March 23, 2005

By the middle of next month we come to the end of 4 years on-line with *Cosmic Wind*/ *Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers*. We're not going to have the time to prepare any especially *hefty* launch to celebrate the beginning of our fifth year, then -- whatwith intents to be gone for 6 weeks -- departure time, the 5th of April.

Visits & hits keep *increasing* every month... slowly but steadily. Tally together *all* the hits over the past year to both sides of our website, combined, & it's a bit over half a million. We're getting about 350 visits to about 700 pages, daily, currently. Last month 1,325 search strings -- on whichever of the search engines -- accounted for *that* many visits. We're grateful to *all* of you -- for "dropping by" -- & especially to the few who take the time to sign one of the Guest Books or actually send a personal e-mail of appreciation (one or the other of which happen about once every 3 months).

Wynn has an Easter poem he'd like to see on *Cosmic Mother* before Easter rolls around... so we're postponing the pieces by Burl & Merry Hall til next month and adding 9 poems to the *Wynn Poetry* line-up. Three of these poems are Mary Magdalene focussed... basically an outgrowth of the YeshuaMirya Yahoo list falling into Wynn's lap somewhat over a year ago.

So, on **COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*, this month, by Wynn Manners, we're adding: "Once Upon An Eostre Morning," "This Dance," "Bride of Divine Delight," "Light Caressing Light," "Your Cosmic Heart Come Home," "Heavenly Wisdom," "Wisdom Is Our Sanctuary," "All Our Closenesses Remembered," and "How Often She Would Remember." (The first and the last two of these are the Mary Magdalene poems.)

To be sure these poems get on-line *before* Easter we're doing a "staggered launch" this month -- and will follow-up, a few days later, with the updated Classical Sheet Music page on *Cosmic Wind*. As of this moment we've still got 4 more pieces of sheet music (that have been requested) to try to locate and scan in -- & the entire revamping of the Forgotten and Neglected Piano Master*Works Contents page to do.

Til these are made available,

~~wynn & norm

February 28, 2005

This month we're actually losing quite a bit of content from the website. 78 poems have been removed (39 pages)... everything by Robert O'Hearn and Mazie Lane (at Bob's request). Bob has been working diligently for several months, preparing manuscripts of their poetry to submit to a contest, wherein the winner will receive professional book publication. A rule of that contest is -- none of that material can be on-line. So... some possible publisher's gain is our loss. But we're grateful to have hosted such exquisite poetry as long as we were privileged to do so. Tho we *aim* for permanency, here... sometimes it turns out to be like a special art show... or a symphony or dramatic performance. Here & gone... & if you missed it, well... you missed something really *fine*!

We've been so busy with doing our own writing this month that there hasn't been sufficient time to get much new material prepped for putting online. The additional sheet music has *not* gotten scanned-in yet... good intentions postponed.

What *is* being added, this month (to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*) are 4 more prose contemplations by Wynn Manners. These are: "A Whisper of the Future," "Portal to the Beyond," "Mystery Keeps It Open-Ended," and "Awaken, Memory!"

We had hoped to get 4 more of Burl Hall's Sophianic contemplations totally ready to go online this month, too (*and* some fine material by Burl's wife, Merry Hall)... but... it's not quite totally prepped. Presumeably for the March update, then...

And we're looking ahead to presenting some especially fine Sophia/Wisdom-focussed writing by Myke Zagreus in the near future.

Til then,

~~norman & winsome

January 27, 2005

To *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* for January we're adding 5 pieces of writing to our *Experiencing Sophia* Anthology. These are: Aurora Terrenus's "Upon Wings of Wisdom," Victor Michael Lashewitz's, "Near Death Experience of Sophia," Dave Reeder's "Vehicles To Sophia," George Harvey's "I am the One they pray to..." and Ted Meisner's "All Her Tenderness."

We still have Fred McNary's & Winsome's experiences lined-up to be adding to our *Experiencing Sophia* contents at some future time... and a couple more possibilities.

On our *COSMIC WIND* side, we're finally in the midst of an update on our *Forgotten and Neglected Piano Master*Works* page. Our webmaster pointed out that it'd been two years since anything had been added to it.

To have a prayer of getting January's launch online while it's still January we're going to postpone getting up our revised Classical Music page until February. While the old page is still online (for the next few weeks), any music promised to be made available from April 2003 thru December 2004 (half of which *were* scanned in a couple years ago and *have* been available) -- you need only e-mail our webmaster (per instructions on the Music Page) and ask him make them available for a few days for you to download. Half of those titles still remain to be scanned-in... but that should be accomplished over the next couple weeks.

Thus, for *COSMIC WIND*, for the month of January we've scanned in the following piano compositions (which, tho not yet listed on the Music page, *are* available by request thru e-mailing our WebMaster).

Theodore Oesten:

     A Little Story
     Alpine Glow
     Doll's Dream
     Forest Roses
     Snowbells' Spring Carol
     Souvenir De Martha
     The Little Tyrolean Maid

Brinley Richards:

     Chime Again, Beautiful Bells!

Harry Lincoln:

     Fairies Of Dawn, Reverie - Transcription
     Vallamont (Valley & Mountain), Reverie


     Cathedral Chimes -- Arnold & Brown

Prayer & Meditation:

     Prayer To The Virgin -- Gustave Lange

Easy To Play, Lovely To Hear:

     Song Of The Brook -- Stephen Heller, Op. 47 No. 2

By Site-Visiting Pianists' Request:

     Fifth Nocturne -- Ignace Leybach, Op. 52

After these and next month's scans are integrated in to the revised Classical Music Page we *should* be "caught up" to the end of 2005 with an average of one new piece of piano sheet music added to our line-up for each month since our inception of this program to be preserving & making available Neglected and Forgotten Piano Masterpieces of the Past.

Until Next Month,

~~ Norman E. Masters

December 28, 2004

It's only because the Olde Hermit continues to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas that this will be able to qualify as being a ChristMass Update! Too much to be doing -- too long gone from Home...

Anyways, however belatedly, we're adding 3 prose contemplations (mainly from Dancing With Sophia) and 2 poems by Eric Ashford to his *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* line-up, this month. (Our druthers would've been to have added about 15 pieces -- we have at least 50 more lined-up -- but the time to prep that many just didn't exist.) Going up this month are: "She Speaks," "Arise," "Embodiments," "Love Is The Great Unlearning," and "Prayer Sutra."

To *COSMIC WIND* we're adding the last poetry we have on-hand by the late Irene Dodge -- a couple of them Christmasy-thematic. These 5 poems are: "Christmas Night," "December 31, Idaho," "Night Of Epiphany," "Preconception," and "The Writing Life." The Olde Hermit *has* "heard" that Irene has "flown to England" in the Afterlife Dimension -- so he's *sure* she's doing fine, &, doubtlessly, *still* writing! Kinda wonder if she's managed to meet up with Lennie, again, tho! There *are,* still, some letters in our files, here, that Irene wrote, which amount to short essays, and a non-fiction story she wrote that we're hoping to get on-line within the next year.

The Winsome One has been writing, again, this month -- so, yes, he *does* have a few words, at last again, to bring this month's update to a close.

~~til Next Year, just a few days away!

~~norman e. masters

Across the skies of night...
a panorama of light...
suggestive of an infinitude of worlds
of alien mystery...

To be wandering forever
thru these wonders --
from body to body,
from life to life...
all that we can imagine --
becoming possible.

The very vitality of our lives
radiates a potential
of metamorphosis...
this body a crysalis,
death the transmutative change...
~~wynn manners

November 24, 2004

Beyond wishful intentions, there's what we actually found time to accomplish.

On the *COSMIC WIND* side we're only adding 4 more poems by Zen Oleary (we'd hoped for 7 for this month and 7 more next month). These are: "Silence, "Listening," a lengthy poetic scroll, "Florida Storms & Hurricanes," and "Let Me This Morning." But, further exquisite poems by Zen have gone online at other places -- & links to these are provided.

To *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're adding 4 more poems by Mazie Lane (we had 20 selected -- with high hopes! ;) ). These are: "What Kind of Deal Is She or That?" "These Days," "tattered soul streaming Light," and "Love Took My Tongue."

The way things are looking, next month will have to be a pretty small launch, too... but maybe we can get back to some larger ones come January.


~~norm & wynn

October 25, 2004

For the month of October, on *COSMIC WIND* we're adding four short stories by Paul Powlesland (from his Paradise Playland) to our *Rainbow Voices* Anthology. There are moments, in Paul's writing, that are a bit reminiscent of Ray Bradbury... and other moments that bring to mind moments in J. D. Salinger's Nine Stories -- but Paul is a prose stylist in his own right with a sensitivity that makes these stories well worth reading. These four stories are: "Binnie; The Beach," "Sally," "A Sunday In July, 1997," and "Night". Futher stories by Paul Powlesland -- with at least a bit of a fantasy or science fictional theme -- are to be found in our *Phantasmagoria* Anthology.

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're adding four more short contemplations to the Wynn Manners Prose collection. These are: "The Divine As An Eternal Child," "Childe Of The Universes," "Thru the Alchemy of Time," and "Like a dancing angel, within...".

We're at least a week, if not two weeks away from getting real heat set up in the Olde Hermit's Cave, so he's typing away, this moment, with mighty numb fingers (taking some time to blow hot air from his mouth upon 'em, to try to warm 'em up).

Maybe next month we'll be able to begin managing at least slightly larger launches, again. Poems by Mazie Lane & Zen O'Leary are on the agenda.

Til then,

~~norman & wynn

Addendum, 30.X.04

Our webmaster has so many other things pressuring his time, in his personal life, currently, that this month's update won't actually be getting on-line til early in November. Since the preparation of this month's launch, Winsome has set up a new Yahoo Sophia List -- in which he is still the only member! It will surely develop its own unique gestalt, somewhat different from that of the dozen to two dozen other Sophia lists that already exist. For anyone interested in joining, it is called *Embracing Sophia* and can be accessed at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EmbracingSophia/

*Embracing Sophia*

September 22, 2004

The Olde Hermit has been working steadily at the HomeStead, this month (finishing touches, at this point, on a private room for himself -- the first time he's had such since mid-1981). Maybe by this time next year the *rest* of the family will have private rooms, too! So... a smaller update, again...

On *COSMIC WIND* we're finally adding three more of Morris Reynolds's excellent poems to the 14 we already have online. (i'd hoped to be able to prep-up seven...) These are: "Resurrection," "Snowfall," and "Presence".

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're adding 4 more pieces to *Vision Voices 2*. These include Gaia D's very important essay, "Naming God Female," a poetic dialog between Mazie Lane & Bob O'Hearn, "Mother," Eric Ashford's exquisite poem, "One Child Of Us Both" and a poetic contemplation by Deanne Quarrie, "Be-ing: In Your Embrace."

Next month will still probably be a relatively small launch, but hopefully November's will be larger.

Til October,

~~norm & wynn

August 20, 2004

This month on *COSMIC WIND* -- four *more* poems are being added to *Rainbow Voices*. These are "Slipped Up Disc of Rattled Laughter Coupling" by Mazie Lane, "Snow White Rain" by Eric Ashford, "Nothing Everything, Sshhh" by Mazie Lane and Bob O'Hearn and "Sis" by Zen Oleary.

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* -- four pieces of Wynn Manners's Sophia-focussed prose extend the contents. These are "This Hope, Reborne," "Who Blesses?" "Truth in Beauty, Beauty in Truth," and "To InterWeave In You."

~~norman e. masters

A few words from Wynn:

My whole life, a lovesong sung in You...
these days... lives intertwining...
songs in harmony, notes enwrapping notes...

Metamorphosis of metaphors -- for what?
The caress of the rain, like Your Spirit, Beloved...

Spirit of Life... enter in...
Spirit of Life... flow upon us, revive us, upwell within us,
Spirit of Life... action us & move us...
that this little speck of dance in Your Boundlessness,
sing in Your dilation...

Is not time *and* Eternity in each of us?
All the ages of the world are remembered within us,
& we are members of each age in the agelessness...
~~wynn manners

July 23, 2004

This month on *COSMIC WIND* four additional pieces of writing extend our *Rainbow Voices* Anthology. These include a series of Short & Whimsical poems by Peter K. Ligeski, the sometimes paradoxical "Florescent Flowers" by Marge Widman, Mike Alchemy's poem, "Juicy Jubilations" and another (especially fine) poem by Eric Ashford, "Two Tongues".

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side we're adding two more poems to the Wynn Manners Poems selection (moving closer to becoming a book-length collection, on-line) and two more poems to the Norea St. John line-up. From Wynn, "Women Of Her Spirit, Sacred Vessels" is an 8 poem series, written for Easter 2004; also, "Ever We." From Norea, a selection from "The Nectar of Eternity" and "Child of Time".

May the summer sun treat you kindly & may your joys be *lively*!

~~norman & wynn

June 18, 2004

This month on *COSMIC WIND* four more items have been added to the *Rainbow Voices* Anthology. These are Mazie Lane's playful "Poetics Speak Up" and Steve Toth's "It's Only A Poem" by way of counterpoint & variation on the theme. Additionally -- Ten Haiku by Mazie Lane and a further Ten Haiku by Mychael Alchemy.

To the *Wynn Poems* collection on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we are adding "You inweave all being," "You whirlwing me in," "Our Dance," and "In The Sacramental Stillness."

Still keepin' it brief.

~~norman & wynn

May 17, 2004

For the next half year we'll be doing smaller monthly launches... but, regardless, Something New every month on both sides.

On our *COSMIC WIND* side we're adding five more poems to the *Rainbow Voices* Anthology (some short stories and essays *will* be forthcoming, in time). These poems are "Sometimes" by Zen Oleary, "Mining For Light" by Douglas E. Fireman, "To A New Friend" by Nancy Lakey, "Love's Pure Oven Of Us" by Eric Ashford, and "The Confectioner's Wife" by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy.

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* what's new are the last four short pieces of prose in the *Wynn Prose* line-up. These are "Your Undulating Dance," "Embosom Me As Your Blossoming," "flame of *Your* Flaming, Beloved," and "Cadent Lightfall."

Keepin' it brief this month.

Til next*time,

~~norman e. masters

heart loving
each within divinity
seeds love

loving delicately
in tender fullness
such peace
in this sweet mercy
of blossoming grace
upon the bosom of infinity

sweet felicity
makes golden the lustre
of stars reflected
in the eyes of your love*light
May 5, 2004
~~wynn manners

April 22, 2004

We're running a couple weeks late for our Easter update and our 3rd Anniversary launch (the beginning of our 4th year on-line) with *COSMIC WIND* and *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*. But, it's *here* -- and worth the wait!

This month we're presenting a pretty large grunch of Robert O'Hearn's poetry (the largest number of poems we've ever put on-line in a single month).

On our *COSMIC WIND* side -- added as the 3rd item in our *Classics* Anthology, is a scroll of b's "Forty Poems from THE THREE HUNDRED MISSING POEMS OF HAN SHAN. The Olde Hermit has been in love with the poetry of Han Shan ever since he read Gary Snyder's translation of about a dozen of 'em in one of Gary's chapbooks circa the latter 60's -- so the opportunity to present Bob O'Hearn's *continuation* of same, in the Taoist tradition, is an especial joy.

This particular presentation, unlike most of the contents on both sides of the site, is optimized for a 1024 x 768 screen setting, rather than for 800 x 600. In the latter setting you'll have to scroll back-&-forth to read one of the poems; but it didn't seem wise to make the font size any smaller, for the sakes of those who keep their screen setting at 1280 x 1024.

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side we're presenting 13 more poems by Bob (& one short piece of prose) -- individually prepped, rather than in a single long scroll. These are: "Song to My Beloved," "The Props," "A Kind Of Knowing," "The Body," "Poem 29, She has adorned me," "Led by Grace," "from The Book of Yes," "On The Eve of Snow Falling," "Rappin' with Ryokan," "Saying Grace," "The Song of Love," "Bridges to Nowhere," "Now That We Remember," and "When the Love God Dances."

With next month's launch we're gonna begin doing smaller monthly uploads for about the next half year (summer will be seducing our time into other needing-to-be-done activities -- of a building nature). Maybe, with the smaller updates, we'll be able to actually get back on schedule, again (with mid-month launches) -- & *perhaps* even move these updates nearer the first week of every month instead of into the last week, as has been the case far too often, of late.

Til then,

~~norman e. masters

In conclusion, from the Winsome One:

All our tomorrows
all our yesterdays
all beauties that have passed
all beauty yet to be

memories & dreams
meet & coalesce
in this now unending...

...as i dream on
in the heart of the stream
of Her unthinkableness...
~~wynn manners

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