March 27, 2006

We've added three pieces of prose to our *Freedom Voices* anthology on our *COSMIC WIND* side, this month, leading off with some extracts from a speech by Benazir Bhutto, "Lessons of History, Lessons of Human Nature" to hopefully introduce others to a *hopeful* view of Islam's potentialities from a woman who has been the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Very important, we feel, is Dale Fisk's "The History of the American Pledge of Allegiance." The real facts of the matter were more than the editor of a local newspaper was willing to take a chance on publishing, tho Dale writes a weekly history column. It appears that, increasingly, the United States is *censoring* out what it *doesn't* want to hear -- in imitation of the Soviet Union, 50 years ago.

Finally, we're enjoying adding Cathie ManyVeils's "Creation Story... A Satire." Cathie was posting to a pagan list where, already, members were getting "fundamentalistic" about their religion -- didactically insisting on following certain rituals *as* it had been written! Cathie got playful & posted the orginal versions of what we're preserving here. (Posting the originals to that list got her "kicked out"! ;) ) We're still laughing!

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side we're adding 3 more poems by Wynn Manners -- "Into the Infinite Sea of You," "Wisdom watches over me," and "You are the alchemy of change, Beloved."

Next month won't be as hefty a launch as we'd like it to be... too many other things pulling at our time... but, there'll be a bit, anyways.

~~~~norman & wynn

February 25, 2006

This month on *COSMIC WIND* we're adding two poems by Linda Lee Gardner-Masters -- "The Color of My Love," and "The Mistress."

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're beginning a new anthology -- *Gnostic Transitions.* For our initial launch therein we're presenting three poems by Sharon Alder, "Spirit of Oneness," "Song of the First Mother," and "Song of the Ancient." (Sharon frequently posts to the Yeshua-Mirya, ChristSophia and Temple of Sophia Yahoo lists.)


Also in *Gnostic Transitions* are three wisdom-oriented contemplations by Mychael Zagreus -- "Love Divine Wisdom, breathe each holy breath," "Opening To Union," and "Personal Wisdom." In addition to Myke's insightfulness we're making available some very meaningful quotations from the writings of Sri Aurobindo (presenting what's behind the whole Cosmic Shebang, Divinely-speaking, in a far more meaningful fashion -- to wynn's perspective, anyways -- than *any* of the established religions accomplish thru their mythologies) and a brief extract from a George Bernard Shaw Letter, written to Leo Tolstoy in 1910 (which provides some complementary insightfulness to the Aurobindo quotes).

~~~~norman & wynn

January 27, 2006

This month on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're adding mostly poetry to the *Vision Voices 2* anthology. We're happy to be presenting "Dream Of Light" by Rita Adan, "Isis" by Eric Ashford, "Maya : A Dream" by Cathie ManyVeils, a second poem by Eric Ashford, "Lady Of Your House" and, finally, "Time Is Your Mystic Dance" by Wynn Manners & Ananda Ananda.

On *COSMIC WIND*, added to the *Rainbow Voices* anthology is another poem by Eric Ashford, "Things That Go Bump In The Night" -- leading-in to three very informative articles by Fred McNary detailing exactly how to *deal* with some of those "things that go bump in the night"! These are: "The Spirit World," "Cleaning Spirits Out Of A House Or Building," and "Circles." At a future date we hope to be presenting a correlation from a number of Fred McNary's postings to a couple discussion lists on his experiences with entities he calls "negs" and how to get rid of them.

At this point it appears that there will be no more signings of our GuestBooks appearing therein. Unfortunately, the spammers have begun overloading them. Wynn had to delete over 100 pieces of advertising spam (*all* repeats -- from a single sender) from the *Cosmic Mother* GuestBook in a single day. That was 14 GuestBook pages of spam (advertising gambling on-line), added on to only 3 GuestBook pages of legitimate signings. Then there were all the notifications that "Your guestbook has been signed"! to be eliminating from the e-mail accounts (153 had accumulated in less than two full days in one of them). So we changed the settings so that GuestBook signings have to be approved, before appearing... & opted to *not* be informed, anymore, when the GuestBooks *are* signed. But we're not *about* to be wading thru 10,000 pieces of spam to find maybe one or two legitimate signings! We've simply got better things to do with our time than to be sorting thru *all* that garbage to find the few words we *would* want to read. So anyone who wants to grace us with a comment, or query, you'll have to use the e-mail buttons. Our WebMaster has (masterfully!) recoded those up so that only legitimate messages get thru; & all the spam gets dumped into another place -- that he has to empty every few months. It doesn't take that many months before we've accumulated a hundred megs of spam in that dumpster account.

Til next month -- not that many days away!

~~~~wynn & norm

December 24, 2005

To *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* this month we're adding 10 pieces of writing by Eric Ashford, some of them poems, some a poetic form of prose contemplations. These are: "Boundaries On The Spiritual Path," "Beauty," "Companions Of The Heart," "Connections," "Pushing Against The Path," "Evening Song 38," "Returning," "Sailing Into Yourself," "I Am," and "Nothing Matters But This."

Eric has recently had a collection of his poetry published, entitled Speaking Through the Opening. A write-up on this book can be viewed thru this Amazon link:


Peaceful Holy Days,

~~wynn manners

November 23, 2005

We have eighteen selections being added to our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* contents this month.

Seven are by Merry Hall, a mixture of prose and poetry: "We Are A Living Mirror," "Symphony of Stars," "Living Earth," "Sophia, Our Inward Wisdom," "Sophia Rising," "Cycles," and "Dance of Becoming."

Seven contemplations are by Burl Hall: "Knowledge of Woman is Knowledge of All," "Matter Is Condensed Spirit," "One Dreamer Dreaming Infinity," "Sophia Is The Basis Of Imagination," "Immeasureable Sophia," "Sophia, Incarnate as Lord Jesus," and "Within Spirit, Spirit Within."

Finally, four pieces of contemplative prose are by Wynn Manners: "You Are The Banquet Divine, Beloved," "Flaming in the Heart of You!" "Dance of the Moment," and "Caress The Eternal In Your Soul."

Norman *believes* he's corrected the typos, glitches and all the other troublesome etceteras on his classical piano music page, and the half-a-dozen or so faulty linkages thereunto from the *COSMIC WIND* sitemap. He keeps *intending* to manage the time towards prepping up more material for *his* side of the site. Hopefully next month.

Til then,

~~wynn manners

October 15, 2005

Finally we're adding something new to the *Cosmic Wind* / *Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers* contents, again.

Computer problems, to some measure, contributed to this delay. Old Winsome has been more focussed on getting some new writing done, & trying to post something daily to his two Yahoo lists, *Embracing Sophia* and *YeshuaMirya* (& other places, too). Norman and his Lady have been working diligently at getting the Library set up (finally accessing books stored back between 1979 to 1981 preparatory to the Big Move of over 2000 miles in the last part of June 1981). His Lady felt she'd like to have access, again, to those multi-thousands of books while both of them were still alive; & Norman couldn't deny that there were some volumes by Sri Aurobindo and lots of old science fiction magazines that he'd definitely love to be able to read -- either again or for the first time! Something had to slide while life-energy was directed in other areas... & the monthly updates, here, is what didn't get done. Felt sad to see that run of a bit over 50 monthly launches broken... but -- we *do* feel renewed in creative energy, this-a-ways, again.

Norman has *finally* gotten the Sheet Music page revamped (which required a fair amount of effort devoted to that section of the Site Map, too) -- & has actually found time to put in a few artistic sessions.

Several months later than initially intended, we're *finally* adding 4 more poems by Morris Reynolds to the *COSMIC WIND* line-up. These are: "Barn Owl," "Castle Keep," "Friend," and "For The Road Ahead".

To *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're uploading 4 prose pieces by Wynn Manners: "Endlessly Alluring Sophia," "To Dive Into The Ocean Of You," "All this blossoming miracle..." & "Come to me now..."

To the Wynn Poetry part of our multi-Voice Anthology we have added: "Tapestry of interweaving life-streams," "Be...," "Her Flame Mysteries Burn," "In the Brightness of Her Shining," "The Bright Dark of Her Mystery," "Your Mystic Presence," "Time Is Your Womb Of Change" & "Sophia Speaks".

Hopefully our monthly launches will become as large again thruout, at least, the winter months ahead.

Til next time,

-- norman e. masters & wynn manners

June 30, 2005

Riding the edge of the end of the month, again, in getting the update ready to upload (*sigh*)...

At least we've got a bit more to put up, this-time-around.

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side we are adding four more pieces of writing by Merry Hall: "Love is our surround," "Eternal Daughter of Spirit," "I am...," and "Motherhood." An additional poem by Merry is being added to *Vision Voices 2* -- "In the Womb of Goddess." Also being added to *Vision Voices 2* are "Seeking You, O Holy Wisdom" by Brandrui, "Out of Her Came the Father of All" by Dee Burgess, "Spirit and Wisdom," by Mychael Zagreus, "i am that which awaits your welcome," by Josie Kane and "Imagine You're Light," by Steve Toth.

For *COSMIC WIND* three really old poems by Norman E. Masters have been prepped -- "two carnations," "when time was young," & "Samson." Norm still remembers pulling off to the side of Clarkston Orion Road, driving home from work around May 1968, to write the initial version of "when time was young," in his Journal. The three poem series under "two carnations" dates from about 1977 -- approaching divorce. "Samson" is from the early '80's.

And next month is only a day away!


~~norman & wynn

May 30, 2005

Well, the Olde Hermit is back after being off-line for 7 weeks. There hasn't been a lot of time left in this month to try to finish getting the May launch prepped. It doesn't look like it'll get on-line before early June... but at least the prep-work has been finished before the end of the month. While in Michigan, found several new pieces of old piano music (at King's Bookstore in Detroit) that are a pleasure to play -- some of which will eventually be made available, on-line -- especially some of the bells/ chimes pieces.

This month, on *COSMIC WIND* we're adding 5 pieces of writing (some are poems) to the Peter K. Ligeski line-up (considerably more belatedly than originally intended). These are: "creator of so many memories," "I've gone wildflowers," "The Enchanter Meets His Enchantress," "Daughter of the Goddess," and "Caress."

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* it gives us great joy to be introducing some of Merry Hall's Sophianic writings -- with more forthcoming. For our initial offering we are happy to present: "Chalices of Love, Chroniclers of Eternity," "We Are Sacrament," "My Yes," and "The Paradox Of Naming."

Winsome says he's been writing a bit -- and passes what follows along to conclude this month's update.

Until June -- which is sure to roll around real quick!

-- norman e. masters

Be Her Living Mirror, 
Her sacramental blessing cup,
Chalice of Her Love, 
Grail-Womb of Her Mysteries...
~~wynn manners

April 4, 2005

This month on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're adding four more contemplations by Burl Hall -- to the 14 that are already available under his Name Button. These are: "Nestled in Infinity," "Be Naked In Your Essence," "The Lord's Kiss," and "Sophia Is Pure Sweetness."

*Finally* available are 25 more pieces of old piano music, for the *COSMIC WIND* side of our website. Due to so much going on -- & an upcoming absence for the next 7 weeks -- Norman still hasn't gotten the actual *Forgotten and Neglected Piano Master*Works* page rewritten (but he *did* manage to work steadily thru last night & get the rest of the publisher information on the 39 new pieces of music scanned-in this year typed onto the computer *for* that page). So until latter May, early June, when he's presumeably Back Home & on a computer again -- all this new music, listed below, tho not (yet) mentioned on the Music Page, itself, *can* be requested from our WebMaster -- from the link provided on the current Sheet Music Contents Page -- & he'll establish a time for you when he'll upload it for a few days to give you time to *download* your personal copy.

Scanned in since our last update on *Cosmic Wind*:

Theodore Oesten:   

                   Love In May, Op. 50, No. 1
                   Echo Idylle, Op. 223
                   When The Swallows Homeward Fly, Agathe

Brinley Richards:  

                   Thou Art So Near Yet So Far

Charles Grobe:     

                   Rock Me To Sleep, Mother Dear, Op. 1350
                   The Tolling Bell Approaching Mt. Vernon, Op. 1090

Adolph Baumbach:   


Harry J. Lincoln:  

                   Angel Whispers, Reverie-Transcription
                   Garden Of Dreams, Reverie-Serenade

Fritz Spindler:    

                   Convent Bells, Op. 116
                   O Sanctissima, Op. 302, No. 2
                   Wellenspeil, Rippling Waters, Op. 6
Miscellaneous Greats to 1870:
                   Aria Alla Scozzese, T. Valentine
                   Chant Du Berger, M. de Colas
                   Pinson Et Fauvette, Op. 29, Paul Barbot
Music With Soul:   

                   Roses And Thorns, A. Viderique
                   The Missouri Waltz, Eppel, Logan, Shannon                  

Prayer and Meditation:
                   Bells Of The Monastery, Lefebure Wely 
                   Meditation, Op. 90, C. S. Morrison
                   Soul's Awakening, Op. 30, No. 1, M. Greenwald

                   Sunset Chimes, Fred Heltman 
                   Midnight Chimes, W. Glen Tipton          
By Request:        

                   Awakening Of The Lion, Op. 15, A. v. Kontsti
                   Salut D'Amour, Edgar Elgar
                   The Fountain, C. Bohm

Until next time,

~~norm & wynn

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