Embracing Goddess

Art by Norman E. Masters

Three Goddess Poems

Of course,
          It's all an adventure,
                             our lives.
                        Reaching toward the Goddess.
     Embracing the Earth,  Building upon the Stars
                           of our Future.
Dear Goddess,
             I cross the moments in your thoughts.
             I walk upon the water of my tears
               to understand Your Love.
             Your shining Laughter reflects at night
               to light my way.

Dear Goddess,     
             comfort and nurture my spirit,
               encourage me along my adventure.
                        Our Adventure!

We are the Children of the Goddess!
Of course, we have forgotten about Her.
We can, we must weave Her back into our
                         memories of time.
--Peter Ligeski
Feb. 23, l997

Dear Goddess
It is all so laughable,
           those Blessings,
                           that you give me.
Something to add to my Collection?
Something to fling into a Rainbow.
Held up in Starlight they speak and
                  sing Songs of the Spirit.
Each Blessing creates ripples in the times of my life.
I cup my hands in the Oceans of your Blessings,
               and drink deeply.
--Peter K. Ligeski
May l997

Flowers under starlight iridesce in moonlight.
They dream of the procession of the Flowers
                                  before them!
    The procession of countless sunrises
                      and sunsets are sung each day.
In whispers they speak of living in the Milky Way.
                                     some day.
Oh, in quieter voices still, the Aurora Borealis of the Goddess.
--Peter K. Ligeski
May l997

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