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doorways to possibilities...


Norman, Linda
Should I have sent yesterday's letter?
     another letter I may not send?
which letter ? -> there are 26 of them  :)

Tiny dreams.

It's because I have "always known" that the
"human race" doesn't really think much of
creativity -- I mean the value of it.
                     the magic of it.
Art is not honest work.
Art ?  that word contains doorways to many
There was a time when my parents thought that
if I became an artist  I might starve.
Starve?  I know about starving myself, using
       anorexic behavior.
I identify with creativity; I hide that from
people.  The proof is in the pictures.  Bless the profits.
Rape the Earth -- bless the profits.
  Rape the Earth -- Bless the Prophets.
Rape an individual's time -- bless the profits.

Art, it contains so many things to me.
 Quality and quantity;   artistic garbage -- it is
                      recycled  into an art of
Hi tech  - that's art too / throwaway art.
Rape the minds -- bless the layoffs for efficiency.
How has the world tipped over like it has?

Hey, a tv in every brain!

I like television; but some of the programs that
     I find I like get cancelled.
I don't watch that much television anyway.
Nature programs, odds & ends.

  big word  tiny word, big deal, tiny squeal.
Oh  education is the answer.
Learn all you can, if possible
I don't "like"  school.
Learn in my own way  and at my own pace.
Every effort can be a failure.

The rule is that one should not identify with
nature, or creativity, or the universe, or soap
bubbles   for then others  can influence our
lives, choose for us , starve us if need be to
get us in line.

One day the entire world will go OFFLINE
and their so called experts won't have
an answer  because most of the playful
creators  won't speak up for fear of a
penance being imposed upon them.

Offline blizzards, offline pollution, offline starvation,
offline religions, offline politicians.

Art, so many facets
     Nature,  spirals,  computers, snowflakes.
I feel as if I'm re-educating myself.  I've lost
  something which I didn't know I had
  to lose.
You'll make more money if you go to school !
  go to school and learn to be a computer programmer?
  go to school and learn to be a welder?
     to school and learn to be a beautician?
        school and learn to be a maintenance engineer?
               and learn to be a teacher?
                   learn to be a student?
                         to be a lawyer?
                            be a politician?
                               a housewife?
                               a son?
                               a daughter? 
                               a husband?
                               an employee?
  go to school and learn to be an employed artist?
     go to school and learn to be a child again?
School is the only trusted place to get educated.

Norman why has education become such a chore?
                       such a drudgery?
  Graduate and be over-qualified!
Lord/Goddess, what's wrong with me? , I just don't
want to fit into this world (at least anymore).

What does Gamaliel hope to be when he's into
       a musician ?  a writer ?  a boss ?
       an athlete ?
a technician? join a circus?

Productivity and profits -- is that all there is to life?

I wish a UFO would land; good or bad   it
would alter our  thoughts  about ourselves.
It's probably true : that the universe is even
  more amazing than  we know it to be so.
How does one learn for oneself instead of for

I'm back where I've started from ; I put
everything under the heading of art.

Where am I going?    I'm this old and I still ask.
What's the use of it all?  Who am I to give advice?
What is old age?  discarded hopes and dreams?
Fun & friends and love ?  Story - lines.

There are answers , if not on Earth, then on other
planets in other galaxies !  Different paths,
different dimensions  (like in Virtual Mode :) )

Where am I going?  Where have I been?



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