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Cleaning Spirits Out Of A House Or Building

Part 2 of Spirits by Re-Al

by Fred McNary

Warning, if you try what I write, you are on your own!

Ok, now that we know WHAT they are, how do we combat them?

One of the best ways to give them little or no room in your mind, is to try to develop a positive mind set, the firm conviction that you will have little or nothing to do with any spirit that seeks to coerce you to do any bidding that is not your own, or does not meet with the standards set by our society.

How to know when you may face one of them is another problem. If you have a dream that seems disturbing to you, do your best to recall the dream, remember the details, look at the scene if there was one, think about what the feeling of the dream was, what were the emotions it brought out, and what, if any, was the direction of action it may have generated in your mind.

If it was coercive in action, a push to "do something", think about what it was, does it pass the test of a socially acceptable act, was it illegal, did it involve harm to another, would you be ashamed to admit you did it, and was it an attempt to get you angry?

Anger is one of the most common characteristics of negative entities, from sly promptings to blazing anger that makes you feel sick inside.

Ego is another facet of many negatives; they indulge in acts that seem to set new meanings to the word "gall", "nerve", "chutzpah", "cheek", "insolence" "arrogance" and other descriptive phrases.

It would seem that this is all part of the plan or scheme they use to attempt to coerce humans to do their bidding, overpower the person with their "Might and Majesty" as well as creating a degree of outright fear of their personality, and force the person to do their bidding.

A militant mental defense is by far the most effective action in denying them any power over you, and also hard to develop if you are over-awed by a spirit.

Dismiss any thought of them "telling you what to do", and refuse to let them have any ground inside your mind!

To relate some of what I have gone through, I have had arguments that were "long and loud", attacks on my psychic body, I have "force-fed" one of them a "knuckle sandwich" -- actually hit him in the mouth! -- "pulled a knife" on one of them, and was able to blast one of them with some kind of energy that I seemed to have.

After a rousing fight, they seem to let you alone for a time; and it would seem that they don't like being defeated any better than we do.

One of the attributes of them is their propensity to inhabit houses and buildings. We all have heard about a house that is said to be "haunted".

Yes, there are houses that seem to have unwanted spirits. Yes, they seem to do things that fall into the category of evil, and yes, there are those that have an aversion to even passing by such a house.

However, anyone that has the courage to do so can rid a house of these spirits. Just as you can and should rid yourself of attacks by them, you can rid a house of these beings.

I have used the following practices several times, and much to the surprise of others, they do the job.

House Exorcism Ritual

The fact of a negative entity within a house must be shown to be an indisputable fact by outsiders that can feel the vibrations of the entity.

Those living in the house should be excluded from any judgment as to whether it is "real" or not, and any sources of possible "this-worldly" sounds, lights, or movements must be scrupulously examined for both simple causes and more involved ones.

The book "Ghost Hunters Guide" lists the methods of sorting out the cause of the so-called ghost noises from the worldly sounds and effects caused by humans creating mischief for their own purposes.

Once the reality of the entity/ies has been established, the full permission of the owners or renters/leasers of the building must be obtained. In some cases, the owner is quite reluctant to admit that the situation exists, since to admit this may jeopardize any revenue from the structure.

Should the entity be of more-or-less "Christian" characteristic, the well-known methods of intervention by a religious figure (priest, preacher, rabbi, etc.) performing the cleansing should prove adequate.

It is in the cases where the entity is not of this type of belief system that more stringent measures must be used.

Cases wherein the person seeking to cleanse the entity from the structure used the typical "smudging" technique from the North American Indian belief system had the entity pass several times through the smoke as if it were immune to the process!

If more or less "usual" methods fail, the person doing the cleansing must be of an alternative religion, one that admits the existence of, and the need to exorcise negative entities for the comfort and security of the people that live there, or have their offices there.

It has been shown in actual practice that some entities of the various signs, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, will have an effect on the persons doing the depossession. It would seem to be a case of mutual interests, and those involved should beware.

In one case an entity that was a water elemental did some damage to the lady conducting the ritual, causing her to have water retention in her feet, and a swelling of her eye. She was a water sign of the Zodiac. It would be prudent to know the signs of the persons involved in any cleansing of structures, for this reason.

In the case of a really vigorous spirit, one that has been shown to have a large amount of energy, the personal courage of the participants must be of the highest order. Any team is only as strong as the weakest member; and should the courage of the person fail, it will contribute to the strength of the entity.

Some of the energy of an entity comes from the fear that humans have of that spirit. If you can fully control your fear, and not give in to the human urge to get away from it, you have a far better chance to control it, and so drive it away.

The whole team must be of one mind; it must be a solid front of determination; it must offer only one option to the spirit, only one course of action -- Get out!

If efforts have been made in the past to rout the spirit, and they have failed, the next persons to attempt this process must be of great courage and a higher degree of skill. There is no school that teaches this; it is learned by actual experience.

That experience comes with a price, one of a degree of loss of energy, some distressing personal experiences, possible attempts to "take over" the person, various physical manifestations, a limited degree of sickness, and other symptoms.

If smudging fails, spraying consecrated water (the so-called "Holy Water" used by some churches) should be the next attempt. Draw Crosses over the windows, Star of David symbols or Pentagrams (if the person is of Hebraic or Pagan beliefs), wet down the window sills, the doors, the door frames, and any other opening into the building.

If all the above don't work, then the group must go back to the most ancient form of spirit work we have any knowledge of, exorcism by salt.

Natural salt has properties we have little knowledge of; it is a natural cleanser, and seems to have the ability to sort of absorb negative entities. The oldest spells charms and incantations use salt; it has roots that go back well over 2,000 years.

Purchase enough cartons of salt to pour a solid layer in a continous string about 1/2 inch wide around the place that needs cleansing. If it's a house, you will need about 12 cartons. Buy ordinary salt, not the "iodized" variety. Iodized salt is not a natural product.

I confer a duty on the salt cartons, by using an invoking pentagram, made as your version of the craft dictates; and one could offer that making a cross over it may be effective if the workers are Christian.

Once this has been done, you must announce to those in the place that you are going to encircle them with salt, and they either leave or will be trapped there for all time.

You must make the announcment in a loud, clear voice, capable of being heard throughout the place! Affirm to them that you will not warn them again, and that they must leave!

Pour a stream of salt in a continous stream around the area, and always in a clockwise direction! NEVER pour it in a counter-clockwise direction! If you do, you strengthen their abilities!

Leave a small unsalted opening about 3 feet wide at the juncture of the circle, and announce that all the spirits within the circle have a limited time to leave. State the time, and never more than 5 minutes!

Call out the time as it goes by, "Four minutes left"! "Three minutes left"! and so on. As the last minute of the time is announced, start out to call out the seconds, "30 seconds", "ten seconds", and the like.

As it gets down to the last few seconds, you will feel a rush of what seems like wind going past you! The spirits are leaving.

Good luck, and Blessed Be!

~~ Fred McNary

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