Misty Mountain

Photo by Gamaliel Masters


Calling the way through afternoon's blue air
To peace of evening, traveler's rest:
Song of three bells across the hills
One somber, deeper note resonant
Of darkness, clarity of truth measured
Slow, sonorous tones to frame the wilder ringing
Of the two silver-voiced clear songs,
Not the Angelus; rather prelude to the vesper
Sparrow's spritely singing,
Flickering and dancing like goose talk
Drifting down from darkened skies of early spring
Or frost autumn, song of purpose.
The wanderer, captive of the joyful music
Looks about upon a world broader and lovelier
Than he recalled before
Blessed by the elfin melancholy,
Elfin gaiety of this wild carillon.

Utah 1983
M. Reynolds

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