You And Me, Poetry Reading 1979

You And Me, Poetry Reading 1979

How Do I Know I Love You?

"How do you know you're in love?" he asked.

When we part  to go in different directions
& at the same instant -- without a word --
both of us turn back to embrace
& kiss farewell, giggling at the motion
lets me know I know we're in love.

When you're in my thoughts all day
   & my heart stays with you
   -- wherever you are --
when I look at you with head in the clouds,
feet dancing on air, & stars shining in my eyes
   then it comes as no surprise
   that we're in love.

I'm proud to walk by your side
       -- any where.
       People look
& remember us as a pair.

How do I know I love you?
By how happy I am, loving you.
You make me laugh when only
a moment before I am teary-eyed.
           You care
& go out of your way to be with me.

How do I know I love you?

Because my life & purpose are being here with you
   because I wish to leave all else behind
            & enter a true
      full-life committment with you

sharing a unity, loving & enjoying
all goodness surrounding
helping create a better future, today.

I am watching you as you sleep so soft beside me warm to touch gentle still your face quiet. You do not see the love glowing inside me exciting me warming & tickling me allover but like a seed that love grows.

It's late I'm tired I'll sleep to dream of you

~~Linda Lee Gardner-Masters

Linda, May 1980 [To Cosmic Wind Main Page]

"These are the shining days." -- John Burroughs