March 31, 2007

This month, on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're delighted to begin what is intended to become a chapbook selection of some of Rita Adan's most moving poetry & spiritual contemplations, to which we're giving the provisional title of *Visions & Divine Connectings: Issa, Magdalen & the Great Mother*. The first four poems leading off this collection are: "Forsake Not," "Great Mother's Words," "Dream of Light," & "Magdalen Speaks."

On our *COSMIC WIND* side, Norman has prepared two poems to be adding to his expanding *Rainbow Voices* anthology: "Reason To Live" by Steve Toth & "Cosmic Dance" by Linda Seekins. A third selection, a prose-poem entitled "Space Wind," is by James Davis. Much more of James's writing can be accessed at his Yahoo forum, the link to which is at the bottom of page upon which "Space Wind" appears.

Next month, our 6th anniversary, looks like it's going to be pretty much "more of the same." With spring upon us, there is too much work to be doing outside to manage the time to prepare as large an April update as we'd prefer.

Til then,

~~wynn & norman

February 28, 2007

This month will provide some real contrast in the two new pieces we're adding to our *Mary Magdalene Speaks* Anthology on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*. First will be the almost half-a-book-long (over 30,000 words!) Communion between Mary Magdalene and Chris Eccles that took place on November 20th, 2006 -- on the 50th Anniversary of Magdalene's First Contact with Chris at the age of 8. This has been entitled "Ripples Of Possibility." The other piece, entitled "In Contemporary France And Italy With Miriam of Magdala" has the brevity of a newspaper article!

We'd hoped to get some of Rita Adan's poetry final-prepped for this month... but it isn't quite there (still looking for appropriate artwork). So -- next month!

Being as last month we *did* get some of Wynn's poetry prepped ahead (intended for every other month, this year) we're shifting what was intended for March to February, instead. These poems are: "In Your Fullness," "Unseal Within Me, Beloved," "In The Circle Of Eternal Stillness," "Voice Who Whispers," and "She," which is not *nearly* as long as the famous novel by H. Rider Haggard!

Norman says some further material will definitely be prepared for next month's launch for his *Rainbow Voices* Anthology -- THE Anthology whose Contents Page is receiving more hits than any other Anthology contents page on both sides of our website.

Until then,

~~wynn & norman

January 27, 2007

Finally we're getting a few more pieces up on our *COSMIC WIND* side. This month we're adding Peter Ligeski's "Whispering Voices," "Cold Shoulder," & "Sail Higher Than A Snail," -- two of these illustrated by Peter's revealing Polaroids of his alternate persona, Kathleen.

To *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're adding 5 poems by Wynn Manners : "A Lick Of Flame," a poem of Mary Magdalene's memories of Yeshua: "His Gaze Upon The Sea," "Beauty's Blossom Of Delight," "All The Obscure Disguises of Living Mystery," & "Knowing Her". Most of these are Sophia in focus.

Finally, to our *Mary Magdalene Speaks* anthology we're adding 2 brief communions between Miriam of Magdala & Chris Eccles, "A First Meeting Between Miriam of Magdala & Ee'sho," & "Josephus and History". Hopefully, by next month, we'll have a very lengthy communion (of over 30,000 words) fully prepared for presentation.

Until then,

~~wynn & norman

December 24, 2006

After a lengthy lapse (which we've certainly been feeling uncomfortable about) we're finally starting to direct some time towards updating this website, again.

We'd hoped to get about a dozen more of Wynn's poems up, last month... but time sure got away from us. We did get five of them *almost* fully prepped for *this* month... but... other material had to take precedence when the time started crunching-in. So, presumeably, *next* month for Wynn's writing. And hopefully Norm will get some new material prepped for *COSMIC WIND* by that time, too.

The really *Big* News for December, *here*, is a Christ*Mass Gift -- free to the World -- that we're very excited about, and feel especially graced & privileged to be able to begin presenting on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*.

For approximately 2,000 years, much of the truth about Mary Magdalene has been distorted and concealed from spiritual seekers. The Gospel Of Mary (from the ancient Gnostic tradition, in The Nag Hammadi Library) is certainly a spiritually meaningful document, and is illuminatively commented upon (in the Christ Spirit) in The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Leloup -- a volume well worth seeking out. But Old Winsome remains sceptical that, historically-speaking, it was actually written by Mary Magdalene, herself. Wynn's pretty sure that the animosity of Peter towards Mary Magdalene (also referenced in The Pistis-Sophia) was the actual case of the matter; and Wynn is thoroughly convinced that Jesus used to frequently kiss Mary Magdalene on the mouth, in the presence of his other disciples... something they were apparently jealous of (as preserved for us in The Gospel Of Philip).

Of a high degree of certainty is that Mary Magdalene wrote out much of what she had to teach, while living in what is now France, in flight for her life after Jesus's crucifixion... and perhaps the Cathars preserved such documents (destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church?)... but none of them (at least sofar, to my knowledge) have surfaced into the Present from the Veilings of the Past...

How can we not wonder what this mysterious woman (who was so very close to Yeshua, indeed the one person *closest* to him) had to teach that has been denied womanity for so long? If we knew everything about their relationship, surely it would be a Love Story Of The Ages!

It would appear around the turn of this Millenium that Magdalene is *intensely* with us again, as a Significant Spiritual Presence... and that she has a *lot* to say!

And probably the world -- on its course of perpetual war always going on somewheres, with so very much poverty, and crisis after crises -- very much needs to *heed* what Magdalene has to teach us.

There have been a number of MM channelled books released, in recent years. Perhaps Joan Norton's The Magdalene Within is the most important of the lot... which you might not *want* to be missing-out on. :) There have been a number of novels written about Yeshua and Miriam... and perhaps Ki Longfellows's The Secret Magdalene is the most spiritually-revelatory of all of them. A novelist, too, *can* be in deep communion with the Living Spirit of Magdalene -- and present spiritual truths in story form that a larger audience would be receptive to. To be sure, The Secret Magdalene is *far* more Significant than Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code! -- and a good Next Step for those who enjoyed & delighted in the provocative thought-content of the latter.

Certainly The Secret Gospel Of Mary [Magdalene] -- as revealed thru Tau Malachi -- reveals Mary as a spiritual teacher of the stature of Jesus Christ. It fully complements The Gospel Of Thomas and The Gospel Of Phillip.




Those of you who are so fortunate as to discover, on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*, the first installments of this Gift for you from Miriam of Magdala, herself, (through her student, Chris Eccles -- who she's been training for 50 years, already, first coming to him at the age of 8) -- if you partake fully (including what is yet-to-come), you may well agree with Old Winsome that it turns out that Magdalene is also a Cosmic Philosopher/ Revelator of larger Importance than even Socrates!

Of especial interest, to many, will be Miriam's heart-wrenching detailed memories, shared with Christopher, from immediately after the Crucifixion to her Resurrection Morning meeting with Ee-sho, in the Garden. This is the second item in the contents of *Mary Magdalene Speaks*. Besides Mary Magdalene Speaks Upon The Resurrection, we're also presenting Contact With Miriam of Magdala, Gnosis With Miriam of Magdala & Those Faraway Places With Strange-Sounding Names...

Chris Eccles insists that his Conversations/ Communions with Miriam of Magdala are *not* "channellings". We'll let him explain that, himself -- amidst the anthology of his Dialogs With Magdalene and his sharings about his experiences and their relationship -- which promises to be book-length, before we're done, if all goes as planned. (Winsome fully agrees that these are definitely *not* channellings...)

Especial thanks to Mary Magdalene, herself, and to Chris Eccles (who has put in countless hours of devoted service to her, simply in preparing these transcripts) for their Gift of gifts to womanity!

Our only regret is that we've only managed to get the first 4 pieces (of 12 that were initially intended for this month's launch) fully prepped. Hopefully more of them will be ready for our January 2007 launch.

~~in Her,

~~wynn manners

May, 2006

For the month of May, to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*, we're adding three poems by Wynn Manners. These are "Your Dance of Time," "i keep coming back to You!" and "Voice Who Whispers."

We've got lots of fine material, some of it by new authors, that we look forward to presenting... but other activities have to take precedence for the time being.

~~~~wynn manners

April 18, 2006

It's travelling time & off-line absence time, so what we've found time to prepare (amidst other activities) for this month and next, is on the slim side... which will likely be the case thruout the summer and fall months, too. This month to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we've added two pieces of prose by Wynn Manners. These are "Between The Silences... Something Of Forever," "Your Garment Of Time," and two pieces of prose-poetry about the relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, "Yeshua And Mirya" and "A Secret Ambience."

~~~~wynn manners

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