Art by Norman E. Masters

Alien Memories

June 19, 1990


I was thinking (while walking to work) about your memory of aliens that:

as the aliens began tripping they started to become more alert after a momentary disorientation from their high, they became lucid enough to try to again engulf you. Their touch started the dry sweat and goosebumps across your body. More and more aware you became of being encircled by an unknown attraction. Quickly you searched for a way to regain the situation; and suddenly you remembered what your granddaddy told you to do when you find yourself in a life and death situation. He said, "Norm, my boy, just whistle a tune and you will find yourself free."

Of course, being on a spaceship, the only tune that you could think of was "Dancing Feet". And so you puckered up your lips - which confused the aliens that perhaps you were into kissing and telling.

Smooth and steady the whistle started louder and louder. "Dancing Feet" echoing throughout the ship.

What happened next still confuses you: you started tap dancing to your whistling. Oh did you tap, clicking clicking, snapping, sparks from your dancing feet! and as the aliens swayed to your tune, they started to dance too, tap, tap tapping.

At first they danced in time, but then their tentacles got tangled in each other's dance space. Tighter and closer until they were on the floor in a heap of notes. After you calmed down and looked at them and commented, "Wow, I knew I should have been a choreographer!" A little while later you undid El Merk's and Charlie's clamps that held them prisoners.

Green Eye Yantra

After El Merk finally became alert to the situation he had been in, he walked over to the entwined aliens (who were humming "Dancing Feet"), nudged them with his toe and yelled, "Try to sucker us, will ya? Serves You Right!" and turning to me he said, "Thanks Norman."

And Charlie, when he came to, he walked over to me and said, "Thanks Norman --> But did you think: Who is going to *drive* this ship! some friend you are..."

Leaning against a wall you sighed and started to whistle, "Ain't she sweet"; you then moved your hand and pulled a bag from your back pocket. Still whistling you pulled a 1950 comic out of the bag. Turning to page 17 you began to read the words: "EVERY CADET'S GUIDE - UNIVERSAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLYING A SPACESHIP!"

Both El Merk and Charlie felt that each of them was the one qualified to take the ship's controls.

Oh, one of them felt that as the older, he should be the "Captain". And the other felt that being young offered quicker reaction time... on and on reason after reason...

Finally you suggested, "Hey guys, share the controls!"

Once again, down to Earth.

Neither Charlie nor John wanted the spaceship even though the aliens had somehow transported themselves off of the ship. And well, so you, Norman, decided to (somehow) pack the ship in a crate and take it home. However you decided to keep your starship in storage until the year 1989, or maybe 1990....

1989... And Gamaliel thought that he had seen a UFO...



      Dear Norman,


I once tried to join No Mans Land, but the girls told me that I wasn't man enough to be a woman :)

      --Pete you gave up too soon :)


Have you seen the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE III yet?

I'm running out of things to say.

The ghost house? Nope, I'm not going to remind you that when everyone opened the front door to leave the following day. After everyone was on the front porch and looked across the expanse of different colored mist... well nevermind.

                                                                                                          til nextime

Pete :)

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