Eye Of Night

Eye Of Night
Photo by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters

Back to the Moon

The harbor lights have been shining all night.
My skiff of dreams has sailed a pea green boat
upon a groggling sea so bright,
and I have found an owl deep eye
in my pussy cat's meow of desiring me
as the waves arrive and say goodbye,
on this billowing breast of a lollering sea.

Alice peers through my looking glass soul.
She is dressed as Isis, naked and adorable,
beyond the touch of my tabby cat claws,
but not beyond this perch of you, so lovable.
This owlery of peace, this tumbling yours,
this me and mine, and you admirable.

She takes me by the hand
(I have hands now, not pads nor paws),
and we dance upon the prow
of this boat of here and now.
And sail away for ever and a day
until we make a lilting landfall
of this haven of I and you.
Our mid-winter night's dream, made new.

Sophia follows me to this tavern on the strand
and tickles the palms
of my out stetched hands
as I place them up upon the counter,
and order
chicken soup for two.
The walrus and the carpenter
pass the vessels of you, my dish and spoon
and we all go laughing, back to the moon.


Eric Ashford


All text on this page is Copyrighted Feb 11, 2002 by Eric J. Ashford.


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