March 2008

This month, on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* -- and for the next couple months, we're going to be extending the evolving collection of Norea St. John's illuminations as to the nature of Sophia. So! -- the four pieces being added, by Norea, this month, are: "Womb of Eden", "i am the rainbow of love inside you", "Divine Singers, Awonder" and "Wisdom's Joy".

More next month!

Love's Light to you,
and sweet enwrappment in Her Bliss.

~~wynn manners & norman e. masters

January-February, 2008

We have viewed with regrets the necessity of removing the Communions between Miriam of Magdala and Chris Eccles. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to present that particular book's-worth of deeply-interesting, thought-provoking and illuminating material as long as we did.

For our January update to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* we are adding six more poems to our *Experiencing Mary Magdalene* anthology. At the very beginning of what are now 20 pieces we are slipping-in "Begin the Story of Love" by DaystarChild Beckman.

Two pieces are being transferred from the Wynn Manners Poetry collection -- "How Often She Would Remember," and "His Gaze Upon The Sea." Three additional pieces by Wynn Manners, herein, are "Living Mirror of Divine Bliss," "Mystic Heart Moment With Magdalene," and "To Enter The Deeper Sanctities".

For our February update we've done some replacing in the Wynn Manners Poetry line-up, removing those poems which were Mary Magdalene focussed (since they're now in the *Experiencing Mary Magdalene* anthology) and replacing them with poems of a more Sophia-specific orientation.

So "All Our Togethernesses" takes the place of "Spouse of Heaven, Come to Earth" as #34. "Shakti!" takes the place of "Once Upon An Eostre Morning" as #53. "She Is The Flux of Creativity" takes the place of "All Our Closenesses Remembered" as #60. "All Intricacies of Her Matrix" takes the place of "How Often She Would Remember" as #61. And "You Jizm My Internity" takes the place of "His Gaze Upon The Sea" as #77. This allows people with a specific interest in the Yeshua/Mary Magdalene love relationship to be able to access all that material in one spot, rather than have relevant writings lost amidst so many others.

With a hundred poems, now, in the Wynn Manners Poetry line-up, it'll soon be time to start a second collection under a different button so that circumstances don't get *too* ungainly! ;)

Until March!

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

December 16, 2007

December's update for *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* is seven more (mostly poems) by wynn manners, focussed upon the Divine Spouse love relationship between Yeshua and Miriam of Magdala. These are: "Once Upon A Timelessness," "Love Croonings to Mary Magdalene," "Mary Magdalene, Chalice of Divine Love," "In the Heart of the Mystical Rose," "Spouse of Heaven, Come to Earth," "The Wounded Flood" & "Once Upon A Timelessness."

May your Holy Days be especially blessed & the New Year *truly* NEW in the expansiveness & infilling of Divine Light into everyone.

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

November 2007

For November, this year, on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* we've begun our *Experiencing Mary Magdalene* anthology. Initially we're making available (beyond the archives of the Yeshua and Mirya list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/yeshuamirya/
seven pieces by wynn manners -- in the spirit of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, expressing some of their feelings for each other and aspects of their love relationship that have, in largest part, been overlooked and denied. It is hoped, in time, that poetry (and occasion prose) by others will be integrated into this weave.

Some of these have previously appeared amidst the *Wynn Poetry* & *Wynn Prose* collections, here... and a few of those which go up this month & next will be temporarily duplicated until we get replacement Sophia poems substituted in (presumeably in January 2008).

Available this month are: "All Our Closenesses Remembered," "The Passion Of Our Love," "Yeshua Upon Mary Magdalene," "Heart-Trysting," "His Eyes Twinkled," "Yeshua and Mirya" & "A Secret Ambience".

More next month!

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

October 31, 2007

This is being written on All Hallows Day, itself. This month's update to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* is eight more short prose pieces with a Sophia focus to them. We are taking down pieces 39 & 40 (which are Yeshua & Miriam focussed) to replace them with "Sacrament of Sacraments," and "In Her Immensitudes". Also, by wynn manners, going up this month, are "Each New Dawn," "Prelude," "A Shared Ideal," "The Time Spirit," "Love Oracle," and "Who Is Wisdom?"

Hopefully, initial pieces in *Experiencing Mary Magdalene* (several of them new to this site) will be appearing here next month.

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

September 2007

For September we're adding five more poems by wynn manners to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* -- to bring his total up to 100. However, all those which are focussed on Mary Magdalene will soon be removed & replaced with more specifically Sophia-oriented poems, the Yeshua and Miriam poems to be going into a separate anthology, likely to be entitled, *Experiencing Mary Magdalene*.

Wynn's poems being added this month are: "You! You! You." "Luminous Woman Invites You," "Yoni Valley of Paradise," "mothwings & starfire," and "She, In Whose Loving We Were Born".

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

August 1, 2007

This month, on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,*, we're adding three more Communions between Miriam of Magdala (Mary Magdalene) & Chris Eccles to our *Mary Magdalene Speaks* anthology. These are: "Ghosts," "Adverse Forces," and "The Staff and the Ark" -- the latter of which was transcribed & sent to Old Winsome only a couple of days ago.

Chris Eccles founded a Yahoo list (on June 29, 2007), Miriam of Magdala, for those who accept the information in these communions. It can be joined at:


Five more poems by Wynn Manners are also being made available: "Like A Morning Fragrance On The Wind," "Sweet Union," "Enwrapped In Her!" "Every Day Is Sabbath In You," and "Mouth Of Causeless Cause."

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

July 31, 2007

Our July update to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* is the addition of 5 poems by Wynn Manners. These are "This Passion Of Knowing," "Your Chalice Of Love Runs Over," "Humanized By Joy, Divinized By Compassion," "Endless Mystique," and "Spring Freshets."

It's a busy summer... smoke thru the valley for the past 2 weeks from forest & grasslands fires -- the nearest, about 10 miles away.

Keeping it short, this month.

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

June 1, 2007

Used to be what we'd get added each month was more than we're getting done in 3 months, now. Either time is passing faster or we're getting slower -- or *both*!

Anyways, to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* this month we're happy to be adding 4 more pieces of writing from Rita Adan -- to her anthology, *Visions & Divine Connectings: Issa, Magdalen & the Great Mother*. These are: "Human Consciousness Is In The Birth Canal," "Shards of the Holy Mirror, the Great Mother," "Sanctuary," and "Slumber". These come from posts that were initially made at


Unless circumstances change, considerably, we're intending to add 12 more of Rita's poems & contemplations in 2008. In the next few months Wynn is intending to put more of his own writing on-site... & add-on to the *Experiencing Sophia* and *Gnostic Transitions* anthologies. There is also a lot more of Eric Ashford's writing we'd like to get on-site.

~~in *Her*,

~~wynn manners

May 31, 2007

To *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* for the making-more-merry the month of May, we're uploading four additional dialogs between Mary Magdalene and Chris Eccles. "In The Caves With Mary Magdalene," you can find out where the location of the *actual* caves Mary Magdalene lived in are -- with photos of one of them. Further (sometimes quite metaphysical) romps with Magdalene include "The Song The Universe Sings, "How Pure Consciousness Sees The World," and some "Big Questions" that get answered.

Norm's been busy working on arranging his library (which is a massive undertaking, in & of itself) -- so it'll probably be awhile before he gets anything further prepped for *COSMIC WIND*. Hopefully for July.

~~Old Winsome

April 30, 2007

For April 2007, in *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS,* we are presenting 5 more pieces by Rita Adan. First we're replacing #3 -- "Dream Of Light" -- with "Goddess As Madonna" (since "Dream Of Light" already appears in our *Vision Voices 2* anthology). In addition: "Knowing Magdalene," "Bliss," "Visions & Talks with Mary Magdalen & Issa," and "Heart Journey" join the contents in*Visions & Divine Connectings: Issa, Magdalen & the Great Mother*

On our *COSMIC WIND* side -- to the *Rainbow Voices* anthology, we're adding "Many Blessings" by Harvey Green, "names with moonlight meaning" (also by) Harvey Green, "13 Haiku" by the late Ethel Gossard and "9 Haiku" by Sharon Pacione.

And next month is a day away!


~~wynn & norm

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