Photograph by Gamaliel Masters


Peter Kathleen Ligeski is someone who has labored valiantly to *balance* he/r inner polarities, the inner feminine with the (outer) bodily masculine. In*deed*, s/he is a pioneer in this realm of inner development.

If all the national Presidents (of the United States of America) since JFK had never existed -- this world & the future of this world would be none-the-poorer; but if Peter Kathleen Ligeski had never existed, World Literature -- & all future generations who *treasure* unique creativity -- would be *considerably* the poorer. Such poverty *each* lives in -- unbeknownst to themselves -- who recognize not the Literary Riches that abound -- & partake not of the deep & abiding pleasures of such exquisite treasures.

Peter Kathleen Ligeski is an unrecognized National Treasure -- indeed a *World* Treasure! It is a *special* Pleasure (& a Privilege) to introduce he/r to the Larger World on *COSMIC WIND*.

And the Cosmos is *laughing* -- joyously!


*touchstones of Universal Love*

January 30, 1987
The universal whirlpools prance across
                         my memories.
Like pink fluorescent markers
                       the shooting stars
                 carry me beyond moonlit
Say what delights you!
          Each of us -- touchstones of the Universal
  Be serious it's                      Love
                      I speak of:
              a window to each home world.
       we are the universal Love!
~~Peter K. Ligeski

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