Flight of the Heart Angels

Art by Norman E. Masters

recognize the magic...

                           February 11, 1992

No I don't!
  Then,  why  is it so  close?
  Why is Death sitting next to me?
I don't understand.

So many reflections.
        from a mirror without silver.
Magnified superstitions.

From the base of magic
   came the troubadours, dancers, and singers:
Distant    tambourines     lutes and trumpets
   brighten the dawning understanding.
Kissoff the light,
kissing in the dark.
It's a kinky memory.

               arms length

I must keep the world at arm's length,
  since I'm already so involved.
Thunder and Lightning in the caves of God!
  Roll the stone back, shut!
Sprinkle seeds of Creation around the entrance.
 Cross the path that brought you here.
      and recognize the magic of your life.

P. K. Ligeski
:) :)

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