Eye of Night 2

Photo by Gamaliel Masters


Incredible lightness of credulous being:
The trembling bubble of existence
Magic bubble of being, light playing
Iridescence on the bubble,
Water from the moon.

Illumination of sages, credulous being,
Gives way to wellumination of incredible lightness
Wellumined credulity of being
Through the murk of learning
Those Golden Ones who penetrate the magic
Bubble without pricking, trembling but unburst:
To the clarity beyond illumination.

Reflectors, we walk in the light,
Are in the light, the medium in which we float
Pale lightness of violets in spring grass,
Amber lightness of crocus and honey bee,
Alight, kindled and rekindled.

The ancient history of pain, the hope of light,
The light that is truth:
Ah, that your pain should light my way,
Should be my enlightenment!
Enlightenment becomes another's pain,
Shadow in the lee of mirrors
Alight, caressingly the light repeats itself
A thousand ways, aelf-scin, it strokes the earth
With weightlessness and wakefulness;
We study:  light of the tiger,
Amber light of desert sunrise,
Emerald light under evening trees,
Amethyst light of evening, silver moon:
Water from the moon.
Better aelf-scin, stemming from the earth
Alight, wellumined being, magic bubble --
The light that is true, is truth.

Illumination, the wisdom of sages
Pricks the bubble, wisdom we have been sold
Throughout our credulous being;
To light the earth.  Extinguishing,
To lighten the earth?  The trembling
Light that is music,
Water from the moon.
Like flowers, like moths, we turn toward the light.

Utah 1984
M. Reynolds

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