March 26, 2004

On *COSMIC WIND* this month we're adding a grunch of poetry to the miscellaneous anthology, *Rainbow Voices*. First -- Jody Ludwig's "Ode To The Virginian" and "I AM WE." Then offbeat & humorous verse by Eric Ashford ("Back To The Moon"), Darrell Grizzle ("Gnostic Cat") and Zen Oleary ("The Flea"). Zen's poem is followed by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy's intense poem upon a Greek mythological theme, "Persephone To Hades." Next is Bob O'Hearn's contemporarily relevant and upfront "Wars And Rumors Of..." followed by Philinda (Pauline) Fox's "Life Song."

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we've added 16 pieces to the Wynn Manners (predominantly Sophia-focused) poetry collection. These are "Vision of the Mystic On Earth," "Veils Within Veils," "Spouse Of Heaven, Come To Earth -- trilogy," "She Is The Matrix," "Yoni Of Dream," "Spirit Of All That Lives," "Heartspeak In The Closet Of Solitude," "You Conceal Yourself, You Reveal Yourself," "What Awakening, This?" "The Infinite Beatitudes," "Remembrance," "To Be Enrapt In Your Wonder," "Moon Wonder," "Who Are You?" "I Am Who Caused You," and "She Cradles The Virgin Sign."

Next month will be our Third Anniversary Launch and the beginning of our fourth year for these sister websites. And after writing this we're ready to plunge in to prepping up some really special material!


~~norman & wynn (& our faithful WebMaster)

Feb. 26, 2004

This month! on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* (o so near the end of the month, but finally!) we are grateful to be able to present a hefty selection of Wisdom Writings by Burl B. Hall, author of Sophia's Web, Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science, and Ourselves.

These are: "Seeding Freedom," "She Is Creativity; Sophia Conceives Me," "I Am Born of Creative Wisdom," "We Are One Dance," "The Nakedness of True Being," "The End of Time," "Maternal Love," "Enlightenment," "Mirrors of Mind," "Sophia's Color," "The Essence of Presence," "The Spiritual and the Sensual," "All Things In Life Are Sacred," and "Entering Her Womb of Silence." Some of this material -- in whatever form, *may* appear as part of his second book (still being written) when it is completed.

On *COSMIC WIND* Norman has prepared 6 poems (in some cases poetic scrolls containing several poems) written by his Lady Love -- & is doing his part towards putting them on-line by way of a belated valentine. The last of these 6 pieces is, indeed, the Valentine Poem that Linda wrote for Norman this year. Most of these are intensely *personal* poems from circa 1976 thru 1980. These are: "Snowflakes and Tears," "Faces From Memory," "How Do I Know I Love You?" "to be born a star," "Being A Mother," and "Blending."

Norman has also added a 33rd poem to his own poetic line-up, "Your Love."

From the Winsome One, this month -- getting a little playful:

souls of World Soul, anima mundi, Sophia, Yoohoo!
we are inside the Dream of the Soul of souls;
each person She perceives, She views thru-hu!
underlying form held together by worlds-within-worlds
infinitely speculating, what-nexting the If
of Her Ineffable entering each mind/ sans minor
waay major (weighing in more wu-wei than sashay,
but any way will continue the) strangechange permeation
ala-Alaha! too! infiltration of process -- whee! can
only endure this deep inner alchemy thru the transition

~~wynn manners

January 23, 2004

The Old Hermit had hoped to get the rest of Irene Dodge's writing (that he has on-hand) online while she was still alive. Unfortunately, what remains to prep up will have to be presented by way of a posthumous memorial, now. Irene passed on January 9th. i *did* get her onto the Web (at the local library) for the first time in her life -- to get a look-see (as much as someone who was "legally blind" *could* see) -- at what was on-line, written by her, at that point. Others in the library listened on, not accustomed to discussions of such a nature going on, there, as Irene & i disagreed, somewhat, on whether Aramaic was a "written" language or not -- yours truly doing a bit of google*ing on the subject, then.

Many of us will miss her greatly. She was a *feisty* one, learning to the end (her passion being history). She never quite got her book length memoir of a trip to Tahiti in 1956 finished... but, with only a few chapters undone, perhaps, close enough.

So, this month, on *COSMIC WIND*, in memory of one of the few cultured intellects, locally, we are adding 5 more poems by Irene Dodge to the line-up under her Name Button. These are: "October Wind", "High Country Fog", "December River", "Paper Snowflakes", and "Cross Roads". Also, the Old Hermit's "Goodnight, Irene", is being added to *her* contents (as has been done, similarly, with Steve Krantz's, in poems dedicated to *him*).

We still have 5 poems by Irene to add later (most of them Christmas-oriented... more appropriately presented in December) and 4 or 5 prose pieces (mostly very detailed and informative letters which amount to personal essays).

Additionally, to *COSMIC WIND* this month, we've "touched up" the Classical Sheet Music Page, somewhat. A link to 529 pieces of sheet music -- many of them from the period we're most interested in -- has been added. This is to the Sheet Music Project coming from the University of California in Berkeley. Secondly, we've added access to what little information was recorded upon Theodore / Theodor Oesten in the 1916 edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music & Musicians (along with some new artistic exporations with a musical theme).

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we are, at last (it's been on-the-agenda for well over half a year) beginning our *Experiencing Sophia* Anthology. We are of the belief that *lots* of people have had numinous experiences of Goddess Sophia -- frequently in Visions and Dreams -- that have impacted dramatically upon their lives, but are keeping such experiences "in the closet" because of the ideological lock-ins & shortcomings of contemporary psychologists/ psychiatrists & contemporary orthodox/ fundamentalistic religion. Any others who are, likewise, *courageous* enough to step forth & share their personal experiences of Sophia, we will be *happy* to add them to this hopefully-ongoing anthology. We already have at least 5 more experiences on-hand, of additional individuals, to be adding at a later date.

In *Experiencing Sophia* we are initially presenting some of Burl B. Hall's experiences (which we've entitled "Sophia's Presence"), from his book, Sophia's Web. (Next month we hope to introduce on *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* a selection from Burl's writings that have been written *since* his book was published.) Second in the *Experiencing Sophia* line-up is Eric Ashford's beautifully written visionary "Isis Encountering." Then we have two Significant Dreams about Sophia that changed the direction of Lynea Search's spiritual seeking, "Seeing Sophia: An Archetypal Dream" and "Kenotic Sophia Dream." Finally, relevant to Sophia, Mary Magdalene & Shekhina, is the interesting information, insights and experiences that Ananda Ananda shared with the Winsome One back in March of 2003, edited together from an exchange of several e-mails and an on-line chat.

~~til Valentine's Day rolls around,
~~norman e. masters

By way of concluding words from Winsome, this month:

What destiny (still unrecognized) is yet obscured
by the designs of time?  When the signs of the times
magnetize our attention... what most precious
communion in Love are we ignoring?  Whose embrace?

If we push into new frontiers of consciousness
and only half reach the ever receding goal...
Who will know?  Who was missed, how long ignored?

If we look upon the Face of Wonder...
Whose Face do we see, as Living Mystery?

All... all... all that our lives are and can be unto You.
Then we know; and the fullness of Our lovejoy overflows...

January 1, 2004
~~wynn manners

December 2003

As our Christmas Gift this year to any in the world who choose to *receive* it, we are joyful! joy*full! to be presenting fourteen more excellent pieces of writing by Eric Ashford (several of them from his projected *Dancing With Sophia* volume). However, a couple of what has been selected (the first two) are quite recent poems.

So -- added to the line-up under Eric's Name button are: "Dawn Goddess In A Sentient Seascape," "I Hear The Honey In You," "Autumn," "You Are The Future In This Moment," "The Work Of Love," "The Music Of Inspiration," "Nothing Else Matters," "Breakthrough," "Naming Yourself," "Holding On," "I Only Have Eyes For You," "Light," and "Because I Am You." We have also added Eric's "Invocation To Sophia" as the 22nd item in the initial *Vision Voices* anthology. These are all on our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side.

To our *COSMIC WIND* side, this month, under Norman's Poetry button, we've added seven poems -- in most cases written back in the 70's, tho one of them is relatively recent. These are: "i live, i love," "wyve weave," "upon love's nest of sweet delight," "who will write...," "breath texts," "dead butterfly poem," and "this night."

Another new year drawing near... What New *next*?!

Til then,

~~norman e. masters

And from the Winsome One, by way of conclusion, this year:

Living truth in beauty, beauty in truth, this all-loving in-weaving of hearts, minds, souls in Oneness divine -- wisdom comes of this...

Living truth in beauty, loving beauty in truth, the beauty of this one, beauty in that one, this in-weaving links our essence-of-being at the center, expressed in liveliness of endless variation...

Your dance, divine, dancing thru time, has *found* its dancers, Beloved...

Your dance goes on -- within us, all about us, thru all being, all luminous seeing.

Awakening, this morning, i was wondering (feeling Your kiss) how this could so frequently be... How can You *always* be with-me?

Your Voice, then, in my head -- so very *feminine* -- & *singing*! -- "Maybe I'm inside of you; you're inside of me..."

We are here to get inside the inside...

The perfume of Your thoughts tantalizes me, Beloved...
Yours is the fragrance of the infinite knowing...

The allure of Your Divine Mystery leads me on...
Now seen in this one, now seen in that one,
fleeting glimpses of You,
momentarily revealed; now, again, concealed.
Teasing with a flash of knowing, beckoning,
wrapped in shadow-folds, again...
night's mystic meanings.

You radiance thru the veils of time & flesh
Your beauty, itself, Truth's revelation...

May these eyes ever be upon the eternal truths & profound beauty expressed thru You. May this heart ever beat as Your Heart.

Beauty is ever-changing (within the shifting gaze of temporal eyes & minds)... thruout the seasons of change in our own lives; but the deepest beauty -- of the love & wisdom of heart that is One with You, Beloved (our ever-Bride-of-Light, One with Your BrideGroom-of-Forever) *this* is immortal beauty -- in all its Truth.

~~wynn manners

November 2003

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* this month it's an especial pleasure to be presenting 14 ecstatically spiritual poems by Mazie Lane O'Hearn (who is as wonderfully creatively *wild* and as delightsomely zany as is imaginable... Difficult *not* to love Mazie!). These are: "We Rest In You," "Women of the Numina," "Pain as Perfect Love," "Mystery Making Love at Night," "Heavy with golden tears," "Blue Moons Before," "Sometimes dreaming," "Verdigris Dragon's fly," "Ascent to Zion Ends in 'Ah, Shucks, Ya Sure?'," "Mirthful Mouther," "God Longs for Our Love," "Going Down," "HeadRollCount" and "Fishy-Friendships".

On the *COSMIC WIND* (blowing in) comes 14 more heart*leaps! of joy, for Yours Truly, just to have the opportunity to be presenting 14 fully-as-delightful ecstatic poems by Zen Oleary! These are: "Words," "Words, Not Words," "Ticket Stubs," "Memories Revived, 1975," "Of Silence & Wiggles," "Branches & Waterfalls," "Day Feast," "Glades Riding," "Barbarians At The Gate," "Dangerous Words," "Chaos," "Telling You," "Dream Seals" and "Marginal Saints".

Both poets, who frequently post their new poems at Eric Ashford's True Vision yahoo list, are so prolific (having written so very *much* quality poetry) that it was difficult to decide *which* 14 poems to introduce, here, initially. If life abides long enough it's intended there eventually be a hundred poems apiece, at least, by each of them available here. It may take seven years, but we're committed to the Long Haul... ;)

'Til December!

~~norman e. masters

From Winsome, this month --

all wonder's awe-filled YES!
all-blessing in the radiance
of infinitely communicable loving

joyfulness this is
gentle in morning
gentler at night

o ambrosia of delight:

to give such sweet assurance
in our intercourse with time

time penetrates me, wombs around me
& i yield to the magnanimous hope
impregnating the infinitely whole

starfall from the celestial

lightwings... ascending...

~~wynn manners

October 20, 2003

Tenderness, a humorous cynicism, and raw realism characterize the seven fine poems by John Mach that we're adding to *COSMIC WIND* this month. These are: "White Silence, Grey Skies," "Poem The Color Of Birthday," "Appreciation of a Photo of Thira, Greece," "Eighty Degrees In The Shade," "still life painting 30," "from Advertisements For My Culture," and "Chart Your Desires, Beloved." John sent xeroxes of these to me back around 1985 (when we were last in contact) to be using in whatever Dawn Vision Press anthology, upcoming. They have sure remained in that file drawer a lonnnng time... but the Olde Hermit keeps working away at *try*ing to fulfill all sense of Old Promises Made...

So if you're still *alive* Somewhere Out There, John... & you discover your poems here, or some current friend who knows you informs you of their presence on-line, get in touch again! This is certainly a considerably *different* kind of anthology than Dawn Wings, where ya previously appeared -- one of those old fold-every-single-page-by-hand cranked off a hand mimeograph where ya had to re-ink underneath the stencil every 20 or so pages for a 60 to 100 page anthology run, being sure to slip-sheet *between* every page if ya didn't want ink transference from the top of one page to the bottom of the next. *Un*slipsheet... lay 'em all out on the bed to correlate... Kinda glad *not* to be doing that anymore (if you could even *buy* the stencils, nowayears!) truth to tell! Did a websearch on your Name... found an e-mail address for *someone* with Your Name (appropriately in Boulder, Colorado, seems like it was)... but... that e-mail address was no longer functional.

There are still a few more pieces by John Mach -- ones where he was getting really *weird*! -- that are scheduled for a year from now.

Looks like we've got 333 pieces of writing up on both sides together, with this month's additions... so we're a third of the way towards our initial goal of an (eventual) thousand pieces!

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side we're adding one poem, one series of very short poems & a series of short contemplations to the Norea St. John line-up: "angel*whispers ii," "Gleams of Light," and "This New Day." In our *Vision Voices 2* anthology don't miss out on some special additions: a Sophianic aretalogy "I AM - Inspiration" by Sharon Pacione, a very fine (and recently written) piece of poetic prose "Meditation On Sophia" by Burl Hall (author of Sophia's Web: Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science, and Ourselves -- a book *more* than worth seeking-out, if you're fortunate enough to obtain a copy while it's still in-print). Next is PhiloSophia's "The Story Of Creation" -- surely a treatment of Cosmic Beginnings that rings "truer" (at least for this one) than the mythic treatment in Genesis. (Philo, alas, seems to have disappeared from the Net; and her website, *Temple of Sophia* -- where i took this from, is also gone. Haven't been able to make contact with Philo, tho i've tried, to get her specific permission to *use* it, here; i don't think she'll mind since she was grateful when i posted it to a Sophia list she was a lurker upon. To my view it's a piece that should *always* remain available, on-line.) Finally -- a piece written by that most Famous Author(ess of all -- "Anonymous" returns ;) to *COSMIC MOTHER* with "Charge Of The Goddess Of Wisdom."

And, yes, the Winsome One has a few words to close with, again, this month. Next month -- some of the finest poetry Out There, coming *here*! -- by Mazie Lane and Zen Oleary. Be sure to come back!

~~norman e. masters

Fragments of forever, scattered here, scattered there...
We know them when we see them; we link the fragments together...
& they *shine* in the shrine of our love
for You, Mother of an awesome All,
Divine Lover of our secret dreams coming true...

Hope grows intrinsically in each heart of faith
& ardor expresses itself in freshets of joy.

Afresh into wonder, this new day rises within
our hearts to fecundate Your womb of tomorrow...

~~wynn manners

September 16, 2003

This month, at *COSMIC WIND*, for our 30th monthly launch, we're adding seven contemplative poems by Morris Reynolds. These are: "Tease," "Symbolism," "Paean," "Serenity," "Vespers," "Autumn: Peace With The Earth" and "Karma".

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side are two additional poems by Wuyu, "Paranoia" and "In Hym Dwellith". "From The Depths Of Her Wisdom" has been added to the *Wynn Poetry* line-up; and a 12th piece, "The Great Adventure," has been added to *Wynn Prose*.

By way of closing, from Winsome:

Our lives are a wave-curling on the cosmic tides
their innermost purpose... a hidden secret
of tremendous import...

Wave-curls in the incandescent immortal blaze
of the Forever Mother, Mother of galaxies, She who generates...

Each of us -- a restless quiver in Her brightness
She cradles our loneliness in waves of tender compassion.

Mother of energy, mattering...
(pre)natal matrix of the universes,
shimmering galaxies birth from Your central core.

~~wynn manners

for August 2003

August is Norman's owne birthday month, so he's adding an additonal seven poems by himself (mostly written in the 70's) to *COSMIC WIND*. These are "Burning," "Brother Bird, Ascending," "The Dawnsinger," "seedhearts & sunshine," "moondipping," "nell poem," and "sunset serenade." There hasn't been time to scan in a picture of Jaynell, when she was young, to accompany "nell poem" -- so it's been prepped with a picture of Mallory (who Linda nannied for a year) instead. When there is sufficient time to do so, the picture will be changed.

Two additional poems by Wynn Manners, "The Slow Ascendance" and "Shekhina Celestia" are being added to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*.

~~Hope your summer is going well,
~~Norman E. Masters

And our Winsome One has a bit more to say, this month, than has been the case for the previous few.

"With knowledge -- let there come wisdom; with achievement -- humility." ~~Arthur C. Clarke

Imagination is the final frontier. The imaginative mind opens up wholly new realms of thought and experience -- takes us into utterly unknown regions. The greatest challenges come to us when the windows of the mind are thrown open to reveal a boundless expansion of horizons.

There are no earthly horizons to map the heavens with -- no landmarks to map the virgin expanse of the creative imagination. And when imagination is no *longer* virgin -- what births from the fecundation?

Humanity is a part of the universal experience. The universe is experiencing itself thru humanity; but humanity is only one aspect of that larger experiencing. Dreams within dreams... convoluting, involuting, seeding, cross-pollinating, enwombing, conceiving, evolving...

The thoughts & conceptions of the human mind -- trying to understand the nature of the Divine from such -- is like trying to map the heavens with ever-changing clouds...

The mindclouds of one day "define" the heavens -- to the temporal eye's perceiving; next day the map has changed -- the clouds are gone! The day after... different clouds... ever-shifting configurations. So it is with all religions & their talk about "God". Scriptures are verbal photographs of scattered individuals' mindclouds...

There is that of the once-dead past that comes alive again -- the thought of the ancient Gnostics, revived in The Nag Hammadi Library... the pagan re-construction of the past -- alive into the spiraling spiritual dynamics of the now... ancient Egyptian thought... All transmuted, of course, thru the modern mind -- but alive again -- evolving the future of a post-Christian civilization. Science fiction takes us into the post-human world -- into far distant futures -- in its visionary imagination. The pasts, the presents & the futures of an infinity of alternate worlds are layering the noosphere of this world -- &, by extension, layering the universes in an Indra's Net of interconnections unending...

Humanity, itself, is but the root stock of the evolutionary process out of which a newer & higher form of life will evolve -- surpassing all of our achievements. This emergent form of life -- the trans*humans -- will create entire new universes.

~~wynn manners

for July 2003

Our July offerings on *COSMIC WIND* are taken from the surviving manuscripts of the late Steve Krantz. "Freedom" is a single poem; the other three titles include two or more short poems in their scrolls: "The War Comes Home," "Soon there'll be snow to cool the hurt," and "like a melody lost, we are again." Also included are two of Norman's poems that he associates with personal memories of this friend of his youth -- "In the snow white silences" and "The Magick Maker."

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're presenting two Wuyu/ Frank John Culley poems, "some short words" and "in the house of remembrance."

~~norman e. masters

From Winsome, this month:


What is *any* of us but a living melody of Her Loving Spirit,
fountaining forth into time? -- enfleshed to feel, most exquisitely,
every love of our lives a riff in this melody, a verse in this divine song...
remembrance of our ultimate self, the recurrent chorus -- between lives...

Does the loving melody that we are, yearn for all bright promises fulfilled?
Does it go tremolo in its eternal quest for that ultimate quivering
tone of rapturous apotheosis, infinite in its final meaning?

To *be* Her song is to but long to go on & on in Her singing...
Silence, too, is restful... but ever the song seeks to rise, again,
thru the fountain of the heart, uplifting the heart, with a fragrance
of purity, like flowerbuds tilt-opening to the lilt of the rising sun.

~~wynn manners

for June 2003

Irene Dodge's birthday is this month (she'll be turning 86) so we're adding four more of her poems to *COSMIC WIND*. We would have preferred to have gotten all the rest of the poems we have on-hand by her prepped up & launched... but there simply hasn't been enough time. These poems are "Words," "Hunger," "Circle," and "Inversion." Irene's "Celtic Witch" and "Straw Into Gold" are two of the poems that are most frequently visited on the *COSMIC WIND* side. And a newfound friend of hers is bringing out a chapbook of Irene's poetry, perhaps before the end of this month, illustrated with artwork from Irene's daughter, son & grandchildren. The proceeds from the sales from this volume will go towards the "Save The Local Courthouse" fund -- to convert the old courthouse in Council into an historical monument and museum.

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* we're adding two poems by Wynn Manners, "You Are The Dance of Stars" and "Shekhinah of the Eternal Glories," highlighted with 2 more exquisite pieces of artwork by A. Andrew Gonzalez.

~~Take Care,

From Wynn, this month:

devotion deepens in the sacred shrine
of the temple of your heart
divinely attuned to the infinitely compassionate

dancing lights
spangling the heaven's cloak of darkness
play glissanado on your heart*strings

divine singers...
harmonize a haunting song of wisdom ascending
awakening intensitudes of longing
for Her fullness in *you*!

o sweet beatitude... Mother of the Infinitudes
You are come...
to embrace us into Your Bliss

~~wynn manners

May 13, 2003

We are finally launching *Rainbow Voices* on *COSMIC WIND* this month. This will be an anthology of miscellaney, not holding to any overall theme. All those worthy pieces of writing that we want to make available -- but don't know where else to put -- will likely end up in this collection.

Leading off is Bill Hamer's "Question Of Self" -- wherein Bill probes deeply the query, "Who Am I?" To my perception, in this short essay, Bill is saying *most* upon this topic in the fewest number of words that i've ever seen.

Also in *Rainbow Voices* -- being reprinted from *Our Voice* -- are two poems upon human aspirations, Lelane McCarty's "Dare To Dream" and Norman E. Masters's "Reach For The Dream".

In *Freedom Voices* we're presenting "When Will We Ever Learn?" by Sharon Pacione, a powerful war protest poem that she intially posted to her *Voices Of The Philosophers Stone* poetry list on yahoo.com. Everyone is encouraged to circulate this poem everywhere they can! A million copies of it going to every governmental leader on this planet certainly wouldn't *hurt*!

We've also added two sketches that Norman *claims* are humorous to his own personal miscellaneous anthology, *BackWords In Time* -- a trip to the Heavenly City in "Crowning The Glory, Glorying In The Crowns" and the playful "Contemplating Each Other's Navels".

On our *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* side we're adding two new poems by Frank John Culley: "bud-bonds soften" and a bit of revealing autobiography that Frank circulated under the title "August 2, 2002" but which we've retitled "Spirit comes..."

~~til next month,
~~norman e. masters

From the Winsome One, this month:

existence itself was *sung* into being
each sun flicks tongues of flame, singing the Light

you sing the very heartbeat of the world, Sophia
your song of wisdom, awakening...

~~wynn manners

April 20, 2003

With this month's launch we are beginning the third year of *COSMIC WIND* / *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*. My son did the proper calculating & informed me that this was not *really* our Third Anniversary... but our Second. i guess i have a tendency to get ahead of myself!

Anyways, it is a Special Joy to be able to present a scroll of excellent poetry by Thomas Fitzsimmons, Professor Emeritus of Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan (whose creative writing class, fall of 1961, Norman was privileged to be a member of, as a sophomore at OU/MSUO). Thomas is retired, now, & operates Katydid Books, which has a considerable line-up of poetry collections out of New Mexico. The link to his site is at the end of the selections from his poetry. "18 Poems (mostly) from With The Water" is the second selection in our *Classics* anthology, on our *COSMIC WIND* side of these sister sites.

Also, Norman has elected to present Sarah Shannon's provocative (&, perhaps, disturbing to some) short story, "Actual Presence," this month. Its theme has a vague relationship to Eostre/Easter since it is claimed that Jesus established the eucharistic sacrament at the Last Supper. Norman intended to reprint this particular piece (& got Sarah's permission to do so, along with her comments about the tale in their interchange of letters upon it) in The Idiosyncratic Iconoclast #7 -- but never got around to actually *preparing* that issue. IdioSync #6 got totally prepped -- but was never published. *Our* Sarah Shannon was a student at the University of Kansas in 1998. She is *not* the more (apparently) well-known Sarah Shannon, the songstress (the latter's existence learned of *only* because Norm was doing a websearch trying to reconnect with the former). Sarah's "Actual Presence" is the 8th selection in our *Freedom Voices* anthology on *COSMIC WIND*; and illuminating extracts from some personal letters from Sarah follow the tale.

On *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS* it is an especial Privilege for us to be able to present 12 pieces by Eric Ashford, most of them originally written for a proposed book whose provisional title was Dancing With Sophia. Most of these pieces are (in largest part) contemplative prose, but with a definite poetic quality to their inSpirited intensitude. Eric is owner of the yahoogroups.com list True Vision & has a number of his earlier poems posted at another groups.yahoo.com list: Voices of the Philosophers Stone. In both these lists, excellent poetry *is* frequently being posted.

We feel that these pieces by Eric are especially appropriate for an Easter Day launch -- & highly commend them to your attention. We believe most should be able to readily perceive *why* they are most appropriate to the Spirit of this Day. These are: "A Few Simple Words About Love," "This Secret Name Of You," "Prelude And Cadence," "Sermon Of The Heart," "This Flower Is Love," "One," "Love's Way In You," "Earth Singing," "Silence Is Our Answer," "Incandescence," "Your Romantic Life," and "In Praise Of Darkness."

With next month (& for several months thenafter) we're going to have to gear-down to "minac" (minimum activity, a term derived from old fannish years, participating in apas -- amateur press alliances). Whatwith probable prolonged absences from the HomeScene, travelling, etc. (& minimal, extremely sporadic, computer access) we've got to get the *next* 4 months' launches prepped up over the next 3 weeks... so there'll likely tend to be about 2 new pieces on each side of the website, each month, rather than the 4 to 7 to 12 pieces we sometimes aim for on at least one side or the other. Thus we'll be launching about as much *new* content, spread over the next 4 months, as we're putting up this month, alone. But Something New *will* be up *each* month (as long as our WebMaster's health holds up & there are no serious computer problems) -- so *do* keep checking back!

The UpDates, here, also being prepped-ahead, will tend to be considerably briefer. Sometimes garrulity, too, must be sacrificed!

Oh joy! ;)

Til Next*Time,

~~ Norman E. Masters

And, this month, from the Winsome One:

Strength means joy in change...

At the core of our lives the spiritual & the temporal are intertwined; our lives are the marriage of eternity to time -- forgetting the eternal that this little speck of sense of time might move progressively forward thru change... that piquancies of loss intensify fleeting joys & that an element of revelation, unfolding, enter in, to excite the ongoing enticement...

The spiritual interfuses the temporal -- to those with eyes of wonder, opening to interpermeating dimensions, jizming the all-blessing Yes! And if the temporal, all too often, fucks-over the spiritual -- it is only temporarily...

The temporal is not forever; spiritual energy *is*... Sense & Spirit conjoin, sensitively aspiring, sensuously spiraling from the eternal core of nothing into the infinite void of everything winging it!


~~wynn manners

WHAT'S NEW UpDates, April 2002 - March 2003, Our Second Year.

WHAT'S NEW UpDates, April 2001 - March 2002, Our First Year.

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