Light Wrapped 2

Art By Norman E. Masters

The Dawnsinger

he came
singing the songs that gave us hope

he sang of the love
an entire age
seemed in quest of
to give meaning
to their living

he came singing the dawn
he came singing the distances we can travel
never reaching the end of forever

he came...
singing of heart's home
love's land
love's hands

o a sun-singer was he
& a weaver of enchanted dreams
woven with a wonderment
all alit like Indra's net
with pearls of ensorcellment
come as if of other realms
-- realms ascendent
-- realms transcendent

he sang of potential alternities
that could begin
to evolve
from deep within us
expanding the hearts of men

he spoke of other-dimensional realities
-- spaces he had wandered thru
& he would almost transport us there
with his dreams that sang like songs in the air

Arches of the Sine Shimmer Ascent

Art By Norman E. Masters

he said, "feel out the dream
& you will know
how you, the dweller in the dream,
must grow."

his eyes had looked long
into those spaces beyond
the cognizance of mind
-- reaching for some unsung song

he discovered the secret of the Dream Key
uncovered some of eternity's most elusive mysteries
it was his destiny
to unriddle just a little of the cosmic Meaning
by fusing his own being with ThaT

he came to reveal
the hidden chambers
of the heart of the holy

he came to unveil
the face of the divine
manifest into time
& flesh
making a mesh
of our consciousness
beginning our union
the cosmic communion

his mind became a beacon of Light
-- a transparent lens
letting ThaT radiance shine thru
reaching deep into
our soul's darkest nights
with a life-line

he said:
"the presence
of love
is the eternal essence
of the divine
still shining
-- thru you."

he said he was a son of the winsome gods
& the divine did seem to have touched his tongue
for it was a wonderwayweaving song that he sung

he sought the land
to plant his seeds
to grow them deep
& green

he uncovered a way
into our secret dreams
(the deepest ones we dwell in)
telling us that if we wanted to live there
we must share them

Light The Magick Reach

Light The Magick Reach
Art By Norman E. Masters

he chanted simple chants
of time & circumstance
that were child-like in their vision
-- & limitless in their expanse

they made a simple kind of sense
that gave us recompense
for the pain of living

"what is most amazing," he said,
"is that the miracles are real;
the REAL, itself, is a miracle;

you have only to SEE it
& feel it
to be it."

"dreams extend possibility," he said;
"dreams are our portals into tomorrow;
tomorrow began yesterday
& here we are."

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[pp. 45 - 52, DAWN WINGS
Dawn Vision Press 1981]

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