DesolationScape, Craters Of The Moon
Photo by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters


Chaos can happen in slow motion,
it's not always the bomb blast
that craters an unsuspecting day,

it can grow like a coral reef
from the dead bodies of small hopes
ground underfoot with unseeing eyes,

it can build layers from skeletons
of promises made too easily and
just as easily forgotten,

it can razor the bones with words
made sharp by anger that strip
away any semblance of warm feeling,

It can be fed with the sharks' brew
of "I'll show her/him" flung like
bilge water, howling and defiant,

It can brood quietly, furtively, in
questions not valued enough to answer,
in loving words not whispered at day's end,

chaos breeds like mosquito larvae
anywhere there is a dead zone,
some stagnant pool of feelings denied,

chaos flips love on its side,
not songs of joy but a resigned sigh
that finally it's all over.

 Zen Oleary
May 21, 2003

More of Zen Oleary's poems (and those by others) can be accessed at:
Warrior Poets Society

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