Mystic Arrival 2

Mystic Arrival 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

Ten Haiku

by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy

had a solarsoul
conference about angels
taking on lovers

stripping the secrets
from the spunweb luxury
finding sympassions

the bed became a
liferaft on a spiritdream
sea, see how easy

papagod, you are
old in your guarded thunder
mamagod is sad

frozen in heaven
is worse than burning in hell
when you cannot feel

I want the goddess
from the want ads to submit
not subtract from me

her flowery skirt
lifted petal by petal
made buttercups smile

up 3 flights breezy
eyes peered at your moonlicked aura
desiring touchpoetry

I, Quasimodo
sprout wings from my hump singing
O Sanctuary!

married magdalene
took back five stones thrown at her
I loved her vision

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