Kissing You

Photo by Gamaliel Masters
Artistic Rendering by Norman Masters

Rainbow Man

  My Beloved is a rainbow of colors. 
Yellow-Blue-Violet Green-Orange & Red.
A prism of Light reflects off his Soul.
He aspires ever higher arched 
to encompass all he can
in his variegated embrace of life.

  Color him hot red on fire behind 
typewriter keys trying to communicate
a new point of understanding 
from his perspective.

  Color him shady forest green so cool
with level head and slow precise motion.

  Color him mellow blue, melancholy
in character; sincere and serious in thot;
kind and caring in intentions.

  Color him bright yellow in appearances; 
sunshine shirt, chartruese pants with
a special headband haloing his head of
long hair.

  Color him Bhagwan orange in think-
ing new age, abstract with new 
perceptions.  Truly a pioneer thinker.

  Color his passion violet in touch,
a fountain of flowing love; a romantic;
poetry in motion.

  Color him different
    Color him rebel.
      Color him beautiful.
Oct. 1993

~~Linda Lee Gardner-Masters

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Photo by Gamaliel Masters