Heart of the Petalling

Heart of the Petalling
Art by Norman E. Masters

short & whimsical

Have you heard them yet? Girls speakingwith soft kisses? Among the flowers

See their dancing feet tap out an eternity A duet of Love

Little Bunny Love with a crown of butterflies in such a tizzy.

Flat against the wall A Hieroglypic outlook Follow the leader

galloping cowboys springing across countryside bouncing up and down

Marriage is a game Playing roles under covers Always room for more

Soap bubbles floating Many transparent mirrors Bursting with laughter

All the busy bees Spiraling across rainbows Dipping for nectar

Oh my little life meandering across time I wave to the stars

Oh my little life I touch the stars in my dreams reaching across time

OH my little life meandering across time the stars look down and giggle

'til next time, Pete

Three lines are fun to write.

[intended for publication in original *Rainbow Voices* anthology
Dawn Vision Press, 1996
pp. 29 - 32]

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