Majestic Sunset

Majestic Sunset
Photo by Harvey Green

names with moonlight meanings

by harvey green

names with moonlight meanings still
hang on like ghosts from the past to remind
us they were not just savages but also
spokesmen for all that they loved.  Let me
ask you this, Do we ever name places we
live, and feelings we have, as near to the
Spirit as they did?  I feel something
was lost and like, that season, the dried
stalks shall be cut down like a nation
of Indians were.  Their corn like their
meaning shall feed us and prepare us
for the world to come.  Indeed, they
were not strangers to the world they
would win.  They were strangers here,
even to us.  But they will return to
haunt us like the light from distant
stars when we visit their spirit in
thought.  And if we have learned any
thing from them at all, we will part
with our heavy shoes for a lighter pair
of moccasins so we can run with the
wind to the top of a hill and listen
for the distant drum beats along the
river that murmurs and calls our
Spirit to its gleaming ocean.

Then in that moment, when we realize
their unique place alongside us, we shall
discover our unique place with them
and they will smile again, with us.

                                                  Your friend,

[Intended for publication in original *Rainbow Voices*
Dawn Vision Press 1996, pg. 10]

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