Earth Breasts

Photo by Gamaliel Masters of Craters of The Moon
Artistic Transformation by Norman E. Masters

Our Dream


The valley of life has
borne its fruit --
the fruit of peace

quietly it waits

watching    as they come
     stuffing mouths
   cramming pockets full
      of its fruits
they     turning to plastic

Now long
           is this valley gone
those who remember
  the hardness the
distinction made us one
    --in smiles
smiles, now, are but
hiding places, behind

music is drowned
   and dead
Chaos of darkness
holding breath    looking bluer
deep bluer
deeper than blood

we have been raped
physically    poetically

they dragged the trees
out of our valley
to shop windows
the "in" thing $10.95 each

now i sleep to have
it back our dream
  has become a very popular
black lite poster
  of a frog escaping a little
  boy's hand
  or God's
Our dream has become
  a high hard fence
  with guards intact
  Around air, music, people
our dream has become
a speed freak who
stands perpetually at
the gate of a football game
churchyard, national park
or cemetary
hawking meth buck a hit

our dream has become
more than a poem can say
-- all the tragic or happy
poems written on the
bathroom walls of consciousness

our dream has become
a political Allen Ginsberg
selling his prophetic robes
for an ounce of hashish

Our dream has
become an FBI agent
(a plainsclothesman) smoking
pot with a CIA agent
both trying to bust one another

Our Dream has become
   an $8.00 a day
   Colorado commune
Our dream has become
  a mad baptism in an
  oil slick on the atomic
  waters of Amcitka
I see all dreamers
  some still smiling
  to put it all back
    shaking the earth
    shifting the sands
keeping the good leaving
        the bad
My dream now is you
      is here
      is now
is flying above this all

~~Steve Krantz

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