Ice Crystals Along Branch

Ice Crystals Along Branch
Photo by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters

Thirteen Haiku

by Ethel Gossard

Relentless night rain Blackens dark soaked shed barn Restless cows shuffle

Stark etched branches Black against slate evening sky Winter orchard sleeps

White coated mountain Bundled in warm insulating snow Elk seek lower range

Chilled sun reveals ice-splintered garden ruins noon desolation

Leaping flame denies wild snow-blown crashing winds stay near fire warmth

frost-sparkled hollowed drifts planed trackless white tip toe quail cross

Withered apple falls Swallowed deep in snow cushion January silence

Winter silent pines bend low small snow avalanches slide needles breathe free

Snow laden branch Hangs heavy in cold spring sun Fat robin swings

mud rivulets flee soot-measled thawing snow spring sun shimmers

Swift-chatter water rocked into green-shimmered pools lurking fish swim deep

tight folded bud opens to full blown beauty shatter-petals fall

~~from the original *Rainbow Voices* [intended for publication in 1996, Dawn Vision Press] pp. 65 - 68

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