March 14th, 2002

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side, this month (in the Vision Voices anthology) we're adding -- "My Friend Joy" by Harvey Green, "What Is Grace?" by Melanie J. Carroll (this is the Melanie Carroll of England, not the American reporter with the same name), "We Still Have Time... If..." by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles & "The Wedding Song of Wisdom", as translated by G. R. S. Mead (with some of his commentary).

On our *COSMIC WIND* side (in the Phantasmagoria anthology) you can look for "Darkness and Silence" by Norman E. Masters (a tale of the last memory of humankind -dying from the Earth) & "Portal To Dreamer's Worlds" -- a lengthy fantasy fragment which only a few in the immediate family have ever seen or heard. The latter was mostly written circa 1973 when Norman was immersed in a number of the Ballantine Fantasy collections then being edited by Lin Carter (collections of stories by Clark Ashton Smith, Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Lord Dunsany). To many, Lin's editorial stint inaugurating the Ballantine Fantasy Classics releases was his most important contribution to the fantasy genre. Norman, however, remains *most* fond of Lin's Lovecraftian pastiches and *especially* of his 4 novels in the Leigh Brackett Mars tradition, The Man Who Loved Mars (which, apparently, even Isaac Asimov enjoyed), The Valley Where Time Stood Still, The City Outside The World and Down To A Sunless Sea. Lin outdid himself in this particular cycle of "Lost Race" novels (also, certainly, in the tradition of H. Rider Haggard) -- which far excells his minor Conan pastiches & his numerous Edgar Rice Burroughs imitations.

Our server -- out of Texas, has been down a few days with serious software failure, corrupted core files... "We are suffering from a serious software failure on the ns01. At around 9 pm EST yesterday the main file that runs the entire server got corrupted. We immediately replaced it with a backup file but that is when the lights went out. Several main server components became corrupted. The DNS entries, the user information and password files, cgi scripts ...just to name a few." (Perhaps a virus got into their system?) If you've found us inaccessible -- that's why. They still haven't gotten our site up, yet, as of this writing. Hopefully we won't have to relaunch the *entire* site...

And, yes, this is our 12th (monthly) launch! Next month will be the First Anniversary of *COSMIC WIND* / *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*! ~~norman e. masters

Til then, the Winsome One wants to close this month's update with:

ever there is a perimeter of mystery
dancing at the edge of your seeing
enhancing, enchanting, alluring you 
deeper into unplumbed depths of mystic wonder

The transitory symbols of the times are meanings remembered -- if at all -- in the little-read footnotes of the future.

Most minds are ensnarled in the hopeless tangles of the age; few have the visionary gleam of the Eye of Eternity.

The quintessence of poetical emotion is timeless -- as long as humanity survives as an emotional being.

Humanity is in a state of transition, as are you.

Upon the waves of the time flux, indefinite congeries of changes wing in to seed the precipitations...

Ever-fleeting expressiveness of mutability, temporal passions storm-wave the bulwarks of the changeless sub-stratum hidden behind veils of Mystery, all the maybe's if-yet*ing the still undefined amorphous possibilities...

*Multiple* changes are potential -- along the evolutionary path of the trans*human metamorphs...

What is the relationship between the new consciousness (of the trans*humans, of the supramental) to the old consciousness of those who would remain *only* humans? How does the new consciousness grow out of the old? What *begets* the transition, the innermost revelations, the metamorphosis? For certainly the very *existence* of tadpoles metamorphosizing into frogs, of caterpillars metamorphosizing into butterflies is a living *symbol* of potential *human* metamorphosis into something Beyond Humanity -- more angelic, more god/dess-like...

The GuestBook is always open. Illumined responses are invited and welcomed. ~~ wynn manners


Valentine's Month!

We hoped to have this UpDate launched *before* Valentine's Day -- but looks like we'll be running about a week late.

By way of a "Valentine" to the Divine Mother of the All, the Winsome One is placing a poem by Sri Aurobindo to "The Mother Of God" in *Vision Voices* this month (and especially by way of a Recommendation that you follow the links at the bottom of the page and seek out *more*). And BE BLESSED in receiving *Her* Valentine to *all* the world who cares enough *to* care (thru Andrew Harvey -- as "forwarded" thru Berit Kjos; thank you, Berit! ;) ) -- a Most Special Valentine, indeed! -- ie: the inSpirited Substance of that which *preceded* the "Ten Commandments" which Moses brought down that second time -- after angrily shattering the tablets with the Spiritual Substance of what is herewith given in "Ten Rather Firm Suggestions" (finally o yet) again by Divine Grace -- *especially* for those who have *ceased* living in idolatry & who have *ceased* "living in sin"!

Finally, on the *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVER'S* side, this month -- from *The Gnosis of the Light* -- a short extract we're entitling "The Twelve Deeps, Mother of All Eternities" is also in *Vision Voices*. It's a good introduction, should any desire to follow the link to peruse the *entirety* of the Work.

And, at the last minute (it arrived in a personal e-mail box on the 17th), we just *have* to add Frank John Culley's *exquisite* poem, "Essence" to the *Vision Voices* anthology.

Linda Gardner-Masters wanted her "Rainbow Man" -- written a number of years ago -- to be the next piece by her that appears on-line. Perhaps it is *folly* to be putting up poetry of a more private & *personal* nature -- such as the four of Norman's "Love Poems To Linda" that are also going up on *COSMIC WIND*. However, amongst the poetry that is nearest and dearest to this Olde Hermit's heart *are* the likes of "The Song of Solomon", the love poetry of e. e. cummings, Kenneth Patchen, Pablo Neruda and Walter Benton. Indeed, World Literature would be *considerably* the poorer without such.

We are also launching the beginning of our "Forgotten and Neglected Literary CLASSICS" collection (on *COSMIC WIND*) this month -- with a selection of fourteen of Sara Teasdale's best poems (to this editor's taste and perspective). It is perhaps *almost* a "fate worse than death" (which Jane Porter so often faced in Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan novels -- but in a far *different* manner) -- to be an Author foremostly remembered & preserved thru one's *poorer* work and to have one's *best* work overlooked and forgotten! To the Olde Hermit's view -- such is *exactly* what happened with Sara Teasdale.

Monitoring the stats on our site/s, behind-the-scenes, we noticed some months ago that *one* person did a Search on Sara Teasdale's poetry -- which took he/r to our *COSMIC WIND* portal page -- where the promise was made that such would be forthcoming. We regret it was not already on-line, here, for that Seeker to *discover*... but... impossible to do it all at once. Hopefully s/he will return to (finally!) get the opportunity to read what we've put up. A couple of Sara's poems in this selection -- tho written circa WWI -- could be viewed as being Most Relevant to the Current War: "There Will Come Soft Rains", especially (from which, presumeably, Ray Bradbury derived a title for one of his earlier short stories) and -- after a fashion -- "The Sanctuary" *could* be viewed as being somewhat relevant -- especially for those who lost loved ones to the World Trade Center bombing, AND those in Afghanistan currently losing innocent loved ones to the retaliation. Poetry may seldom *solve* our Problems -- but at least it frequently *addresses* them, deeply and meaningfully.

January 11th, 2002

For the first month of the new year Norm Masters is putting some more of his own writing onto his *COSMIC WIND* side. The 10th piece promised in *Phantasmagoria* -- "The Lake Of Dream" is a fantasy that dates back to the early 70's. It is written somewhat in the style of some of H. P. Lovecraft's earlier fantasies -- considered to be in the "Dunsanyian" vein -- tho Lovecraft was already *writing* such *before* he ever read anything by Lord Dunsany. The narrative poem, "Peter Pan, Dying" was written somewhere between the early & mid-70's -- and for several years Norman considered it his "best" poem; he struggled a goodly while to write something "as good". He considered Love*Star to finally be that piece -- & it's on our agenda -- probably for Easter... Also, this month: *dust, dreaming stars again* is a short prose-poem written somewhat over a year ago -- another of its Author's personal favorites amidst the all of his Work.

As promised, the Winsome One is presenting seven more of Michael Tobin's New Age Visionary essays on our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side -- with our WebMaster launching a Personal Name Button for Michael, this month. These essays include: "A Divine Whisper, The Way of Spirit", "Mind of Spirit", "Vision Majestic", "The New Humanity, The Children of Spirit", "What Are We Here On Earth For?", "Creative Genius; The Value of Working Silence" and "The Solarizing of Humanity". Michael's quite-lengthy (& in-depth) essay, "Moral Insanity and the Rise of Big Brother" -- *especially* appropriate to the terrorism-&-WarSpeak political climate at this time -- is scheduled to appear in *Rainbow Voices* on our *COSMIC WIND* side -- relatively soon -- alongwith an essay by Michael Tobin's "other half" -- Caroline Kuijper, upon feminism, & women's liberation: "To Love Or Not To Love, Real Liberation For Womenkind".

We will probably let a year lapse, then, before preparing further essays by Michael & Caroline to launch on-line -- to allow time for presenting *further* Significant Talents whose Work is not yet on-line (like John Mach and Morris Reynolds) and to be adding-further to the material available by the likes of Irene Dodge, Peter Ligeski and Steve Krantz -- not to mention launching our *Classics* section of neglected and forgotten Authors. We're hoping to get some of Sarah Teasdale's most excellent poems up Next Month!

By way of closing, this month (from the Winsome One):

Wherein *is* the sacred?

Sense of the holy exists within human *consciousness*; without consciousness, itself, there can be no awareness of the sacred.

Each consciousness is a unique perception. Thru each consciousness a different perspective, a different dimension of the universe is made known -- into awareness.

Thus the essence of the sacred is human *lives*, & is within human awareness, itself.

Things, philosophies, ideas, beliefs, religions are not the sacred *core*.

It is *life*, itself, that is sacred.

The people most dedicated to the truly holy are those who nurse & nurture life -- who *save* lives.

The most unsacred are those who deliberately *take* lives.

Therefore *all* war is of the unholy -- whatever the rationale.


December 25, 2001

This month -- as our Christmas Gift to the World (& to Future Generations) -- we launch (on *COSMIC WIND*) the first installment of our on-line preservation of rare piano sheet music (predominantly) from the 1860's. You are *invited* to print off copies to *play*. These must be, unavoidably, time-consuming downloads -- to assure the pixels necessary for quality print-outs are available to make them readable & useful.

Cradle Song, Opus 91 by Theodore Oesten could be viewed as his (& our) offering in celebration & commemoration of the birth of Christ; but it can also be viewed as representing the birth of the Living Christ Consciousness in the cradle of the heart & soul of *each* awakening human consciousness. It is a profoundly dramatic and moving piece of music.

In like manner, Brinley Richards's piano transcription of a popular melody of the time, Maria, could also be played (& listened to) as a tribute to the human incarnation of Sophia as the Virgin Mother Mary.

Charles Grobe -- considered a hack & music mill of his time (he cranked out over 2000 compositions) -- outdid himself with The Lone Starry Hours, Opus 912. Generally Grobe's output *is* sentimental -- but this particular piece is *not*; it is both beautiful and dramatic. It's a splendid virtuoso-sounding piece for the parlor pianist whose skill doesn't exceed 4th grade level. And one *can* imagine the shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night -- seeing the Star Above Bethlehem -- & hearing the angels singing *this very piece* as A Touch of Heavenliness Come to Earth...

Each December we also intend to add a Chimes for the Piano composition -- as long as we have additional pieces *to* add. This year it is A. F. Marzian's Evening Chimes.

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side of this WebSite we are finally launching Namaste's The Light of Hope (originally scheduled to be launched on our very first launch upon Easter Day, this almost-passed year). It is a *lengthy* piece -- & Most Appropriate for the sentiments of the Season dear to the heart of a genuinely *peace*-loving wo/manity.

Wynn Manners's poems, Dance of Infinity Into Time and Eternity Touching In are also being added to his poetry line-up this Christ*MassTide... on the *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side.

By way of conclusion, this month:

ReBorne Childe of Truth and Wisdom:

*Joy!* and feel strengthened
by the intensitudes of sacred feelings
fountaining within you
when you are in uttermost
comm*union* with Her Spirit.

Corruscating Divine Love
brings comfort and consolation to your days,
& a brightening illumination upon your way.

Pain humanizes you; compassion divinizes you.
In your tenderness & generosity
you will reap the fruits of serenity.

The kindest part of you,
your soft (so meltingly soft) heart of ever-hope,
pulses the deep-in *know*ing...

November 14th, 2001

This month we're balancing-out the preponderance of *poetry* on our sister websites with an upload of mostly *prose* -- at least on Norm's side!

The Winsome One keeps adding more material to his on-line evolving anthology, *Vision Voices*. Philinda (Pauline) Fox's proem, A Vignette leads off -- followed by her poem upon Poets & Visionary Poetry, Virgin Speech. Several quotes which tie-in, thematically, with Pauline's poem, follow (from the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Burroughs and Rabindrath Tagore).

Thematically tying-in, next, is the introduction by Michael Tobin to a poem by Richard A. Slaughter, What Have We The Vision To Be? -- from THE SACRED STRUGGLE #7, one of several underground visionary spiritual publications from Michael Tobin and Caroline Kuijper in the mid-1980's. Pauline Fox (a contact made thru THE LETTER EXCHANGE) introduced Norm to Michael's Solar-Age Pathfinders visionary writings; and Michael's soulmate, Caroline, gave Norm permission to disseminate such -- as he saw fit.

A Google Search on Michael Tobin, Caroline Kuijper and Solar-Age Pathfinders, in conjunction, appallingly, brought up *nothing*! -- so the Winsome One is intent on rectifying that. Before passing-on, Philinda *gave* Norm all her copies of the Solar-Age Pathfinders publications; many duplicates of some of these are available if anyone is genuinely interested in having a personal copy of essays that probably won't get onto this website. We are in the process of setting-up the next 7 (short) essays by Michael and Caroline for a future launch -- and a *major* essay -- Moral Insanity And The Rise Of "Big-Brother" is scheduled after Wynn launches the 7 *short* essays. This lattermost piece will most likely appear on Norm's side, in an upcoming anthology, *Rainbow Voices*.

On the *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side Wynn has also added three more poems by his soul~mate, Norea St. John, A Touch of Peace, Out of the Silences, and moonshadows.

On the *COSMIC WIND* side, Norm finally finished prepping the next 4 science fiction stories in the *Phantasmagoria* anthology. The two by Earl Pearson, Dusts of Death and The Black Chalice were originally printed in the first two issues of THE NO-EYED MONSTER -- in 1964 & 1965. (There were three *other* versions of The Black Chalice that *also* appeared in the 2nd issue of NEM/THE UNKNOWN #1 -- written by Charles Pearson, John Merkel and Norm. *Maybe* some of them will *someday* be added to *Phantasmagoria*... John's version, however, *is* currently accessible on the FANAC website, whose link is at the bottom of the *Phantasmagoria* contents page.)

Additionally, two early stories by Janet Fox have been added to *Phantasmagoria* -- from the *last* issues of THE NO-EYED MONSTER -- Anything Goes and Time In Thy Flight -- the lattermost from an unpublished issue #20 -- the contents of which have been sitting dormant in one of Norm's filedrawers for about 30 years. So Dusts of Death and Time In Thy Flight are, in effect, the "Alpha and Omega" of the 20 issue run of The Monster.

Norm Monsters is also introducing 3 of his owne relatively-*recent* pieces of fiction in *Imaginative Worlds* -- Aphrodite, Bathing, The Mirror of Time and The Harp of Eternity. These are mythic fantasy -- lengthy prose poems, in reality. Some of them, are perhaps comparable to some of the work of Jorge Luis Borges (tho a friend at our local Other Worlds/Alternate Worlds Writers compares them to some of the work of Roger Zelazny). Norm, himself, traces his main influence in *these* particular pieces back to H. P. Lovecraft's Poetry and The Gods, & to Lovecraft's early "Dunsanian"-type "Dream World" pieces such as The Quest of Iranon -- while not denying possible minor influences from the likes of Clark Ashton Smith and Edgar Allan Poe.

Since our Web*Master has been working 12 hours a day (or so it seems!) helping his mother remodel the kitchen, this month's upload *won't* be back to our target mid-month the 15th, tho this is being *written* on the 14th.

Until next month:

from your sacramental center
more deeply...
the profundities of the good,
the beautiful, the true

here is the root of your soul

October 15 - 23, 2001

We'd hoped to get the next seven stories in *Phantasmagoria* up, this month, on *COSMIC WIND* (sort of for Halloween!) -- but there's simply not enough time to type all that onto the computer, not to mention doing the html*ing & other set-up, yet (whatwith the amount of pre-winter Outside Work that needs to be done). Maybe *next* month -- after the snows start falling. So we've opted, instead, to add 4 of Norm's poems -- bringing it up to 12 pieces, there. Added this month are: In Celebration of Poetry -- a *lengthy* poem detailing, in effect, Norm's *philosophy* of poetry. There are also selections from Some Morning Sunrise (originally published in DAWN WIND in 1985), the wine of peace (originally published in TIMESCAPES, 1986) and o Light from the Heart of Infinity ~~ which has hitherto been circulated only to the fewest of personal friends.

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side -- as a foretaste of exquisitenesses-to-come, added to the contents of *Vision Voices* are four very fine & deeply meaningful poems by Frank John Culley (aka "Chesko", aka "wuyu") -- one piece adapted from the Odes of Solomon, the others entitled Trembling of the Veil, is there a week out there that is not holy? and This alone do we know. We look forward to adding several *more* of Wuyu's poems to the website -- when time allows.

Also added to *Vision Voices* is an ancient Manichean prayer, Come to me my Kinsman, the Light, My Guide, which, from the second stanza, could easily be viewed (at least in part) as being ancient Words of Sophia, Herself.

Our WebMaster suggested a Site Map (listing our entire contents) be prepared -- making it possible for browsers that can't navigate frames to surf our site. These upgrades appear on our Vestibule page -- right below the optimum settings in the 3rd paragraph. (That optimum setting of "Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 at a screen resolution of 800x600 24 bit color" *does* make for intenser graphic *impact*.)

Til next month ~~ joyous & illuminative Web*Surfing! ~~ & let us *all* compassionately *be* ~~ in Love, in (not only inner) Peace, & in the ongoing *Light* of regenerative Creativity!

October 06, 2001

We are pleased to inform you that Cosmic Wind & Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers went back up this afternoon.

We have taken this opportunity to move Cosmic Wind / Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers to a different web-server, something we were intending to do this month anyway. The elimination of the web site from our prior server simply precipitated this transfer a little earlier then previously intended.

If any of you have bookmarked or linked to our old address "http://www.crosswinds.net/~wynnmanners", please update your bookmarks / change your links to the proper address: "http://www.cosmicwind.net".

Those of you who have visited us before will note the absence of the annoying pop-up ads which plagued us previously. We hope this is only one of many improvements stemming from this move.

Thank you for your patience through this change

Cosmic Wind / Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers Webmaster

October 03, 2001

Dear Visitors,

As a result of the WTC disaster our web-server (which is physically located in downtown NY) has been having problems since September 20th.

This culminated in the total elimination of Cosmic Wind / Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers from their servers on September 24, 2001.

This is not a disaster since we have a complete local copy of the sister sites. It does, however cause a regrettable, but unavoidable, delay in getting them back online where you can once again enjoy them.

Over the next several days, we here will be busy re-uploading the sister sites from our un-corrupted local copies. I can assure you that Cosmic Wind / Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers will return very soon.

Until that time, I ask you to remain patient with us, and check back with us again.

Thank You,

Cosmic Wind / Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers Webmaster

September 15, 2001

This month, in COSMIC WIND, we're introducing some of the poetry of Norm's late closest friend, of 3 decades ago, Steve Krantz (&, yes, Norm *has* intruded two of his *own* pieces -- written In Memory of Steve -- into the line-up). Sober memories -- but there are lots of *good* ones, too -- so Very Special... The prophetic quality of some of Steve's poems -- relative to his own (young) death -- can get pretty intense -- especially for those who cared *most* for him.

On the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side we've added four more poems to Wynn's Poetry: The Eternal Planting, what wonders yet to be borne, copulating infinities, & vision tapestry.


This month's upload to COSMIC WIND is a selection of eleven of the best poems of Irene (Doucet) Dodge, winner of the Gem State Writers "Poet of the Year" award for 2001. Every time *this* poet rereads them he is even *more* deeply impressed by their sheer excellence. We have also included a short autobiographical sketch of Irene's life that *she* wrote for the local weekly newspaper, THE ADAMS COUNTY RECORD. We have six more poems in preparation -- and (hopefully) at least a couple prose pieces -- for a later launch.

On the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side we've begun an evolving on-line anthology entitled Vision Voices -- for individual pieces by a wide range of authors who may never have a dozen pieces up on this website (firm plans by Ye Eds to put at least a dozen pieces by an Author on-line *is* what qualifies them for a Name Button in the leftside Contents navigation bar).

The initial piece in Vision Voices is Harvey Green's endlessly rereadable (&deeply heart*stirring) Letter To A Friend, originally published in Norm's Dawn Vision Press DAWN WIND anthology of 1985. (Norm also posted this Very Special piece to a number of religious NewsGroups &a couple Lists -- as part of his Christmas Present To The World, entering the Year 2000.)

Since Karen I. Olsen's A Renewed Society: Essay and Notes for Research is no longer accessible via our Sophia Links link to the Google Cache, we asked her permission to make it available thru COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS. Six months ago a Google search brought up *several* of Karen's writings -- that were on ThemeStream. A search -- just a couple days ago -- brought up only *one* piece -- that someone else has put up. Amazing how *quickly* such circumstances change! (Karen made mention of hopes to get her own WebSite up, in time.)

July 16th, 2001

On the COSMIC WIND side it gives us great pleasure, as the most of this month's upload, to be introducing twelve of Peter K. Ligeski's "poemish things" (as s/he calls them) to the Larger World. Peter has recently begun surfing the Web via the computer at he/r local library -- and has signed a few GuestBooks (indeed, was the very *first* to sign the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS GuestBook).

Norman has corresponded with Peter (voluminously) for about 15 years (a contact Norm's daughter, Jaynell, initially made thru The Letter Exchange) -- and was preparing to print a collection of Peter's best work thru Dawn Vision Press over the winter of 1994-5. The thick file containing what Norm considered Peter's creatively *best* work was in the house when an electrical fire devoured everything therein (except the woodburning stove!) -- &thus that file of Peter's Work was forever *lost* to the world. Nonetheless -- we are still blessed with the surviving 3 or 4 files of the *rest* -- which were *not* in the housetrailer.

Many more installments of Peter's uniquely original &playful rainbow*range of whimsical &piquant creativity are planned to be added to COSMIC WIND -- over the years ahead.

On the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side of our WebSite we are adding 3 more pieces that are gifted us thru Norea St. John -- Into The Pleroma of Light, Childe of Light, and Sophia Speaks: . Norea has also posted something you might not want to overlook in the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS GuestBook.

The Winsome One has been the first to sign *Norm's* GuestBook on COSMIC WIND.

Ever *YOU* are invited to share whatever is nearest &dearest to your *own* heart~mind~soul into *either* of our GuestBooks...


Half of this month's launch is catch-up on what was intended, before.

On the COSMIC WIND side we're introducing Norman's *amari*, Linda Gardner-Masters, with her response to a Richard Bach question, in her "Words To Live By". Norman says that what his *amari* writes would probably speak meaningfully to at least 90% of humanity, whereas what he (& the Winsome One, for that matter) write can appeal -- at *most* -- to 1/10th of 1% of the normal human consciousness.

On the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side we are *finally* getting the other 7 poems by the Winsome One (including "What Is Grace?") (originally scheduled for our first launch in mid-April) on-line. The graphics on those pages are mostly drawn from Dover Archives Copyright-free volumes.

Perhaps the Major News, this month, is that COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS has been accepted into the *CHERCHEURS DE SOPHIA* WebRing. The navigation bar to this Sophia-oriented WebRing is accessible on the second Sophia portal page (the last link on our initial Vestibule page) -- or from the WebRings button. The *other* WebSite, on this recently-formed WebRing, LE LYSAIRE, with its *elegant* presentation of many of the Gnostic Gospels is *definitely* worth checking into, in depth. If, like yours truly, you understand only *one* language, to translate those pages thereupon that are in French, rather than English, simply go to:


& insert the URL of the page you're trying to understand, click the "French to English" option -- & you'll get a rough approximation into English (this information compliments of our WebMaster, Gamaliel Masters).

The Winsome One took one of his poems & used the computer translator to translate it into French, then from French to German, then from German back to English. The results were rather bizarre -- and a large percentage of the meanings got waylaid, in the process... ;)

We are also launching an initial seven essays by Wynn Manners on the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side -- accessed thru the "Wynn Prose" button. The graphics that highlight these pages are from some of Norman's recent computer-generated artistic explorations. The first three of Wynn's essays are in response to Evan Randolph's insightful and in*Spirit*ed questions on his HOLY SPIRIT, DIVINE FEMININE WebSite: "Why has much of the established church tried to hide [Sophia's] truth?" "...why over the centuries has the mainstream Christian church largely ignored the Divine Feminine?" & "...why has Her existence been mysteriously obscured?"

Wynn also addresses Questions from four others:

"...what, if anything, does the fact that unmerited suffering abounds tell us about the Maker of the world we inhabit?"

"Why this particular process? If Mind has always been, is infinite, why the necessity for this 'game' we call the Universe? Why the Cosmic Body, the Other, why the pluriform of individuality and specialization within the Body? Why differentiation? Why the media of the organism? What's the point? Experimentation? A learning process?"

"...what should I have faith in -- God, humanity, truth, myself?" and a response to a motherly friend & lifelong believing Christian's "I am just plain tired and would welcome some instantaneous waft into Heaven."

*You* are invited to respond to any unto all of these Questions in your *own* way -- and post your response(s to our GuestBook.


We've got GuestBooks up on both sides, now -- and e-mail buttons.

We've put up initial contents in PHANTASMAGORIA -- on the COSMIC WIND side. These include 3 selections from Paul Powlesland's PARADISE PLAYLAND and two highly evocative prose*poem stories by Charles Pearson. The other 7 pieces will be forthcoming. The header art accompanying these has been created over the past month by Norman.

We have gotten permission from Irene Dodge to introduce *her* poetry on-line.

On the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side "Sophia Links" is now up -- in its beginning version. *Not* your normal links page!

And, of course, our "What's New" page is available on-line, finally, too.

We *still* haven't squeezed in getting Wynn's next 7 poems up! Maybe next month.


At this point everything on the entire WebSite -- COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS and her sister*site, COSMIC WIND, are new! 28 WebPages for our launch.

The Vestibule, one portal to COSMIC WIND and 2 portals to COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS take one in.

Initially being introduced are 7 pieces of spiritual poetry by Namaste', 8 pieces by Norea St. John, and 1 piece by Wynn Manners (on the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side); and there are 8 poems by Norman E. Masters (on the COSMIC WIND side).

As soon as possible we will be adding (on the COSMIC WIND side) an initial installment of poetry and prose by the whimsical Peter K. Ligeski, & some poetry by (& prose *about*) the late Steve Krantz.

A selection of some of the Best from THE NO-EYED MONSTER (a classic zine published between 1964 & 1974) & Norm's later personal*zine, THE PORNOGRAPHIC ONION (published in the first half of the 70's) (don't expect any *real* pornography, therein -- tho the naked mind & naked soul are *most* offensive to those still living in the "sin" consciousness) is also upcoming. Some of the contents of The Onion, certainly, is reflective of the "hippie" scene evolution in spiritual & social consciousness that the Powers-In-Control and the masses of the United States rejected as fully (& for similar reasons) as the Pharisees rejected "Jesus Christ". The "hippie" scene -- in its best parts -- *was* an ongoing "Second Pentecost" -- an ongoing descent / multi-internitude's ascent of the Living Holy Spirit -- which will be increasingly recognized over the coming centuries, as individual spiritual consciousnesses evolve. Those entrapped in their own indoctrinated egoic projections upon the Divine (of course) remain unaware of this.

On the COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS side making available some essays (and other prose writings) by Wynn Manners is next on the agenda -- alongwith further poetry by everyone initially being introduced.

Come back! Within a couple of months more *will* be up!