forecast which is on the point of coming true. This is not a rehash of some medieval millenarium dream. It is a simple fact of life that our living Earth cannot for long more tolerate the viciously destructive Technocracy which now threatens the very survival of the terrestrial web of life enveloping our planet.

The modern Goliath -- which is Technocratic Man -- will soon find himself laid low amidst the rotting carcasses of the mighty trees he is now so cold-bloodedly destroying along with so many other living forms. While the modern David -- in the form of the newly emerging life-affirmative "meek-of-the-earth" is being prepared by the Cosmic Divinity in the form of Mother Nature to become the fosterer of all further evolution in the region of our planetary homeland and the solar archipelago in the immediate space-time pond beyond.

~~ by Michael Tobin (l August 1983)
(With the help of Caroline Kuijper)

SPECIAL NOTE: Technocratic Man will not like what is written in the foregoing. And it is vital that this document is spread far and wide around the world. Because humans need to be alerted to the frightful dangers all of us face from Technocratic Fascism in the short term future. A world Technocratic dictatorship is very much on the cards...

Solar-Age Pathfinders, Harepark, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland.

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